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Scott Germanicus
9 years ago

Great show!

Just wanted to bring up the idea of migration to more Northern parts of Canada and the reason why for it’s geographical size in comparison to it’s population being so small and condensed to the South: Isn’t this because of the more harsher conditions (such as cold and terrain)?

So my question is: What are your ideas and knowledge behind those more Northern parts of Canada?

It is a intriguing idea, more so than others I have heard…

Free willy
9 years ago

Sam Hyde is hilarious and relevant, share him around. If anyone listening really enjoyed Sam, please take a moment to write to Jewtube to get his channel back. If you wanna help Sam out, which really wont take that long, heres the info: [From Sam’s facebook page:] my #Ferguson jeff foxworthy You Might Be Mike Brown If…. stand up routine failed to impress a roomful of black people and college kids from boston. I was booed and yelled at, a few people walked out, and I was unplugged/kicked off the stage in less than two minutes. It was the worst night of my life and I am deeply sorry, just awful. I’ll upload the video if you guys complain to youtube and get our channel… Read more »

9 years ago

Africa Addido is the movie Spearchucker suggested. Another one, not about S.Afrika but about Serbia is Stolen Kosovo.

I really would like to hear more about the S. African experience. I hope this caller calls in more. Great stuff mate!

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