Renegade Roundtable: Fakery and Fire Hitting Close to Home (11-10-18)

Kyle speaks to Sinead, Sean, and Wolf about the fakery, duping delight with witnesses, obvious agendas, and out of control infernos. Sean is actually from Thousand Oaks and has a lot to say on the subject.

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35minutes in – Sinead said it! I can’t even keep a Youtube channel anymore. I upload 10-20 videos, and within 3 days they are all in limited state, and within a few more days (if that) the entire profile is usually censored/shutdown. It’s pretty bad with the Youtube censorship. and Bitchute remain the best alternatives from the looks of it. I find when you archive videos, some people tend to eventually come across them and download them because gives ‘easy download options’. And then they can get spread around that way sometimes. So it’s worth putting any good propaganda on there, in my opinion. Now that there’s not many other options available. We’ll see how the future goes with that though. Unfortunately, the… Read more »


Serial killers are hoaxes. They all have the hoax code in their names. Son of Sam has the “son ” and the “sam” which are hoax codes. Charles Manson has the “man” and the “son”. Richard Ramirez has alliterative initials, the “ram” and the sexual innuendo of dick with the name Richard. If you look at the victims they often have hoax code names or names that equal 33. If it’s on TV, it’s fake.


This is an interesting video about Manson and Gacy. Note how Manson sounds exactly like George Bush. It’s creepy when you hear it. I’m not saying it’s definitely Bush but there have been others speculating it is and that is exactly the sick fuck kind of stunt they would love to play on the silly “goyem”. Also note the repetitive use of the number 33 by Gacy. He also mentions orange spray paint. Orange is 33 is gematria.


Thanks for the link!
Note in the following video, the X Factor TV show contestant shouts “Let the bodies hit the floor” while the X Factor judges drink from a Dunkin’ Donuts cup. A few days later, fictional ‘bodies hit the floor’ in the Orlando Pulse Club homocaust psyop. You are being programmed.
Note that the Dunkin’ Donut cups are ORANGE.
Also, see this
Wear Orange 33 Gun Violence Psyop Orlando Pulse Club Shooting Hoax –

Bob Matthews

Get some immediate mental health treatment fella – you need it loon! This site is becoming a parody – everything is a hoax according to the contributers and followers – pathetic!

Foster XL

Let me get this straight – you’re a loon if you’ve got your eyes open & question everything but you’re sane if you just go along to get along believing everything you’re told by those who have an absolute vested interest in making sure that you swallow everything they tell you? I dunno man, on the face of it & just using basic common sense that definitely sounds like reverse logic to me! And don’t we all know too well who uses inversion as their main tool of deception?! The mind-zoggling part is seeing just how many lemmings fall for it & for how long!!! Hey “Bob”, here’s an idea – how about you try getting OFF their meds & treatments & TV & fake… Read more »

I have told a couple of people about Renegade Tribune and Renegade Broadcasting, but they cannot access these websites due to censorship – this is happening in the US – does anyone know a way around this?


It’s a good sign when you get censored to that level. Especially in the US which usually allows a lot more than other places.

Yes – I think the jews are freaking out – just like the Israeli Diaper Force does when Palestinian children throw rocks at them!


The White genocide program isn’t a hoax. Pretty much all the mass shootings are.


Rise of the Black Serial Killer –
Documenting a Startling Trend

by author Justin Lee Cottrell

The holidays are coming.

Everything on talmudvision is either 55-100% fake.

Anthony Roberts

Dat show was hot!! Way too much heat flowin’ for dis pale ghetto Brit!


I believe Wolf said that the NRA has never managed to repeal any anti gun legislation. What do you call the handgun bans in DC (District of Columbia v Heller, 2008) and Chicago (McDonald v Chicago, 2010)? I will grant you that practically speaking this hasn’t helped the law abiding citizens of these cities due to all the hoops they have to jump through. Nonetheless, the handgun bans were repealed. It’s important that we be accurate. Initially I called in but decided it was better to put it here. I really appreciate Wolf’ input and didn’t want to come across as confrontational.


I said they have never repealed a single “Federal Gun Law”. The ones you listed are state gun laws there is a difference. , Import Ban on Assault Rifles Becomes Permanent -permanent.html “July 7, 1989, The Bush Administration declared a permanent ban today on almost all foreign-made semiautomatic assault rifles. Imports of the weapons have been suspended since spring. It does not affect the far larger number of virtually identical weapons manufactured domestically, nor does it affect foreign-made semiautomatic weapons already in the United States. Americans own about three million semiautomatic weapons, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, an agency in the Treasury Department that enforces national gun laws. About 25 percent of those weapons are foreign models, including semiautomatic versions… Read more »

Thank you for your interesting and in-depth comment, Wolf! Sometime, I would love to get your email address, because I would like to do some physical activism by handing out fliers on various subjects regarding the truth! I would love to work with someone such as yourself – I have been listening to many of your shows that you’ve been on, and I really like the way you think, and reaching out to common folk with pure truth, especially concerning the lies of the holohoax. Thank you for reading


Thanks for clarifying that. If I wanted to be a smart ass, I could point out that all laws in DC are federal laws. DC is not a state and falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government. My understanding of the ban against Russian AKs was that Obama enacted it by executive order. How do you repeal laws that don’t exist but are being enforced anyway? Anyway I appreciate your input here at Renegade and on other platforms where I’ve heard you. Keep up the good work!


Tranny Tim Tebow and Uncle Dick’s Orphanage. Fuck.

