Renegade Roundtable: Cultivating a Courageous Crew (12-15-17)

Kyle speaks with two in studio guests for the first hour and then takes calls from Tyler, Austin, and Joseph in the second hour. Topics include: controlled ops, trannies, technology, Pavlovian mind control, AI, and more.

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Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Daily recently did a article on Meelo’s multi-millionaire lifestyle. Private jets, designer clothes, jewellery, fine dining etc. It wasn’t there 3 hrs later. Some newby goy went off jew script, no doubt.

Roger Stone is currently writing a tell-all on how “Trump’s team” are planning a Caesar-like take down, and are secretly working against tranny -tubby. Oh those hurtful bum, i mean back stabbers!

PS Great show – thank you all. Book me in for b&b, week beginning 12th at Bar-a-jew-go, Renegade HQ. I expect senior discount too!

6 years ago

You spoke of YouTube.. I recommend you install a script called “ParticleCore/Iridium” (its on GitHub). One of its features is that it shows an X on a video thumbnail; you can add channels to a blacklist with it.

6 years ago

James Mason is also a pedophile. How fitting! How dare we not invite a convicted pedophile on to our Network!

“Mason faded into relative obscurity for the rest of the ’90s and early aughts, when he was in and out of prison on weapons charges and for an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old girl, of whom he had taken nude photographs.”

The Maniac Neo-Nazis Keeping Charles Manson’s Race War Alive

Reply to  Sinny
6 years ago

The actor, James Mason, played the part of “Humbert Humbert”, a man obsessed with a teen age girl, in the 1962 film “Lolita”. Sue Lyon played the part of ” Dolores “Lolita” Haze”, the girl he was obsessed with. Sue Lyon was 14 years old when the movie was filmed. Truth is stranger than fiction.

James Mason is a PSYOP Actor
Reply to  Sinny
3 years ago

Do you still have the audio of Mason calling in and you guys exposing him as a pedo on stream? Or was this the wrong one? That guy has to be some kind of paid actor to make us look like nut jobs. Thanks

6 years ago

Superb listening, the roundedst roundtable yet, very active and participative(?) all guests brought their goods and did it so well.

Red Ice haven’t been schoad as far as I know, so they must be doing a hell of a lot wrong…

6 years ago

Speaking of the automation of life, the one that has really dropped like a guillotine are Driverless Cars. This was only a notion in the news a few months ago, now, VW and other car companies are being pushed to get out these pieces of cack by 2020. They have gone straight into it after banning diesel cars by 20XX.

Vindaloo Mandeep
6 years ago

Its good to see Sineadski back in the fray. Some of Renegade’s best shows are the dynamic duo’s in-depth expose’s on sinner’s in the movement.

One of Renegade’s roles, as I see it, is keeping people honest. Feel free to bring up both old and new gossip regarding various ethno-nationalists, as we at Renegade love the dirt.

6 years ago

Outstanding show. Thank you Kyle, Sinaed and all of the callers. Kyle, can you please provide info on the bagpipes music at the end of the show? It is awesome.

Reply to  renegade
6 years ago

Thank you!

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