Renegade Roundtable: Don’t Bow to Bolsheviks (8-19-17)

Kyle speaks to Bill, VeGAINator, Urban Jungle Girl and a few other callers about a number of pressing issues, largely related to anti-White Bolshevik terrorism sweeping the country, the non-existence of White civil rights, and how we need to fight intelligently.

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I watched a bit of livestream from Boston – sickening! It was just a hate speech platform for antifa & blm. Indoctrinated Whites chanting for their own demise was too much; I had to switch off. Just my opinion, but i don’t believe we can join up/work with other racial groups. These folks (if genuine?) are hated more than us. To be a coconut in the UK, is the ultimate sell-out to cracker. They would be necklaced with us! The jews want our message to be diluted, then confused, like they do to everything. I still believe small flash mobs, timed to coincide with these jew shows, at jewish places of interest (fed, tech corps, lodges, clinics etc) would be quite effective. Smart-casual dress, bullet… Read more »

Joining up with other groups isn’t really needed. What’s needed is to shake loose supporters from the fake pro-Whites which Kyle and co. do a very good job of exposing. It’s a big step to not have Whites following the wrong leaders and giving them credibility.

The alt-right only exists because White nationalism was starting to go mainstream. Anti-Whites had to react to divert that energy.

Summation thus:

Give a white man a hammer, and he will build a house;
Give an Asian a hammer, and he will make 1000 copies;
Give a negro a hammer, and he will kill a white man;
Give a jew a hammer, and he will give it to a negro.

What else needs be said?

I think we need to stop being defensive and go on the offensive. Nazi symbols have been too demonized and people are programmed to revile instantly. Marches with the Star of David, and the Hammer and Sickle crossed out. Slogans such as “End the Fed”, “Free the Media””Free the Internet” “End Monopolies”. We could become heroes for the world! There would be a lot of support for this message from many. We need different optics. And to organize quick. Coordinated rallies in different cities and towns on a random weekend day..Sunday? seems that the promoters of “fascism”, the controlled opposition like Spencer , Daily Stormer, Etc. Are really trying to shove women out and make it out to be like only the men are resisting..So it would be important to have a large number of women at any rally …throwing flower petals 🙂

I’d put RT in that category.

The fake opposition is very keen to keep White men and White women apart. People like anglin and the gay sounding Spencer do a good job of it.

UJG had a brilliant video a few years back called, I believe, “The Niggers are the Sledgehammers of the Jews”. Of course, it was shoaed on JewTube. Is there any way that video can be placed on RenegadeVids? On another note, I’ve been seeing a rather pathetic trend in my area: white women in their 60’s and 70’s dating knee-grows. Swirling grannies. Oh my gods….. Strange world out there. Thanks, jews!

Sinny is our lovely Damsel in distress, as are all our white women. If you won’t get concerned and involved for them the children they bore then what in the hell DO you hold highest? A very fair question. Let her be the symbol of this. She fights hard and is attacked by agenda driven so called people. We’re lucky to have her in all her bravery. Just putting this out there to consider and realize. There is no other reasonable way to slice this peach. Can you protect your mother, your sister, your niece your wife, your neighbor, your very child? This question requires an answer. I’m waiting.

I agree with Bill that FOX is the head of the Octopus. The controlled opposition. Whites that are on the Alex Jones level of awareness think they’re working for their interests because they expose BLM and Antifa. I can only hope that their coverage of Charlottesville will wake our people up. They slandered every one on our side as White Supremacist and Haters. (For those of you who feel you have to claim the title of White Supremacist; at least be wise in how you answer people. For example, when someone ask me if I’m a white supremacist; l ask supreme at what? Certainly not Basketball). Even Mike Huckabee that hypocritical pile of Baptist Bull Shit called the driver a murderer. This isn’t the first… Read more »

Aah. The one, OK, maybe a few, scenes in the bible that holds me back from rejecting the Christos entirely. Something, small and quiet, in the deep recesses of my soul, tells me “Jesus”was hijacked by the enemy.

The fake pro-Whites are there to set up the scenario so their counterparts in the msm can spin the anti-White narrative. Anything pro-Whites can do to destroy msm credibility and stop people watching TV they should do. I don’t mean just stopping Whites from watching either. Everyone should turn off the TV and boycott Hollywood and anything connected to the msm.

Vegainator mentioned that we are always on the defensive. The only attack they can’t defend is charges of White genocide. Point out that diversity is a religion of White genocide and they have no answer. Calling diversity a religion is important because they can’t admit that it is a religion let alone admit that it’s a program of White genocide.

