Renegade Roundtable: Heathen Vegan – Reclaim The Pagan Ways (3-17-18)

Heathen Vegan was joined by Chris H, Rollie, Scarlett and John for a discussion about Nick Spero’s funeral, St. Patrick’s Day, reclaiming our Pagan ways, not compromising our messages, European Culture, Nordic Power vs the “passion” of the other races, (((twisted))) word meanings, and John went on a tangent blaming women and other narratives not embraced by Renegade.

Support Nick’s family with funeral costs:

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6 years ago

Speaking of words, the phrase “to earn a living” has a most revealing homonym associated with it. “Urn”, a vessel you put a deceased person’s ashes in, is a perfect homonym of “earn”. To earn a living….to urn a living……yes, indeed, your jew job is killing you. Earn/urn……no coincidence there at all.

6 years ago
6 years ago

Damn that “John” caller.
After all the revelations and discussions on Renegade, anyone who still pushes the divide and blame game between our men and women (especially with such a hate) is either a monkey with a badge sitting in some ZOG headquarter calling here or complete dysfunctional idiot.
He starting with the butt-kissing strategy and finished his call by wanting all German women to be raped. If that’s not a cocksucking bitch, I don’t know what is!

Reply to  Yrton
6 years ago

He should have been cut off when he brought up BPS. It seems like any further discussion with these “White nationalists” only yields, ironically, more anti-White sentiment. That’s my take at least.

Yeah these people always end up burying themselves but it’s a waste of time.

A handful of German women holding up pro-Refugee signs aren’t dictating world policy. He’s a coward for even suggesting that that holds precedence over an agenda FORCED onto us by scum with actual power. What a joke.

Reply to  Yrton
6 years ago

There are lot of naive people who eat up this ctrl-alt-right subversive agenda, just because they spout some truisms and say in same breath that women voted muslims to rape them. I am not some cuck, but this should be so obvious diversion that i have no other conclusion that most people are just stupid beyond any hope. And they even deem themselves even as some kind of critical thinkers, lol. Men were guilty that all this happened and men should also fix it, simple as that! With a help of women of course.

6 years ago

Excellent commercial from Sinny…

6 years ago

Good show. I liked HV’s insight on the word “understanding,” to stand under. I guess now instead of saying “I understand,” I’ll change it to “I comprehend.” No desire for subservience here. Thank you.

And Scarlett, I too, was a fan of “The Mists of Avalon.” Quite a look at Camelot from the women’s perspective. So, and you may already know this, I was horrified to hear of the author’s (Marion Zimmer Bradley) abuse of her daughter by her and her husband. Here are a few links on it:


6 years ago

The subject of what the ideal gender roles should be is one I would gladly like to engage in. Unfortunately I really don’t have the time right now. However I would like to remind everyone that this is an entirely different subject from the blame game. Like John I was very upset to see German women welcoming refugees. But you know what fucked me up more than that ? Hearing a Swedish man who was RAPED feeling sympathy for his RAPIST who was deported after serving his 4 year sentence. He actually advocated for the RAPIST to stay in Sweden. Does every man in Sweden have to be raped before they wake up? For those of us who are awake male or female to use… Read more »

6 years ago

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