Renegade Roundtable: GoyDaddy & VeGAINator (8-26-17)

GoyDaddy hosts the show and talks to VeGAINator about a wide variety of issues, especially jewish censorship of truth, the destructive tactics of controlled opposition, the need for effective action, White achievements, and much more.

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Well, I might be alone on this, but I felt Vegainator hijacked the show. I heard GoyDaddy make a few announcements and then he said that he wanted to “blather” for a while and read a poem. He was setting the table for the roundtable. He gave some facts about the poem and its origins. This took about over 7 minutes and just when he was getting ready to read the poem Vegainator interrupts and proceeds to go completely off topic to what was previously presented and goes on by himself for 46 minutes. Wow! I know it wasn’t intentional, but that felt disrespectful to GoyDaddy, even though he didn’t seem to mind; I kinda did. It’s just my take.  When someone goes on really… Read more »

Third paragraph sentence correction:

GoyDaddy may have been able to compliment Vegainator’s insights, had he been asked occasionally what his thoughts were on the subject at hand.

No you are not alone. I was thinking the same thing after he was talking for a while. He’s very passionate but could be more professional. Speaking at a fast pace is more effective at reaching new people but he needs a bit more focus and deliberation. Constantly calling blacks weapons of mass destruction doesn’t really help either. They are used as such but dehumanizing them with that term doesn’t help us. It just gives anti-Whites more ammunition to call us “haters”.

Thank you, and hopefully both our comments will be received in the spirit of helpfulness.

You’re absolutely right. Whites have a lot to learn from psychopaths like Jewry. Notice how Jewry is always about “peace” (which means their domination) and attacking “hate” (which means resistance to Jewry). Whites need to get organized and get smart.

Great show and I think your review of an epic, GoyDaddy, is especially relevant today (sad that so many still refuse to learn from history which is one reason I so much admire Kyle’s work). The Iliad you refer to should be studied in today’s era of censorship, deceit, cowardice, and ignorance. Besides the Trojan horse lesson (to all those “truthers” who unwittingly or knowingly promote their god emperor and god chekist, leading them down the proverbial path), the story is replete with examples of courage, endurance, self-sacrifice, a rapacious thirst not for material things but for true honor and glory, and fortitude in the face of impending defeat against what appears to be insurmountable odds–as relevant, more relevant, today than ever. (Keep in mind… Read more »

Addendum at 46 minutes: roundtable in quotes 🙂

“Lord and saviour jesus christ”…. Are you taking the piss or what?

Come on Skyglarir and Renny…you guys seriously think I’m speaking in earnest? Goodness gracious LOL😄

Apologiae. Then again… text. I have made worse mistakes through text.

I did half think you were joking BTW (-__-)

Jewsus the fuck-tard was the jews’ primary weapon for destabalizing and destroying the white race. Jewsus was a fucking jew. He was a rabbi, and he had his little wanker sliced in two when he was eight days old. Jewsus said he wanted to fulfill every “jot and tittle” of the Mosaic law. A huge fuck-off to all Christ-tards.

I disagree. I believe their main weapon has been lies, promoted using behavioral science techniques as applied through media control. The desert religion got an extra boost for a period through the media until the jews became openly hostile towards it (even if it’s cucked, it is organized and they want any and all group cohesiveness destroyed so it lowers the chance for organized resistance.)

Christ-tards would never rise up against the jews. Turn the other cheek and do good to those who persecute you and all that other horse shit. The jews created Christ-Insanity and they love it, because it is their greatest tool to cuck the white race. Whites would never have submitted their sons to the absolute insanity and perversion of razor rape had it not been for their devotion to a dead jew on a stick. Nor would they have let their lands be invaded by knee-grows and other lesser beings had it not been for the forced inclusivity that permeates Christ-tardianity.

I disagree with Renny most respectfully, and agree with Hermit. Maybe some don’t realize the power of the monster that stands before us. Without everyone we have a snowballs chance in a blast furnace. Christians are the only ones who’ve rose up against them and laid flesh and bone to bare, who do you think carried those K-98 Mausers 8mm’s, Budhists? hahahaa Tell them the truth about the 66 million of their brothers in Christ, men, women and children and who it was to blame with a couple of Alexander Soltzenetzen quotes about them having a deep hate for Christians and 66 million and the reason no one cares or knows about it is the world media is in the hands of the perpetrators. Educate… Read more »

I don’t trust “six” figures though. How was it precisely 66 million? Add that to the Holohoax figure and you get 666. It wasn’t 65 million or 67 million or 70 million? It was 66 million? Really?

Well said. I can’t stand the anti-Christian divisiveness. There’s no need for it. Those who believe in being rewarded in an afterlife for righteousness carried out here and now are indeed strong warriors…. those who believe only in sense-gratification are easy Jew slaves.

Also you can see how Whites live when they are living in their ego-element: their lives become constant “boasts” about how awesome they are and how hot and sexy they look. Once again, easy slaves to Jewry, which has all the money and can make those lives more awesome and more hot and sexy if only they more completely serve the devil, which Bobby Fischer called the Jew:

LisaP: The problem many have with “Christianity” is the fact that “Christianity” has been subverted by jews. Evidence shows that “Christianity” was spread by force and murder plowing over our earlier non-Christian religions such as Asatru and others. Many think that “Christianity” has done tremendous damage to the European psyche and has made them more vulnerable to jewish manipulation and exploitation. Is it possible to discuss these things rationally?

great show & vegainator brought up something i have just seen since thursday example on thules last post with new censorship not allowing anyone to comment so forth..
seig heil )O(

Vegainator = high energy

Too much high energy in a new participant is creepy and often culminates into a divisive force.

Whoa! I only tuned in for the Alfred, “Lord” Tennyson’s masterpiece. Only joking guys – great show, ideas and energy! Your hard work, effort and commitment is commendable. Let’s all get active, but it needs to be targetted, smart and within “their” rules.

PS jews got their humbled Whitey in the big fight. Total staged fix imo. Was $75M worth it Mac, to sell out your race and not give your all?
PPS Watch “What The Health” doc on jewtube. You will all quit meat & dairy for good! Two months of no dairy for me, and i feel fantastic – so “based plant” lol!!

You think Mac threw the fight? He was up against an undefeated former world champ in his code. It didn’t look like he was holding back to me but I’m no experrt.

Have you seen any of McGregor’s training videos? Not the ones in the ring but his fitness training. The guy is a machine, one of the fittest athletes in UFC & his stamina appears to be pretty damn amazing BUT look how all of a sudden he started to look like he ran out of energy in the fight. Something just doesn’t add up right there. Plus you realize he made 10x what he’s earned (money AND respect) in the last 2 years in UFC just in LOSING that 1 fight right? And now the flagging sport of boxing has just been given a shot in the arm. There’s more but really no reason to go on.

Boxing is a dirty business. There’s no way they would have risked the sport’s reputation on a crossover fight if there was even the slightest chance of Mayweather losing.

I’ve only watched a few short clips of his training and highlights of the fight. The part where mayweather turned his back on him was strange. I’ve never seen that before.

42 minutes in. I wanted to hear goydaddy but it seems vegainator has hijacked the show.

VeGAINator – “Diversity is (((our))) strength”
The echoes make the statement accurate.

When referring to our governments it might pay to simply refer to them as simply big brother. There’s a lot of people who are familiar with Orwell’s 1984 and they’ll understand immediately what you are saying.