Wow, Kyle over the years has really sharpened his already naturally sharp mind. He handled those callers masterfully. I think he may be the only one under 50 I’d recommend. You can’t substitute not just time, but the utilization of time. It’s grueling and very labor intensive. Obviously and this must be punctuated heavily. He has spent the time in the galley rowing the ship to where he’s leading the fleet. He’s climbed from the belly of the ship and advance to Captain years ago. Then after more time and hard work he’s moved under the Admirals hat, today becomes Commodore of the movement, our fleet is taught and a tight ship has finally it’s leader. If other races want to sail our way, keep… Read more »

It might pay dividends to show that the msm is not just fake news but anti-White news. With these astro-turf protests led by anti-White subversives on both sides becoming more commonplace it helps if the msm is dead. Not just the traditional msm but their online “alternative” ones as well.

As far as protesting whether in the streets or online simply protest White genocide. Anti-Whites have no answer to that charge because they are guilty.

As Anthony Sampson said , the guy who wrote about the Wall Street financing of Bolshevism , “they” use divide and rule strategies against us. He said its not about “right” or “left” but US and THEM , THEM being the illunminati ruling elite. Good discussion guys . All of the MSM is owned by THEM and the whole financial system.

i have an aunt that could never make it past Teller in a bank because she wasn’t Jewish. I have a black friend who was disgusted at what happened to that confederate monument. I think when the SHTF, and a race war (if indeed it is going to occur) happens, the Antifa “lefties” will end up trading sides because they will be attacked for being White. Sort of a losing ideology in my opinion.

Great discussion as always, “you will not replace us” is indeed not a good slogan because it leaves the one chanting it open to a simple “yes we will”. White replacement as an equivalent to White genocide is a meme spread by Lauren Southern of Rebel Media fame (among others), but it is not only a copout but a mistake as well. Chanting “you will not genocide us” not only refuses but accuses as well, replying with a yes we will is admission to a crime. It is correctly called genocide, the measures taken to eliminate whiteness as it is disingenuously referred to are genocide by definition, because there is still a tangible White ethnicity that possesses traits of whiteness. Now more than ever must… Read more »

I think that you are getting too much into the terminology from an objective point of view. What matters is; how it affects us and others who potentially think like us.

Send salvo’s on whotube, sample: THE COMMUNIST HOLOCAUST IN EASTERN EUROPE. This one is piercing to even the most unintelligent SJW.

Hello, Is there a song list? I remember a while back you guys had one. Or perhaps I cannot seem to re-find it.

Regarding the subject, I see it like this:

White Supremacist™
Etc., etc..

Mass-marketable products. Nothing more. Nothing less.

We new we could be attacked if we went thats why we went with shields, helmets an protective eye wear. The point is we are showing that whites will take to the streets an not be intimidated into silence. Courage inspires courage an is the best propaganda. The red lynch mobs can try to beat us even with the state backing them an they will fail we are proving it now. They want to try an scare new people from joining us, but we will win in the streets every time.

“…we will win in the streets every time.”
Till Zog thinks you’ve served your purpose then you’ll either just be “cleaned up” by their overwhelmingly better-armed Riot Control goons or your jewish “leadership” will lead you down another path. You need to grow up & educate yourself lest you disappear into the dustbin of history! And who is this “we” you speak of anyway? Please don’t kid yourself into believing you’re actually “fighting” for the “white race” LOL!

If the brown shirts had that kind of pussy way of seeing it then I bet we all would be speaking Yiddish already.

If Chris Cantwell is a shill, an operative, or a Jew then he has certainly sacrificed himself. He has been completely humiliated. The Jews played him like a violin. Chris has a tendency to start whining when he is under distress. Stephen Lemons (same guy who hit Baked Alaska) from the SPLC obviously picked up on this when he interviewed Chris. TYT had a field day with his emotional surrender to police video. To top it all off his own website is being trolled with embarrassing pictures of him. I’m assuming he hasn’t made bail because he hasn’t taken them down. I finally heard one of his monologues where talks about beating your girlfriend. It’s in the context of treating them like children and using… Read more »

The reason I never thumb anyone down unless they’re being an obvious troll is because, I don’t see the point if you don’t explain why. How can someone see the error of their thinking without a valid counter argument? Worse yet, when one doesn’t know what part of their speech you disagree with? Thumbing people down without giving an explanation only demonstrates that you don’t want to be effective in this war of true and false information.