Renegade Roundtable: Dealing with Deceptions Daily (2-17-18)

Kyle speaks with Matthew North, John King, Chris H, and Rollie Quaid about a wide variety of topics, such as Roger Stone’s connection to the recent shooting shoah, jewish “white supremacists”, Congress’s bill to further genocide White people by criminalizing resistance, Black Panther programming, and much more.

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It’s a fuckin jew hoax.

Make no mistake.

Everybody involved is a jew.

Just like our governments.

Much like ALL of everything. You take the jew out of everything, and we have very very few problems. VERY few problems in life.

I can’t work out whether it’s stupidity, apathy or indifference in our folk to these hoax/ff stage plays. No evidence goyim, just accept our suffering.

The jews don’t even need to change the script: drills, White shooter, photo ( march, hands on shoulders ), just the location. It’s so frustating and an absurd situation at present.

PS Parkland was the name of the hospital that “treated” JFK, hmmm. Also, any bets on a 2/22 part 2 against more poor menorah-ties?

Most people can’t even imagine a world where the government, the police and all major media outlets are involved in creating fake tragedies to push an agenda. They just can’t imagine everyone lying to them. Even the alt-right which is supposedly an independent group plays along with it. Sure some who call themselves alt-right might call it a hoax but not the main talking heads.

It is interesting that the narrative is that the actor playing the shooter is supposedly a Jew who hates Jews and other non-Whites.

What is the antidote to the joo-joo spell cast on the “goyim”? A $6,000,000 prize for the man or woman who can crack that code.

TV bonfires across the world.

Paul Nehlen is an interesting character. He’s running as an explicitly pro-White candidate. Some of his tweets were very good. He was making some very good points about how things operate. He looks like a backup plan should people tire of Trump and want real change.

Look goy we have an actual anti-semitic explicitly pro-White candidate for you this time! It’s for real this time we promise. He’s full on 1488! If you vote now we’ll throw in this steak knife set for free*.

This is the cock-sucking principal of Stoneman. He has the “son” in his name and the alliterative “T”. If you learn Jewrassic Liar’s hoax code, you will see this shit come up over and over and over and over again in all these jew-shit hoaxes. And that filthy mayor of Parkland, Christine Hunschofsky, has a Christ derivative in her name. Also, a ubiquitous hoax code.

Say Renny ol’ timer, the name Cruz, the Z in the name is usually a Latino/Jew. ahahaha. Good news though. In OKC, even the dumbest of the dumb see’s who’s doing all this. Here is something really eye popping. I have a neighbor who’s this gay fellow. He’s been really good to us and he’s a hard worker. My point is, that blew me away and I about blew snot out of my nose when he said it. I said, Damn, another holocaust movie is up for some “jews giving Jews’ awards show. He looked at me, and I figured he was going to say, “It’s so sad about those evil Nazi’s killing those poor innocent Jews, blah blah blah…” hahaha He whirled around and… Read more »

JEWrassic Liars has all of this point on. I don’t know how the fuck he worked it out, I can’t imagine that he is a shill, although the jew mind is far beyond normal human imagination, but he seems to really have nailed the codes and the structure.

Only a Jew could say that someone going into a school shooting up a bunch of children is rational. If that’s rational then what is irrational?

Even the official script for this event is that the Jew hating Jew White supremacist had issues.

Cruz means “cross” in Spannish. Not sure if that helps anything.

Probably not. More important to work out why the hoax. It could just be an attempt at gun grabbing laws but I have a feeling it’s more a distraction. Maybe even the sales of AR-15s are a bit slow.

Or even just the constant drip drip of fear. Keep the fear and the mind in constant Beta survival lizard brain mode so no one can think creatively.

Look up the poker term “tilt”. Strong emotions of any kind tend to shut off rational thinking. When I used to play online poker I would smile when I saw abuse in the chat box directed at me. It usually mean’t someone had tilted and was about to give me their chips.

Don’t tilt if you want to think clearly. It’s easier said than done but it helps if you know that someone is trying to tilt you.

Kyle, the Jew dude, I forgot his name, but he said Islam will attack NYC tallest building. What a prophet, I mean PROFIT. ahhahahha Lucky Larry the “real estate” mogul. He owned 1 titty bar before….and that’s it.

Repubs are the party of Trotsky and Dems are the party of Stalin, said Mullin’s back in the 60’s. He nailed it as usual. The Biological Jew is priceless. It’s incredible.

Great show. Good comment Chris. The J’s HATE blacks and whites to the max. I appreciate your comment there at the last. Thanks for snapping us out of the vein we were in. Blacks get used like every one else when it’s there turn. A black dude turned me on about the newspaper clippings of the slave era that had in the slave trade ads that read like a synagogue sign in book. Cohens, Beardman, Greenblatz, on and on. I do think Woody Allen should play Kunta Kinte in the new version, Roots 2, The Torah strike Black!!!!

Damn good show. Your depth of knowledge is expanding gigantica, Kyle.