Renegade Roundtable: Controlling Our Future by Taking the Past (5-12-18)

Kyle starts off talking about current events and unhinged Jan, then is joined by Heathen Vegan, Shawna, Chris H, and Shen. They discuss the ways our ancient past has been stolen from us and how essential it is that we take it back.

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Renegade’s critiques of alternative media are so important, and I completely appreciated the approach that was taken on the last show by focusing on the ideas Gnostic Media has been putting out lately, and trying not to make it about the messenger. Completely agree with Kyle’s strategy here. It’s not about creating entertainment, drama and ‘wasting time’ on some minor internet celebrities, it’s about calling out ideas on the internet that are negatively influencing our people. It’s about the journey of our people trying to help each other to restore our collective mental health. When I think someone is putting out bad content, I usually just drop off and stop paying attention. But Renegade has reminded me that putting out a public critique is sometimes… Read more »
Such an amazing show. The new caller talking about the 4 original racial groups, and that the negroid and semite are 2 newer racial groups competing with the original racial groups, rings so true with much of our lived experience. Whites treat these impulsive, aggressive groups with kid gloves because they instinctively feel bad for them, much like adults feel about misbehaving children. But because we, on the whole, have been convinced blacks are the original race and that Jews created the first great moral civilisation we are paralysed from rebuking them, and now we are letting the misbehaving children run the house. I hope she contributes more to the discussion and shares her 30 years of reading. Would she agree to be a guest?… Read more »

Yes. I’m finding that a lot in this world has been purposely inverted in order to confuse and deceive. I would love to share my research. Last night, I was trying to be polite and not hijack the discussion. This topic is quite convoluted and I didn’t want to ramble unnecessarily. I felt I was beginning to at times.

You should do an interview with someone on the network! I say either Charles, HeathenVegan, or Kyle. I’m sure if you ask any of them they would be more then happy to do one.

Shen are you the british person who spoke about someone(s) ‘messing with’ the R1B haplogroup?

If so, could you elaborate on what you meant by that? I ask because I’ve had deep suspicions about the narrative surrounding R1B.

Not me.

Shen please contact me. I am Terrarium Firma on youtube. I have studied Waddell and also personally know John Urwin who was briefed on some of the info you shared when he was in a British special forces in the 1950s. He told me about the 4 races. Look up the interviews he’s done, he also has a book out called THE SIXTEEN. The american indians are the Moors who were expelled from Spain. Thats why Colombus called them ‘Indians’. The DNA agrees with this. Modern day muslims are all from india, with some admixture with the whites who they overran.

I just sent you an email on your youtube channel.

She is right about the 4 races. The first was the white race, second was the mongoloid, then the brown indians, then the negroid. The jews are the latest, formed from the indians. In fact, the african blacks are still under intense development and if u want to know what i mean look up the Bantu. She is right that they’re not ‘people’ at the top controlling things.

Great show! The new caller is a welcome addition.

Thank you.

Indeed this was a wonderful show with ample information. I look forward to checking out the books that were mentioned. Thanks!

What actually were the books mentioned? I’m having trouble finding them.

Edit: Never mind, they are mentioned down below.

Agreed. Relevant information plus citations = beneficial. Thank you, Shen.

You’re very welcome.

Another great show,thanks. When Jan said all religions have always been Christianity I knew right then he was full of shit and unsubbed from his channel. I know a lot of people ask for donations but the way he went about it always seemed pathetic to me. Always whining how he couldn’t pay his taxes or about his car. Always something. Having been a single mother who worked 3 jobs I have no respect for whiners. Then Jan claims most other men are beta males… lmao… what a joke!

Great roundtable tonite. Sounds like we have some very interesting and important shows to look forward to. Thanks

Another very enjoyable roundtable. I don’t envy you researchers. Just getting our folk to understand the historical jewish deception from one hundred years ago seems an uphill task, let alone tens of thousands of years.

