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Todd Parker
8 years ago

Dion, The audio of the new Blog Talk Studio/Switchboard is much better, very clear, almost digital quality. Don’t give up. Reading through the manual will be worth it as in the past the program(s) even under the best of conditions were inaudible, often sounding like a Mexican honky-tonk with sawdust and donkeys in the background. Focus on ‘normalizing’ the sound level across guest callers and bumper music from the start of the program to the end. In other words, in the past the host’s voice would be booming while the listener could barely hear the guest. The worst was the bumper music blaring above all of it going out to breaks or at the end of the show. Check your settings. Take some time to… Read more »

Todd Parker
8 years ago

UPDATE: Dion, If you are pressed for time, you can jump to the point that Robert called in. He was over-driving the microphone causing everything to be too loud and distorted. He was too close to the microphone. Things just went down hill from there to the point you couldn’t even hear D. Advo. The next caller’s volume was fine. Basically, things were bouncing all over the place, high/low, clear/ distorted not knowing if you have to get up to increase the volume one minute, or run across the room to turn it down the next. Again, don’t give up, I am sure most of this is addressed in the manual, and the rest can be handled on a case-by-case, caller-by-caller basis, i.e. if you… Read more »

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