Renegade Roundtable: Drew & Sinead (8-27-16)


Drew hosts, Sinead calls in quickly, and then Henry and Jack-o. Shaun even drops in, along with others. They talk about the fraud of higher education, weird people, jews, the mainstreaming of the AltRight, Hillary Clinton’s sickness, racial relations and much more.

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5 years ago

Shaun, before you do the 4th World thing, check “Martin Clunes Madagascar” if you can (star of “Doc Martin” show). It details how imported SE Asians have destroyed 90% of the Flora and Fauna there in order to grow Rice (Burning rain forests like Abbos and eating the animals basically). and at the end it is said, despite these people having up to 10 children per family, are said to be “poor” ! So i’m guessing their plan is to introduce them into the monetary system and the “Supermarket Society” now that the destruction has been done there. This, is another form of Eco-Terrorism (and Weather modification) under the guise of “Humanitarianism”. Who shipped this primates to that location ? French Jews under French Jurisdiction.

Reply to  Roj Blake
5 years ago

Just listened to how the host is buying a house, my friggin (xyz) I cannot believe how easy you have it there. Over here in Australia, we pay 10X that amount to buy house and land, and if you have the slightest blemish in finance, forget it. We are screwed over here !

5 years ago

“6 Pepe frogs with hooked noses in the 66 cabin of the Trump-train buggering each other are kinda like the last stance of the fucking implicit whiteness.”
♪ Richard Spencer ♫

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Good job Drew. It’s great to have you on again. Thanks also to all the callers who give up their spare time and call in.
I think the kikes control all these people, no matter what level. Whether it’s Clinton and Trump, Jones and Duke, Spencer and paedo! They’re all on the jew-roll. Even at that the ‘dregs’ level, we have Anjewlo and Moochelle.
I noticed that ‘PTSDman’ has started his YT channel again. He blames a temporary breakdown for supporting vaccs and being silent on naming the jew. His masters obviously want more for that monthly paycheque.

5 years ago

someone please look into how the witch queen theresa may became prime minister of great britain it will blow your mind

5 years ago

Minus the Xtian under or over-tones we old people see the plans of destruction all coming together regardless of what we do, who we vote for, or if we do. Long vid but worth it even if it is old news.

5 years ago

great show folks, my thoughts on the us election “infecting” the rest of the world is that its conditioning for the (((one world government))), and on that vein of thought, im amazed how coordinated the left and right are in every zog occupied country in regards to setting the political agendas and predetermined outcomes, great ideas on the cartoons and pickajew and pedochoo pokemons, im with sinead in that were to late in the game to be holding back on outing the jew big time at any level, im finding more 20s folk all the time that are aware to the international jew and just need a few dots connected, as well as more older folk too, the white giant is waking 🙂 drew you… Read more »

Reply to  jewbanker
5 years ago

It sounds like they are keeping the population restricted to large centers for control purposes by pricing them out of home ownership.

5 years ago

I think I disagree with you guys about Duke, he’s a successful politician and approaches things like a politician, and probably always wants to keep that door open to get back into congress/senate . If someone asks him about Hitler he’s going to say that there’s nothing he likes about the man, same with 9/11. I haven’t heard any valid criticisms in my opinion and I think he’s been a huge plus to exposing the jew world order. I could care less if he’s had surgery or dyed hair, he comes off to me as a pretty nice guy that probably gets shit on every second of his life. He’d still be in congress right now if he didn’t put his neck on the line… Read more »

Reply to  kjhjklj
5 years ago

Does Operation Red Dog raise any red flags for you or is he clean as a whistle?

Reply to  Hermit
5 years ago

I looked into a little I’ll look more tomorrow, but it seems like duke was involved to an unknown extent a plot involving weapons to overthrow panamas government with the people that created stormfront website, and people speculate that they are being paid by the government because they don’t allow comments on their website and/or ban certain commenters. Idk I’ve only been aware of this stuff but I’ve read my awakening and listened to a lot of dukes stuff and he seems like a great guy, but I’m new to this whole secret infiltration stuff.

Sir Algernon Farnsworth
5 years ago

The banning of individuals from the UK or Europe (example, Matty Heimbach and little Dicky Spencer) is merely a joint attempt by MI5/6, other European agencies and the FBI/CIA to give ‘Street Cred’ to individuals otherwise unable to attain high status positions on their own within the White Nationalist movement. The banning of said individuals immediately increases their status and gives bragging rights to those treated unfairly by the anti-White system. Both individuals have used this treatment to their advantage during numerous interviews. Would anyone seriously follow either of these individuals otherwise? Google their images and observe their physical characteristics. They are both beta’s. Little Dicky Spencer comes from an affluent background, and is undoubtedly fully illuminated in the Masonic system, as his eyes are… Read more »

5 years ago

I just want to know what housing market Drews new home is in!

Reply to  Jmcaul
5 years ago

It was a genuine question.

5 years ago

I can’t wait to hear your real estate story a year from now on your foreclosure purchase. As with almost everything in life, you get what you pay for. Your bargain house just might not be such a bargain once you have lived in it and start dealing with repairs.

5 years ago

Interesting attack on David Duke and his run for the US Senate. You should ask Rodney Martin to be a Renegade Host. He hates David Duke almost as much as you do.

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