The christard schism between spinning yarn and rev. Dorsey was hilarious. But alas, our people will carry on following these charlatans like: M.Enoch, Trump, Dicky, Puke, fed ice, Southern etc, complete with their jew connections.

PS Off-topic: check out which “European” country won the 2018 Euro song/freak contest. Warning: don’t eat before viewing, or listening to the sound emanating from “it.” ( netta – toy on YT )

Yes ((( European ))).
Disgusting swamp donkey then claims the next will be in Jerusalem .

During his last show before taking a hiatus last time, Charles said that he’ll do a show on the connection between Genghis Khan and jews alongside some other topics.

So interesting. Thank you to Kyle and guests and caller Shawna (Shen?). Thank you to Heathen Vegan and Shen for information and links to books discussed.

Great show guys .
Could the caller identify the books she spoke of ?



Yes, and also Laurence Waddell. The best one to begin with is, “The Makers of Civilization in Race & History.”

Thanks Shen you have a very interesting topic to discuss more in the near future I hope .

You’re welcome & thanks.

Thank You.
For anyone interested, the audiobook for Paradise Found can be found here:

A Cernovich tweet in response to someone asking him why he’s a zionist shill.

“Because I did my research and realized Israelis are good people and want to live in peace.”

Sounds like he was pretty desperate to get laid..Isralis good people? So much for all that Zionist research he did in the past. What a piece of shit. Maybe his wife will have a little Jew and they can move over to the ‘chosen land,’

Is she Jewish? I thought she was a Filipino mail order bride or something. Judging by how he talks about women it’s what I’d imagine him with. Or a man.

His enunciation and inflection patterns have very obviously jewish elements.

They never tell the truth lol

Right there I would say b.s.
The Talmud tells you to lie about how evil Judaism is
Anybody who doubts me look up the talmud

They don’t want to talk about the talmud

Very interesting point about the “falling guy” fall guy from the 911 towers being int he Hanged Man position. Hmmmmm. Never occurred to me. Another symbolic media picture, of significance no doubt. Strangely on that day I know of a few people that were told to not go to work. It could have been another false flag, especially with references to sections of the building that were cordoned off and pissraeli cretins were seen about the place…

Even mainstream population-geneticists and historians say Celts, Balts, Germanics and Slavs got the same origin…….Although that origin is said to have ben the Corded Ware Culture People and the Beaker Culture People…..Mixes of Western Huntergatherer, Ancient North Euroasian,…..But a guy on the Tribune has allready showed how strange that idea is if take on as totally true…………..Point is, north-europeans got a common origin.

She’s not Jewish…she’s ummm…Ashkenazi.

Hiding through labelism. My can of soup is a christian. A jew is a jew whatever you call it. Once again: christardianity is an ABRAHAMIC branchof judaism lite 2.0. We are not “blaessed by G*D” to be chosen, so we get to be kike lite!

FLED! Fleeing frum “m’persekushun fum da EEEEEVIL NAAAAZIS!!!” Yes, claims to holockocker payments. And what is with the staple black rimmed glasses???

This show is a new #1. The power of death must be in our remit. This is the dividing line. Conveniently how we have been trained into guilt and passivity (sufferance). The diabolical jew has trained us out of phsyical action, and we have the total wrong concept of Death and what is and is not just action. Death is a part of life, and THEY seem to have the top of the hill on that matter.

I couldn’t make a comment when the show was playing

It would be crazy to be hammered as I don’t get disrespectful but honestly I though you guys might censor me for just mentioning Christians
What do people get banned for on here?

You may wanna ask the admins, but here people usually get banned for two things, excessive stupidity or malice.

Thank you for replying. Excessive stupidity. lol Yikes lol I’m sure I’m bound for the gulags .lol I don’t really see this site changing many people to the Aryan cause as it is . I’m already awake but know I have so much to learn about my true history . I’m Scandanavian. Kyle is right that we need to un indoctrinate our people and we can’t do that with hate. Hate for Christians will just send them further away from us and the fact I even think I could be banned for saying that as somebody new to the site should worry us all. (Without numbers we are going nowhere.) Yes it’s frustrating but only love will bring our people to us to debate and… Read more »

It’s not about hating Christians but it’s hard to wake people up when they see Jews as chosen people and Israel as some holy land. That’s on top of the universalist outlook of Christianity.

