Renegade Roundtable: Heathen Vegan Hosts (3-3-18)

Heathen Vegan speaks to Chris H, Richard, Scarlett, Rollie, and Ryan about pressing topics like the unfolding situation in South Africa, school shootings and other staged atrocities, and challenging AIPAC.

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the documentary “Between Heaven and Hell, The True Story of Whites in South Africa” BY SInead

Great video. This is one of the few subjects that can get my blood boiling more than circumcision.

hey i was looking for this yesterday and it doesn’t show up on the vids home page.

All police and sheriff’s department personnel on the scene at Stoneman Douglas are 100% aware it was a hoax. Ditto for all paramedics. How could they not know? The CIA is, at it’s core, jewish and Israeli. All jews, even the little peon jews, realize Stoneman Douglas, Sandy Hook, Vegas, etc. are hoaxes. Any jew rat can identify another jew rat, and they see their fellow jew rats on the boob tube lying and fake crying. These hoaxes aren’t nearly as compartmentalized as people think. Millions know. It’s just that very few “goy” know.

On a lighter note, the Berlin passing girls.

Is it me or am I correct that they are…. ALL White? No token ethnic majority or negroid there for safety reasons to make sure there are not too many Whites in one context?

Rich is absolutely spot on about the guns.

Cause of depression: the fact I live in a total concrete, asphalt and plastic asphyxiating jew nightmare, serving my organs to them so they can study the wuurd of gzzd, and I am obligated to give 90% of my own time to the estableeshment under constant threat of punishment.

If we can’t stand up for White South Africa then the whole idea of “Fortress Europe” defeats itself. The idea of a White Europe should not mean we all return to Europe for that to happen. It kind of defeats the point, and is not a position of strength. People feeling a connection to Europe is one thing, but people thinking we need to return to Europe for the sake of being “European” I think is throwing logic out of the window. Enough with the weak talk. Defending White South Africa gives us strength to defend ourselves elsewhere. We can not keep constantly retreating and think in the end it will work out as a good strategy.

Good set people.

The AR15 has symbolic value, that’s why they keep banging on about it. It is more than just the gun, it is the symbolic cultural value it has, like a sword, but it is recognised and it is another kick at the White man’s heritage specifically.

Are these guys legit ?
I would like to donate.

That’s a horrible and frightening photograph above.

That’s a horrible and frightening photograph above

Sorry, hadn’t realised i’d double posted there.