Renegade Roundtable: Drew Hosts (1-17-15)


Drew hosts the show and talks to some great callers, such as: Ed the Red, Alex from MI, & Don Advo

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6 years ago

pretty good new article from DDuke: “Are You an “Anti-Semite” if You Repeat What Jewish Elite Say about Jews!” I also enjoyed this from Patrick Slattery: “Jews see Netanyahu’s rude behavior in Paris as archetypically Israeli” “Dieudonne arrested as French Zio-puppets kill free speech for good” The patriot-frogs need to print up “JE SUIS DIEUDONNE” signs, and when not holding them high at public rallys, have them taped up in their windows facing the street. Bumper stickers too. Seriously. Maybe with an artistic sketch drawing of Dieudonne doing the “Quenelle” pose, which you can see pictured in the duke article above. “Paris attacks: Jean-Marie Le Pen says French terror attacks were work of Western intelligence” ^ says, a virulently anti-Western… Read more »

Reply to  hatha
6 years ago

Great comment, I like the idea of “Je Suis Dieudonne” signs or t-shirts. I might try and see if I can throw something together like that now that I have the equipment I need to screen print. Dieudonne already has some merchandise in case anyone was curious:

Update: Here’s a little something I cooked up going off of hatha’s idea –comment image

6 years ago

Don Advo was astounding, and very inspirational, on your great ” free speech” Roundtable !!

John Jung
6 years ago

Hi, great show! Could you tell me what is the song at the opening of the program?

Reply to  John Jung
6 years ago

Hey John,

Sorry for the late reply, I opened with Erlkönig by Falkenstein:

John Jung
6 years ago


John Jung
5 years ago

Much appreciated, Thanks!

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