Renegade Roundtable: Defense of the Folk in a Dangerous World (2-24-18)

Kyle speaks to Scarlett, Heathen Vegan, Nance, and Chris H about a number of subjects related to psyop shootings, disarmament, abuses of power, martial culture, and more.

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Ye guys are right on the money about Ireland. The modern IRA are completely Marxist and have been for a long time, as for Sinn Fein just look for pics of Gerry the rat Adams at all the gay parades and marching for multiculturalism and dieversity etc.

Ireland like every other white country is a crypto Communist state. We have fallen for it no more or less than any other country. This mind rot has been going on for generations. Sure you can draw parallels with our histories and point out hypocrisies. But all of us here know how they pray on old wounds to further their agenda.

Heathen vegan

Oh I agree, the hypocrisies were just to emphasise the point of double think, which occurs in every European nation.


I think it has been this way for a long time. The jew has taken all measures to destabilise and replace our aristocracy. I wonder if there is a nation with any uninfected leadership that exists at all. Perhaps the Faroe Islands…

The more I find out the more I see that the jew has created the very political scape that we exist in and think is normal. They have transmuted our environment from nature into urbanisation.

Heathen vegan

The Venus of Galgenberg.

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Anthony Roberts

Traumatised children make compliant parents; willing to trust, submit and handover to zog. When the slaughter ( world or civil war ) starts, the cattle will be grateful for their fema store pen, complete with ear id tags. “Moooo’ve over bud, that’s my family’s gmo corn ration.”

PS Thank you all for your ongoing efforts into trying to awaken our folk. We have to get this vital info out.


Jewish children are nuts.. Everyone knows that children aren’t born with emotional mastery, it is a skill that is learned, and for most, much, much later in life. Most children, and ”adults” that have been purposely kept in arrested development, are all too easily manipulated.. I would be very afraid of jew kids and their learned vindictiveness, aka ”chosenness”… I can only imagine how easy it must have been for the higher up Chabad Rebbe’s or ”leaders” to proposition these budding drama prince’s and princess’s into acting aganist, maybe even murdering their lowly, hated, worthless, dirty, evil cattle goy, who they are oh so jealous of and are constantly getting in the way of jewish full spectrum dominance and supremacy.. OY VEY! They need the… Read more »


I wouldn’t call being a hive insect and lifetime actor living. That’s a sad existence for a sad people.


It’s not just school shootings that are hoaxes. The overwhelming majority — if not all — of stories on TV news are 100% hoaxes. That’s just the way these jew bitches roll.

karma …. if you guys missed this


That was freaking hilarious. Thanks


That’s why they again deleted his yt channel. Too much truth.


JEWrassic LIARS 19 Did they already delete 18 of his previous channels? This guy has stamina!


Notice though how fast his viewrs find him again and that his subs are getting larger each time.


Which part of his contents makes you think he is fake, if I get you right, Skalgarir?


Wot? How do you even get the slightest impression I was saying he was fake in any form? No I think you really read it backwards and upside down Livvy darling.


I beg your pardon if I misunderstood your comment.


Notice what the reporter says about 2 minutes in “this is what we learned form Saughter of Palestine (israel)”, (pertaining to how one should operate during this sort of drill). Hmmmm

Rhys Vegan

I just noticed Google street view is blocked in Melbourne’s Jewish hotspot.


That is because they are so ugly not even the hardware can handle it.