You say Jews are showing their hand and you’re right. Try telling that to some evangelical and watch them attack you. They are under a spell.

I honestly know where your coming from, as its been a real struggle wIith my father who has been a Christian all his life at 79 now.
I’m sure he thought he would make it to heaven.
here I go destroying those thoughts as its a trap by the chosenite.
I tell them to look up the Talmud
That way they see quickly what Jews are really all about.

Exposing the Talmud to all races is the key in my opinion.

You can’t look that up and turn away unless your not worth a damn

HV’s “massive Jewish cities” remind me of new chronology’s claim that events in the books of Nehemiah and Ezra took place in Russia. Has anyone seen their Kremlin video?

Hey Missgittypin. I may have to redact that statement, as it was something I had read about a long time ago. when I said it on the show, I remember thinking I need to check that out. After looking into it I cannot seem to find what I read of many years ago, for some reason I seemed to believe it was Astana, but apparently it only has a population of 1000 jewish people. It is a very odd city though either way. Literally built out of no where with a hell of a lot of symbology going on. If though you are talking about an ancient Jewish population over that way There are theories (Not Khazar) that Jewish people originate from up that way.… Read more »
I’ve read some stuff on Tartary coming out of Russia that’s way more anti-semitic than anti-Germanic. The main gripe with Germans is losing many millions to them during WW2. Tartary was supposedly a huge empire that even reached down to the subcontinent and left the Sanskrit language and writings there. Sanskrit does sound very Slavic so that theory has some merit. The Vedic philosophy is according to some the original Aryan philosophy that all Whites once subscribed to. Tartary was brought down by Judaism and Christianity at least according to the authors I was reading. I don’t know how old Sanskrit is or the vedas but it is an interesting part of history that the NS were interested in heavily. Some suggest they were looking… Read more »
I would agree that the “Aryan civilisation ” in India was more aligned with eastern Europeans. At this moment in time I believe the pre “Aryan invasion” known as the Harappan, or Indus valley civilisation was more a kin to us in the northern and western spheres. The anti Germanic stuff is not explicit, but like I say if you read between the lines it can be seen. And as the theories expand believe it will be pushed more. This is no slur on the “Slavic” peoples, just more that this information coming out is controlled. The last thing our enemies wish atm would be eastern and western Europeans uniting against a common foe. Sadly the whole area is a mess atm, a lot of… Read more »
Perhaps both invasions were by the same people. The later one maybe had changed over time. Maybe even just a different tribe from the same larger group. The material I was looking at was suggesting Russia as the start point of all Whites not just Slavs. From there Whites moved into western Europe and elsewhere. Over time there would be some genetic drift as the populations were isolated from each other. It’s obviously a Russian centric view but there had to be a start point somewhere where we fanned out from. The Russians had an interesting theory of the origin of the Jews. They said they started out as the exiles from White communities. Basically any criminal or parasite who wasn’t killed was exiled. A… Read more »

As we discussed in the show, I am beginning to believe the origin was northern. This is an area I have not really researched directly, but comes up a lot in my other works. There are major flaws in the east west migration theories (they are mainstream btw). I will though put more effort into this area and try to provide a shows worth of material.

For the the theory of the jews, look up the Habiru, may add credence to this claim.

It’s interesting that during the Soviet Union there was a Jewish settlement in far East Russia, bordering China. At its height in the late 1940’s, it had 50,000 Jews.

Birobidzhan Jewish autonomous region

More about Birobidjan (aka Birobidzhan) by Lady Michèle Renouf: Description: The Jewish Republic homeland is in Russia’s South-East (the size of Switzerland). All-Round Common Sense Campaign for rationalising the First Jewish Homeland – Birobidjan, capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region (J.A.R.) – as the Sole and Safe Jewish Homeland – thus restoring Palestinian sovereignty and former tranquillity in the Middle East.

