Renegade Roundtable: Drew Hosts (2-14-15)

bonehill love

Join us for a very special Valentine’s Day Roundtable as we share the love that is Renegade.

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5 years ago

The 2.5million number on Bonehill’s site is made up. It’s just text put in a comments box

5 years ago

Around 177 at the very end you said no more wars with our own. I agree as long as they are Whites of the White race. I think you said “We” should not send planes / troops ect.. to that region . I think it is important to point out that “We” “Whites”, of the White race HAVE NO CONTROL HERE ANY MORE ! I guess you didn’t get the memo when the mixed race leader was appointed by the Rich controllers of the planet. Its too bad most Whites of the White race still think they have a say in how things are run now because if they realized they have the equivalent weight of say in how things are run as migrant workers… Read more »

5 years ago


I guess you didn’t get the memo, sit down and pick your nose, give your government, nation, wealth to jews, traitors, and non whites. So you have nothing to complain about, YOUR plans working well.

5 years ago

I think you wanted to say , YOUR plans are working well. Or , did YOU want to say, Are YOUR plans working well? I’m not sure what your trying to say in YOUR counter post to Oneimportantpoint . I get the impression that YOU support the memo that Oneimportantpoint didn’t get , that wants people to give your Gov. & Nat., their Wealth, to jews, traitors and non-whites so you will have nothing to complain about. If that is the case YOU are on the side ,YOU are Anti-White. I think when you posted this counter post above you had too much to drink up there in Alaska it does not make sense.

5 years ago

You know nothings, do nothings are the belle of the ball.

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