Renegade Roundtable: Harijs Hosts (8-12-17)

Kyle and John Smith start out the show, then Harijs comes on to host, taking calls from Jeff, John, and Frank. They discuss the Charlottesville event, how most people are uninterested in our cause (or worse), the Third Reich, liberals vs conservatives, and different ways to tackle problems.

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Has there ever been a greater gathering of man-boobs ever seen at Charlottesville lol? jews “milking” it to the nth (33rd) degree – udder madness! Cube-brick would of been furious at the car plough footage from behind. Just like the antifa (sucker) punch, we have the crisis camera-person “jerk away” just at the vital moment – so fake, so hollywood, so cia? Wait a moment – Dodge “Charger?” Hmm, does anybody remember the “Dukes” Of Hazzard tv show from early 80’s? No, not the 1880’s thank you! Their famous Dodge Charger called (The) General Lee? Two White southern boys fighting mean local ZOG – yee haaa!!! Cohencidence? Talking of ‘Duke’s A hazzard,’ i saw film of Puke with Kike Enoch and the TRS gang, driving… Read more »

The driver of that car obviously has some sort of professional driver training under their belt. In the midst of chaos the driver has the sense to throw the car immediately in reverse while the vehicle is being attacked with baseball bats. Then he peels out in reverse driving in a perfectly straight line for a very long distance. I believe that the vehicle was driven by a cop or an ex cop who was hired to do this.

Wow. The (((News))) is having a field day over this event in Charlottesville. This looks like a setup for a crackdown on white-nationalism. Everyone on Fo(u)x News are calling these protesters “domestic terrorist” and retiring to white-nationalist as “evil” and “traitors” to America.

once begun, the ‘crackdown’ will extend to all dissent by everyone from the prescribed agenda. What I saw was more like a play, with (most) of the participants not knowing they were just props towards nefarious ends. so sad.

The (((White Nationalists))) leading the charge in the Charlottesville production are evil and traitors to America. Real White Nationalists are a different thing altogether.

The fools. What did they think they were doing? Why did any of them show up!? The gods willing, how can people be so gullible as to fall for such an obvious trap?

Bill, the whole thing was staged.

How many times does this regime need to implement Staged Atrocity events before it is generally accepted the FACT that they are doing it? Most people are so fucking dumb …

Most people can’t comprehend that they are fed almost nothing but lies about almost everything by the media. It’s not really stupidity. It’s not a system they would impose on people and they can’t imagine others would either.

You’re right that most people wouldn’t engage in this kind of pervasive Kikery and Deception. Everyone needs to learn how to spot and identify deception. It’s really not very difficult. But you have to use established and reliable methods to detect it. This is what people need to learn about and also realize that they are being subjected to the most base types of deceptions imaginable. This regime has signed a small arms non-propiferatnion treaty with the UN and is using Staged Atrocities to attempt to completely destroy the 2nd Amendment. They are also using Staged Atrocities to erases our Civil War history and heroes. Pure kikery.

I used to write off staged terror attacks as just disinformation until I saw some bad acting and looked a bit further into it. As far as pro-White people with any public profile go the renegade crew are pretty much the only ones calling them out as staged. It says a lot about the others.

I always chuckle with a heavy dose of sighing when all I ever ever hear/ see is, “libtards this, liberals that, the left…blah blah blah.” It’s the [standard media*] right which F**CKING DID 9/11 and more recently bombed Syria under false pretenses. Instead, the majority of (controlled) opposition steers one’s focus on cute little “moldy” girls who ‘OBVIOUSLY’ pull the strings. Are they correct? Of course not. However, people like her posses roughly the exact amount of power for change as the rest of us. We are hijacked at every angle. Thank you for lightly hinting at this phenomena. We DESPERATELY need more of it. *this now includes high view count ‘anti-left-alt’ opposition Doesn’t take a genius to observe this is happening with high scale… Read more »

Great show! A lot of important questions posed. I’m finding myself extremely frustrated and anxiety ridden after reading about yesterday’s events on MSM. Trying to not get sucked into this false manufactured reality . But it’s hard not to completely lose my temper. Need to go scream into a pillow and take a breather.

Scarlett, It might help you to further understand our enemy and their thinking regarding the use of Political Deception to attain their goals. ROOTS OF DECEPTION AS STRATEGY As you may know, Niccolo Machiavelli, 1469-1527, was the first “Western” theorist to explicitly address the problems of power, force, and strategy in politics, diplomacy, and war. He discussed manipulative psychological techniques involved in deception in his “The Prince”, “Discourses”, and “The Art of War”. Machiavelli lived in a time when deception in war was simply not done and was considered beneath the dignity of a noble combatant. Machiavelli urged that any and all means were justified to achieve victory. Because open conflict is risky, Machiavelli always suggested to “never attempt to win by force” what you… Read more »

Better to find a forum or comments section where the production is being discussed. Spread some truth around. You never know how many people you affect but I can guarantee you you’ll wake up a few or at least plant a seed. There’s a reason anti-Whites spend so much time and effort censoring yt and other outlets. Truth hurts when your entire strategy is lying.