Well I’m glad you are concerned with the safety of the kike, and that they have a nice autonomous stretch of land that should be for Whites to populate, so they can carry on their eternal destruction of our people. There is no common sense in the so called common sense campaign. Common sense would dictate that the jews are siezed from our lands, dumped in antarctica and surrounded by a 24/7 inescapable military blockade and labour for their own survival with the tools we give them. That is fucking common sense. The only way to restore tranquility in the middle east and everywhere else is to completely vanquish our nations of the jew, not shack them up nice and safe so they can fester… Read more »
Agreed, Skalgarir. I think they have proven themselves to the world what they really are since those times. That Birobidjan land gives them easy access to both Russia and China and to the trans-siberian railway. So kind of Stalin to give them that land, though in some ways it makes sense for everyone to have their own lands. At this point when it all comes out, give them Madagascar and no technology beyond the 1950s. Russia can then be for White Russians, and non-white “russians” can go to the “stan” countries bordering (there is more that enough land). I do though think Sakhalin should be given to Japan for what has been done to that nation. However in the short term if it stops the… Read more »

Interesting information about the Cohens not being allowed in Jewish cemeteries. From what I’ve read the Cohens/Levites own the Jews. Maybe they don’t want to be buried with their slaves.

I was reading something on the Mormons a while back and a Levite is considered a bishopric priest in the Mormon church. It’s a hereditary thing. One of their responsibilities is distributing the tithes from the lesser brethren. It’s not hard to imagine where much of the tithes go.

There is another book dealing with the true geographic origin of the Aryans called ‘The Arctic home in the Vedas’ by Bal Gangadhar Tilak. I haven’t read it yet, so I can’t speak to it’s merit. However it sounds interesting.

This Shen lady has her facts wrong. Negroids are one of the original races. There is literally no mixture of other races that you can breed together to make a negro. They are their own animal (pun intended).

Studies from long ago classified race into 3 original subdivisions that are Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid. The jews are obviously an admixture of the 3.

There is zero scientific proof of a caucasian race.

And for that matter, there isn’t a clear cut ‘negroid’ race. The Berbers of northwest Africa, for instance, looked like some mix between sub-saharans and arab semitic types – even before the arabs moved into North Africa. It took 7 million years for the Sahara Desert to form and during that time the Mediterranean Sea shrank considerably. Most evidence supports that there really was a Mediterranean race comprised of both arab/semitic types and some hybrid of some part sub saharan and arab type race.

I point this out to clarify that all these groups included in ‘caucasian’ aren’t really the same race as europeans at all. The entire caucasian race concept was made up by the jews to cloak their imperialism and colonizing of Europe, and their profiteering through the Transatlantic slave trade.

I am still researching this topic and am open to new information that is valid. However…Sub-Saharan Africans are not a mixture of other ethnicities. They are of their own ethnic strain and are not one of the original races. William R. Corliss’, “Biological Anomalies: Humans I” is a good place to start concerning genetic differences between ethnic groups. Semites are also not one of the four original ethnic groups. As for the present day? Yes, there have been lots of admixture between all ethnicities. Regarding the Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid subdivision model, it is erroneous. Classification of the human species’ different ethnicities’ origin is not that simplistic. This model was put forth in order to confuse, it seems. It’s like the Smithsonian Museum. They’ve been… Read more »

No, the 3 races were determined when they actually studied racial differences, ie skull shapes, behavioural patterns, IQ differences,etc. That was true anthropology.

I can’t begin to see how that is “misinformation” when today (((academia))) says race is fictitious and is a “social construct”…

I unsubbed from Gnostic Media too. He is an agent 100%. Remember he used to say “Good night Langley”? He has been outed by many many many people.

Talk about controlled opposition. This is Mike Gone Mad. Out of Africa and then some:

[…] to Renegade Radio, the Logos went up in flames. (10 min […]