Renegade Roundtable: Fleecing the Folk with Doughnut Dialectics (8-18-18)

Kyle and Sinead talk for most of the show, with a call from Scarlett. They talk about a variety of things related to the war being waged on us by chosen and cryptos who want us to only blame the left, the world of mega churches, the recent donutgate revelations, growing food with hydroponics, and more.

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Great podcast! I’ve recently been hating on the ‘left’ a lot recently again because of how extreme they’re being now but I’m also trying to keep in mind who’s really to blame to divide us all. Your podcast was a good reminder of that and a place to get real truth on it all now. Too bad if I talk about this with anyone I know or on social media I would be even more of a social outcast than I already am, though.


Embrace being a social outcast. It’s pretty nice actually. I don’t miss having to dumb myself down to talk to other people.


I completely agree Sinny. After being ”shunned” and picked on by my previously tolerant and ”loving” fb friends and family, I just let it go. It’s just a fake world to waste your time and inflate the idea of ‘self importance’ anyways, and if you try to post anything that means anything, it just gets blocked and no one see’s it, so what’s the point? Invest in yourself. The truth may be a lonely road, but your confidence will slowly reassert itself healthfully when you maintain your integrity and don’t have to stoop down constantly in an effort to ”be nice”. We have got to stop pretending. You can’t be ”friends” with everyone. No one can. It’s time for us to be adults and get… Read more »


Dumbing myself down was one of the shittiest things I ever had to do to socialize. It gets old. The inability for others to recognize that mature behavior is required as an adult is also annoying. It’s easy enough to let loose and goof off but people who lack maturity can’t simply turn it on. This can be avoided with proper parental influence.

Don’t feel bad – I have been alone much of my life – at least I don’t have to worry about fitting in, and or, hurting someone’s feelings – it would be nice to have one close relative nearby or a friend, but we are the lone wolves – just remember, Mr. Hitler was alone too much of his life, and endured extreme hardships – but then help start the NSDAP and got 90% of the German vote! We must press onward – just keep stomping on the truth!

Anthony Roberts

Did anybody read the disturbing news article about J.J Redick? He’s a sportsperson who plays for the 76ers ( baseball or basketball?). He was in a chauffeured hire vehicle in NY last Wednesday with his wife and another person, when they realized there was a smell (not offensive), and saw a blonde ponytail and White girl/woman’s face in a tiny covered cage/box in the back of the Escalade. When they confronted the driver, he got very defensive and drove off. They have reported it to the police, and he later spoke about it on a radio show. Was this pizzagate in actual operation? Very sick and worrying. PS It’s great to have Sinead back in the Ren-Nice garage studio, where she belongs with Kyle. Good… Read more »


Bullshit story. If it’s in the mass (“the masses are asses”) media, it’s fake. J.J. Redick is a total hoax code name. There is the alliterative “J” and you also have the sexual innuendo with “red dick”. One of the other passengers was named Kylee which is a total hoax code with the double “e” for 33. This nonsense story also happened in Manhattan. (They always have to throw the “man” into a shit story.) And finally, this Red-dick creature plays for the 76ers, the number 76 being a hoax code. Like Mark Twain told us so many years ago: If you don’t read the papers you’re uninformed; if you read the papers you’re misinformed.


Profile pic of J.J. Red-dick. Reminds me of the song “I’m not white, I’m jewish.”comment image

Anthony Roberts

As i was reading the story, it did cross my mind that, yet again, this could be another famous person who has had to repay his masters for his position in life ( like the Genoa bridge-collaspe footballer). You’re probably right Ren, and it’s either designed to distract, like the shooter at Comet pizza, or meant to stir the truther nests to build up more confusion and intrigue from the likes of Seaman, Frost, stg report etc, to throw our folk off the trail. Btw, i only quickly scour the online jewspaper sites for the 6.66% hidden truth, nothing else.

[95:00 minutes in] Regarding “adrenochrome” I have been thinking recently about Kubrick’s film ‘The Clockwork Orange’ (1972). Adrenochrome (they call it “drencrom” in the movie) is one of the “fictitious” ingredients they put in the “Moloko Plus” milk-cocktail the protagonists drink at the Korova Milk Bar. I don’t know if you have already talked about this – I suppose so. It’s interesting the references to milk as they use a lot of Russian words, both in the novel and in the movie. The Korova Milk bar is all decorated purely in black and white (dualism – dah!). Very warped stuff really.