Renegade Roundtable: Countering Semitic PsyOps (10-27-18)

Kyle and Sinead start off the show and then take calls from Tony, Joe, Gilly, and Wolf. They discuss the recent Qnabomber, the synagogue shooting, Richard Spencer on Gays of Our Lives, and beating the bolshevik beast.

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Problem – Reaction – Solution OR Psyop – Propaganda – Censorship
They have a complete control over the multibillion dollar media microphones and cameras so they can create whatever they want out of thin air.

Anthony Roberts

“I’m going in!” Robert Bowers is Jack Bauer from 24 show. One man on a mission. Oh dear, another “sigh-op” on 10/27, which equals 37 or 777. 11 dead and 6 injured, which is 911. Police car number 322-5 from Yale too.

Don’t even get me started on the H’white indian-American, Mr Cesar. Address on his “bomb:” 777 Sawgrass; Columbus Circle for 33; NY post/zip code of 10019, which is 911, boommm!!!

PS Great show and callers. These hoax events will close down the last online sites, and as stated, put folk on no-post lists. We all need to get active – time is running out.


I went to the ADL fb page tonight like I occasionally do and *surprise surprise* I see a few people already are raising $$$ for them because of this event.

Thanks for having me on, Kyle and Sinead.


Check out Alison, the smiling kikestress, at the synagogue “shooting” vigil. (Need I even mention she has the “son” in her name? Obvious hoax code.) This is all so fucking pathetic.


Exposing hoax shootings/bombings is a great way to break the brainwashing of people. It is a big jump for most people to accept they’ve been played to such a level though.

Marc C. Daniele

Just a few minutes in, but wanted to let you all know that “gab” is now being shut down by the server.
Don’t know if you have ever heard of me before, but hope to talk with you all in person/phone some time.

Keep your head down and your ammo dry.
Marc C. Daniele
Feel free to contact me via my email given for this comment.

Hi, Marc – it’s great to see you – remember on Google + we called Ron Lewinberg, Ronnie Rottenberg? Those were some good times! Remember, I am German, and was friends with Jane Doe? Anyhow, it’s great to see you, again! I am going to finish up the show later.

Marc C. Daniele

Hi Lotti, Sorry, I vaugely remember you, but can’t forget ole ronnie jewenberg from jew york. How are you? I got booted from (((google+))) again recently for posting a meme of a “Bris”-that’s exploiting children, on my part, LOL. You know a “Bris” that (((they))) are now claming is a “Baby Naming Cenemony” (new False Flag Op.),ROTFLMFAO. I said the hell with it after that. And especially after learning that nearly all of the computer services (intel, microsoft, google/youtube, etc.) are located in “israel” (tel aviv and hiafa). Twitter even has me on “lockdown” now (“catch 22” actually) because of the facts I present, and the way I do it. Oh, and (((they))) also don’t like me using my “It’s OK 2B White” (around the… Read more »

We will talk again, my friend! I am okay, thanks, Marc!

I know you from the internets Marc


Gab was a kike honey pot. It was a sandbox intended to id and isolate nationalists and jew wise people. I think it might have even been some sort of experimental so hence the .ai also in the name. I know about the rabbis helper thing but think there was a double meaning here.

Johnny Walker Read

@13:25 in your broadcast: Is that you Larry Silverstien, not going to WTC for the first time in years on 9/11 as you had a doctors appointment?


They had what looked like a platoon of soldiers on the street because of one man with a gun. It won’t be long before police departments start putting in orders for f35’s.

Yes – gun confiscation is a main goal, too – how much easier will it be to imprison-murder an unarmed populace, especially, so-called political dissidents!


Great show good callers

Dr Robert

Linder was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma