Renegade Roundtable: Eddy Hosts (4-1-17)

The newest regular Renegade host from Wardo Rants hosts the roundtable, speaking to Tony and Chris about a wide variety of topics, mainly focused on the issue of jewish criminality worlwide, and a look into the Khazarian question.

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Run? If you think I am going to run from this and leave it to negredos because some jews want it, you got another thing coming.comment image


Der morgige tag ist mein!


Sehr gut! Aber, am wichtigsten: TODAY is ours! Tomorrow is today to be. Now is the moment which we must own. There is only now.


Who the f*** is Wardo Rants to accuse the NSDAP of being kikes? The Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei put Germany back on a stable economic footing WHILE promoting the health, happiness and well-being of the people. Try studying the language before making a total asshole of yourself on air. Here’s a neat example “bergs” and “steins” are not technically “jewish” names – they’re Germanic, the jews just STOLE those names like they do in every country they slither into. Back to the NSDAP… Hitler endlessly encouraged families to have as many children as they could possibly manage because he was concerned with Germanic population trends of the time, which were already troublingly low. Hitler and the NSDAP’s economic reforms also sought to protect the workers in… Read more »

Anders Dahl

Yes let’s us all abandon our homelands and flee to the states… And then what?


That is one complex and fascinating image.


This is a great video by a member of the South African military about the jews. I would love to hear him interviewed on Renegade.


You can find an interview with. Jan from SouthAfrica in the Solar Storm archive.” History reviewed channel.”


Actually Circus Maximus & Sinead interviewed Jan from South Africa, not Solar Storm.


Yes, you are right he was on Circus Maximus (11 18 16). Sorry I got that wrong!


Jan is not only too anxious to keep mentioning his “jewish pal,” but he’s such a good researcher that he keeps calling National Socialists “nat-sees.” No thanks.

Shawna Marie

Jan is trapped in the “stormer ellipse”. However his work on the Jewish mask is worth getting into. It debunks the Abrahamic religions for the recently contrived patchwork of lies that they are.

Don T. Panick

Yep, Jan was just a guest on The Daily Shoah and he kept calling the germans in WWII “nazis” which bugged me until one of the TRS guys even called him out on it! Tell you what though, I thought this show on South Africa was actually quite good as it was more serious than most they do. Probably worth a listen despite what you think of Mike Enoch & TRS in general.


He also spreads dis info about the Boers, even after being called on it. I smell a rat. And (((Afrikaner))) rat.


Alright – now this is the feedback I’ve been looking for. Until now, all I’ve gotten in return for my pointing out this guy’s fascination with his “jewish pal” and “nat-see blah blah” is some BS about how syntax shouldn’t stop me from ignoring his duplicitous goddamned nature. Basically if he considers himself a “researcher” or revisionist, then he can jolly well open a search on the fat-lipped KIKE that invented the “n” word.


Just a reminder where the slur originated:

The word “Nazi” was a political pun, based upon the Austro-Bavarian slang word for “simpleton” or “country bumpkin”, and derived from the fairly common name Ignatz. It would be like calling National Socialists “Nutsy’s”.

There seems to be evidence that and jew Konrad Heiden originated the term as a slur.

So now you know…


“nazi” is jewish meme-ism. They have a long standing autopsy of our people and know how to get in our heads. It’s catchy, snappy, and short. The perfect buzzword for 4 second attention span, pop culture, couch turnips to throw around.


Welcome to the Renegade crew Wardo. You sound like you can handle yourself. excellent show!