But wait, folks, there’s more. Tim Tebow, darling of every fucking Christ-tard in the “free” world, is a fucking cock-chopper. I shit you not. Yes, that piece of filth genitally mutilates boys.
Fuck!!! I am sick of this fucking world!!!!!!!!!!!!


that is disgusting.. just throw some feely good christian music and it’s like the pied piper! I can only imagine how many christ tards have/will watch that and think ”how wonderful”, and defend such oddities… what the fuck do they need dialysis machine’s in the middle of no where, an unaccesible south Asian jungle for?
Why so many orphans in the phillipines? Why no visitors? No volunteers?
Seems to me these poor children are constructing their nightmare and don’t have a clue….
This shit has got to end. We just can’t let them pull off their bible script..

No wonder I’m so depressed – I don’t know how to fix this broken world, Renny, and Amber!


Lately I keep getting the message (in looking at history), that White’s only lose when we are divided. That’s it.

Sencha’s latest on the ”Lost White Tribes” really drove the message home, but it seems like every thing I look at, that’s what I hear.
It is so challenging having standards that seem so basic, that simultaneously seem like pole vaulting for others.. It is hard to reconcile those whom we are thought to respect, fall so low.
I wish I knew how.

A link to ”Lost White Tribes”

I was just going to listen to that last night, I am planning on listening to that, thank you – Sencha does a great job in putting historical truths together.


nice one ghey. Any other profound thoughts or do we just close our eyes and prey for salvation? I’m with Sinead, I find it pretty fucking hard to ”connect with the gods” when we are being genocided! Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when I could just ”pray and feel better” but then I open my eyes and realize how not only pathetic ”praying and waiting” is, but ineffectual! Tell me ghey – how can Wotanism and ”magic” help the 250,000 folks displaced from fires in California? What about all the rest all over the world who have had their homes and livlihoods evaporate over night? What about the children who are bought and sold as sex slaves, tortured to death?… Read more »


Excellent show as usual!
Listening to this show prompted me to look up the following links that might interest many of us in the know.
The Zionist Agenda is well planned & executed by numbers (Gematria / Numerology)

Also, NRA in simple Gematria is equal to 33
NRA = 14+18+1 = 33

You are absolutely right, Gunnvor – the tribe members are obsessed with numerology, and create many false flags, and hoaxes using certain numbers, and sequences. Some of their favorite numbers are – 9, 11, 13, 23, 33, 46, and of course 6, hence the number 666, also.


* NRA in simple Gematria is equal to 33
NRA = 14+18+1 = 33


Like every jewish scheme, these fires serve many objectives. Sifting through videos on jewtube, many commenters sense that this is some kind of man made disaster using Direct Energy Weapons and loads of chemicals from chem trailing, as well as, I believe, connected to smart meters. I also read a comment on how much evidence of ”witch craft and child abuse” is being destroyed. An empty walmart in Chico is conveniently being used as a pick up/ drop off point for supplies for the 52,000 people who were evacuated from their homes from the ”campfire”. Headlines everywhere read ”Paradise Lost”, ”Paradise, Gone Forever” with one woman commenting, ”It’s like the gates of Eden turned into the gates of hell”…. not only is this playing off… Read more »


You’ve got to be kidding me.
Contrails my ass. I’ve been flying in planes all my life, observing planes go by living near one of the busiest airports in the world.
How do you explain the acidifying of soils all over the world, soil and water that just so happens to have been laced with an assortment of heavy metals and toxic chemicals unknown to areas for thousands of years?
Can you possibly tell me why trees are dying all over the place?
What about the airline ”Evergreen” do you know of?

Noticing what is going on, paying attention, making corporate connections and connecting dots in a scheme is considered obsessive to someone who is either lazy or being paid.


For richer Californians, private firefighters help battle blaze

So, do the 30+ firefighters who lost their homes in the ”camp fire”, have to think about hiring private firefighters to defend their homes while they are off fighting the fires the gov pays them to?

I should have attached this to my previous comment… just more bologna.


US Marine Corps birthday is Nov 10. When I was in School of infantry some of the combat instructors on nov 10th and others celebrate in Vegas. Fake killer is marine. Patriotard no shirt fake hero is a marine. 100th anniversary of Armistice/Veterans Day ending WW1. Theres also a naval marine corps base at Port Hueneme in Oxnard. When I was in the marine reserves a lot of the reservists especially the higher ups are also in the police force too there. That’s why I believe there is so much military and how a double psyop of a fake shooting and wildfire down the street at the same time was able to happen. I don’t live in California anymore but it sounds like some major… Read more »


It is totally possible that people are being taken out in these tragedy scenarios. Imagine how many desperate young people there are in the world, totally naive to what is truly going on, who get ”the opportunity of a lifetime” = be on tv for fifteen minutes, have that acting role that will lead to their ”discovery”.. Once your in, your in – and if you want out? No way. Some folk will think that they can just ”do it once” and walk away in clear conscious, not realizing how deeply they have just compromised themselves, and that’s it. Once your on their radar, your on it until your off, permanently. It’s like insurance taking care of the liability. You cannot compromise yourself, unless You… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

A lot of these people are intelligence operatives, like the ones who pop-up every now and again at Renegade.

You’re right though Amber, they use, then murder, a large group of no-talent wannabes in their false flag events to make the “terrorism” message real.

We also see innocent people and animals unwittingly killed, like dews in Cali now, from their weaponized activities. It is just another form of slaughter like vaccs, drugs, chemtrails, food, fluoride, 5G to them.


That’s a chilling possibility, Amber. Those girls in the pink blankets (babies?) looked so young and naive, and LOL’ing like it was a game. The pink blankets might be symbolic for the slaughter of innocence. I agree with you that it’s better to move away from calling them hoaxes, because that sounds like a prank, a game, when it’s not.


I prefer the term hoax crimes because they are hoaxes for the most part and crimes against public who believes them to be real.

Exposing hoax crimes destroys the credibility of the msm and anyone who plays along with their narratives. That can only be good for us since we don’t control any msm.