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8 years ago

Hey Drew,

Always a pleasure talking with you and Dana. Keep in touch and we’ll talk more. If I ever get the chance maybe I’ll travel down to North Carolina to meet, or maybe you might make it up here to Ontario and we’ll talk more in person.

Cheers comrade and see ya’ next show.

8 years ago

Hey Drew , coming from an outsiders passive view being absolutely objective & judging from a fair point of view , kind of like looking through a knot hole in your back yard fence into your neighbors yard and seeing and hearing what is going on over there , I have come to the conclusion that the rich media controllers want conflict to happen between races because of their broadcasts of Anti-White race promotions / productions esp. in the Christ. churches by condoning mixed race marriages /unions ect. . Your first 20 min. brought up good points , Its interesting esp. if you meet lots of White race people every day , you wonder how many really are awake it seems to me through direct… Read more »

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