Renegade Roundtable: Drew Hosts, Then Chris (12-24-16)

Drew hosts the roundtable for the first 90 minutes before handing the reins over to chris dorsey. Also joining the call is David, Ralph, and Gadsden (before Kyle bans him, lol). Topics include: Anglin’s armed march in Whitefish, a review of the insanity of 2016, recent news, the law of the land vs statutes and codes, confronting AIPAC, and much more.

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Dear Renegade Listeners and Hosts, I don’t want any friction or drama about this because i’m still a fan of this program, but I do want to comment on these accusations laid on me by Kyle, Drew and Chris Dorsey. First off, I didn’t mean to accuse anyone of shutting off my call, only that i was trying to clarify that I’ve been having shitty service and i did hang up a and recall because i had a tough time hearing ppl and hoped that hanging up and calling again would strengthen my connection. Also, I didn’t mean to accuse Drew of cutting me off because I thought I lost connection due to shitty service and my words and your words didnt come out great… Read more »

We are all at different stages bud. Even I dip in and out of “sleep”, the whole system has some kind of failsafe to keep certain types of people broken or disoriented and confused within.

“I had a pretty rough holiday season with some personal issues I won’t make public”

You’ve got some personal issues, alright.

One thing I should mention is that, voting within the system and complying with it, is no way of defeating it. You cannot beat it by playing by its rules. That is not opposing it. You don’t fight fire with fire, you fight fire with water.

PS, I probably won’t call in again until I establish myself better as a propagandist . And if you want to keep my account of the chats then that’s fine, I’ll respect the decisions made as it seems that my point of view isn’t welcome on the show.

Comrade Gadsden I think you are right on the mark ideologically, though unable to articulate yourself on the show. As they say on ebaumsworld: lurk moar. You’ll get it, and they’ll get you.

Nah. You do this shit intentionally. You’re trying too hard to please your handlers, and that shows through in your interactions.

Great show all. Happy Yuletide to all my friends and warriors at Renegade. Hail Victory!

One more thing. the “Berlin truck attack” sounds like a B-movie, all the cohennexions are in place

“He makes nationalism about hate” How are we supposed to remove all of these non whites from white homelands if we have sympathy towards them? The Alex Linder, Ben Klassen, Anglin types that are very aggressive are a lot more inspiring than the soft approach “well maybe they will all go home if we pay them” “let’s convince non whites that every people has a right to a homeland and we will respect their rights if they respect our rights. Non whites will totally be down for that” etc. The reason communists continually win like its stealing candy from a baby is because they are motivated by hatred. Ben Klassen says whites should strive to occupy every inch of earth worth occupying, I don’t fully… Read more »

Once the jew is removed from apex positions and any kind of social influence, we can be free to make our own rules. Then we don’t have to be on tenderhooks. The Whites are still feeding from the jew hand. NS must come in not just as an ideology but a practical BETTER OPTION. I agree with chris dorsey, that we have to have a critical mass of influential and inspirational people living the NS way and offering the practical benefits to the sheep, and they will follow. That is why a massive bull can be lead by little effort leading it by the nose ring.

“Once the jew is removed from apex positions and any kind of social influence” We would all obviously like to see this happen BUT someone has to MAKE it happen because it won’t happen by itself & wishing it certainly won’t DO anything either. You are right to use the word “removed” as it will take force as it always has throughout history but I look around me & don’t see anyone but myself who thinks this way. Is it the same in your locale? Talking to a few people on the internet is nice to kill some time but what does it achieve – awareness in & of itself is NOT enough… I’ve been aware all my life! Having said that I still think… Read more »
I must say I have often wondered whose payroll Jeff Rense is on. He does have some interesting guests, though I cant quite figure Duff out. I used to comment on VT until I was blocked for calling Duff a dictator. I disagreed with Duff, and Deans reasoning, regarding the “war” on Libya. I wondered then who`se payroll they were on, however, according to Duff, who was recently a guest of Rense, VT is financed by “a bunch of Palestinians in South America” and, “VT finances the West Bank”.. Rense never misses an opportunity to demonize Muslims, accusing them of everything of which the jews are guilty. Muslims are also victims of the jews, and are being ethnically cleansed from the ME in order to… Read more »