In ’38 they had the EVIAN conference and Germany offered all Jews to any country that would take them all expenses paid by Germany, Hitler was said to have said, “…we’ll send them on luxury ships!” He would never had made that offer which was turned down even by FDR saying U.S. policy wouldn’t allow it. ahahha This is documented fact. See, they couldn’t do the pre fabbed six million hoax if they’d taken them. hahaha They wouldn’t have paid German men and women to breed in mass if they wanted Germans population to go down. Hitler wouldn’t have tried to make peace 23 times plus Hess parachuting to make another attempt. The gassing myth was exposed by Irving when he found papers of British… Read more »

Lastly, you’ll see how Ezra Pound double f’d the tribe by twisting off on them over the Radio in Europe. He went off script and it really screwed him. He sacrificed 13 years of his life for us all. This guy put his nuts on the chopping block and next thing you know the Carrabenara busted in and took him express to St. Elizabeths nut house. This man loved us, guys and gals. The man had balls like church bells.

I agree with a lot of what you guys said, however I believe that caller at the end was right that modern liberalism is a disease. I was once a SJW type leftist and it’s all about hating whites and whining. Luckily I did get out of it, but it is centered around everything whites have done is bad and you should should never never take pride in anything “white” or “European” everything of that nature. Then you have to sit around and listen to these “people” demand extra rights in our home continent and call for our genocide. That’s “liberalism”. As for the Palestine thing, Jews control both sides, the Christian Right wing side and the anti Israel side as well. They always blame… Read more »
Oh, last point, READ MAJOR JORDANS DIARY. This will give you ammo that is critical. If country knew this, it would unite all good men. They’re out there, they just don’t know the facts. I’m old, I lost my youngest son cruelly by the evil s.o.b.’s and don’t think I’m not motivated. This must be achieved without talk of death. Stalin was killed due to the 1952 speech of Rabbi Rabinovich. Don’t let them tell you that’s myth of propaganda. I was told he never existed. But researched and found he was quoted in many European newspapers including London Times. You won’t find it on the first page of google but it’s archived. Jordan’s diary is show stopper. Remember, the J’s murder entire nations and… Read more »
FDR sent Stalin via Wyoming, to Alaska to Sibera to Moscow, everything under the sun. INCLUDING treasury plates to spend after the German defeat in Europe. Read these books and see how Eisenhower and FDR toy’s of Bernard Baruch did their evil and completed the blueprint of the Pike to Mazzini 3 WW letter. Humor me. You will see it’s not connect any dots anymore. You will see how Radio Free America and the so called Freedom Radio channels in Europe gave false info to set those under communism up for falls and how they switched media attention by staged events from Palestine to Commie Occupied Europe when Poland and Hungary had uprising and did numbers on the Red’s. Must read.
Oh, don’t listen to those who think the founders were in on it. They played a dangerous game. Franklin said the J bankers in Europe he tried to get help from early on, and he’d planned to screw them I feel, he came back and said, they’re no different than any J in Jerusalem whos enleague with the hate tribe who’s god is gold and savior is THE BRIBE. Franklin was NOT a traitor. The hell fire club had nothing to do with sacrificing children, they WERE though, off the hook lady lovers. They were good old fashioned girl crazy. I’ve seen old paintings and they had the classic busty babes on their laps and alcohol bottles everywhere. Wait until you read The Nameless War,… Read more »
Hitler didn’t need to go into 1/10 of the detail about how the J’s operated in mein kampf. BUT beware, they need one of the big nations they control either Russia or U.S.A. to be “antisemtic” to start ww3. Remember, all the big wars 1, 2 and upcoming three are said in Rabbinovich’s speech in 52 in Hungary at zio conference that again anti-Semitism will be stoked in Russia or U.S. to start WW3 to attack the “anti semites” and they would make sure they had enough documented antisemtism such as a pogrom or some such to get one of the countries or the other, remember they started screeching well known J Stalin was persecuting them when we know that’s a lie and that’s why… Read more »

words of Wisdom Old Timing Man, thank you !

I had no idea that Stalin came via the rat infestation established in the US and thought that perhaps he came out of Jewish Autonomous region, Basel Switzerland where the World Bank is today, but then I remember that the B.I.S was formulated after the Federal Reserve act 1913.

No the jew will be in the background again. It always revolves around the kikes being victims for some reason, and no one can put 2 and 2 together. They have made the public give a shit about the kike through the holococker training from WW2, otherwise no one cares, in fact no one has to. As long as people are scared as a result from the shitcraft the kike pulls in the media they are getting away with their crimes against the universe. They have enough of a confusing spin on who does what when and how, that no one can actually follow. The main conceit is the THEY ARE SCARED and BELIEVE.

Reason why Putin’s Russia expelled some J’s and not others = stirring up Anti-Russian sentiment in the West.
No more Dual Israeli Citizens allowed back into Russia, Putin says, “if they want to visit Russia, they can come via the United States instead” < referring to those who were expelled.

What a charade ..

The Charlottesville event appears to be a “Staged Atrocity” event. That means “NOBODY DIED”. That also means that the even was faked. How? How do you think Hollywood does it? If you think if was “real” – please explain why you think so and what information sources you’re relying on. It was faked.