Renegade Roundtable: Heathen Vegan, Scarlett, Chris H – The Spirit of Defiance (1-13-18)

Heathen Vegan began the show raising the topic of our Aryan natural defiance. Chris H and then Scarlett joined to discuss this spirit of defiance and how in small ways we can undermine the beast. The women who have stepped up of late and in history and their place in the bigger picture. World War 2 and the German Genocide, and the joke that is Winston Churchill. And finally how White “European” People are the people of the north, and have a rightful to claim to Europe.
Finest hour for actor who was Churchill’s radio voice

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The hardest task in this movement is not exposing the enemy. It’s moving people towards constructive action after they are aware of the enemy. That’s the hardest task ever. There’s no real organization even though there’s an astronomical growth in awareness towards knowing thyself and thy enemy.
Unfortunately, there’s not gonna be a real chaos that many naively (like Varg ) are hoping for. The enemy won’t let a real collapse to happen. It’ll be a controlled one where everyone will lose except the ones who created it. Only this time they’ll have a huge technological edge over us.
We can’t hope for a solar storm. It needs to be, figuratively, created. 🙂

Just started listening. I think Sinead found out Ms Chabloz is cont-opp – maybe jewish. She was speaking to Anglin, and doing the WN circuit. Her whole story seems too good to be true. The first person ever banned at Edinburgh fringe festival, and all the media attention etc. Same with the Canadian bro & sis – all seems orchestrated. Back to the show – thanks to HV and callers.

We are of course in the darkest hour of our collective existence, it is possible as we stumble in the darkness that we mistake good for bad and vice versa. I have to take hope that something is real, but at the same time the pangs of doubt are always present. I could claim I dont know the answers, but I do. Now I dont know if they will be enough, but I know enough to know what i am fighting and what it does to those that oppose it. Here lies the clincher, do we have what it takes? Can we lay all our cards down and face this beast in the street? Can we muster the courage and stand defiant against the seemingly… Read more »
Warm tidings to you HV & Anthony. I have a very strong affinity with Mother England seeing as how both my fore mother and father left their lives in Yorkshire for America in the 1700’s. I lived in England for several years, prior to knowing my ancestry believe it or not, but was sent back stateside by force. Deported due to ”paper technicalities”…. it was an absurd time indeed. Everyday I wait for the tides to change – for the Aryan man and woman both to awaken enough to reclaim our birth right not only to live, but to live free of the parasites that drain our bodies, mind, and soul. There is no joy for anyone in this judized world. Day by day it… Read more »

thus they make this “darkest hour” movie that people “must! see” pushing Churchill the slug as the hero I imagine. ps I think we have what it takes, that is why they have to constantly distract us from our power. Theirs is a stack of cards built on lies, built on our ancestors who they have slain. Once we break out of the spell they are done.

Even after these thousands of years, once their deceit scheme is revealed, then it is over forever. There will be no moe they can pull in the dark: and we will KNOW them.

I’m not accepting or rejecting the claims you present but what are the evidence? Those are serious accusations and require proofs. I won’t be surprised to find out that those claims are right, judging by how the enemy has completely saturated the establishment and opposition movements with its unlimited resources but one question remains, “what do we do?”. People get sucked into these control opposition outlets because they don’t see a solution presented by us. They see and hear a lot of bitter truth (the word “bitter” is an understatement), can’t stomach it, and go and join the sweet deception. The enemy keeps producing deception and Renegade keeps exposing it but, in the middle and at the end of the day, lot of people get… Read more »

Even if she is genuine Yrton, you have to be pretty thick to be conversing with the ‘White woman loving’ scumbag midget. The actions and media attention she garners just seems fake; same with the Schaefers.

My gut says she was all about distracting from Sinead’s wonderfully-damaging parodies, and to keep the anti sem theme going. I even sent her a £40 donation for her court battle 🙁

I would say the smart thing to do strategically, would be to take over the alt-right. They already have an army of young Jew wise whites and they have traction. The semitic mind is genius when it comes to making political movements, as it jives with their dishonest sneaky nature. Our genius is more creative than destructive. The Jews cannot do what we do, so instead of trying to recreate the wheel, they just steal our ideas and inventions and you them towards their ends. Since we are more forthright and and honest, why not take from the alt-right the things that are useful and throw out the shit that is destructive to us. The Jews always have a baby in the bathwater in hopes… Read more »

The alt-right is Jewish controlled from the jump. The guy who even coined the term is Jewish. So how can we take it over when it’s so deeply embedded? Not going to happen.

As for everything that is “useful”, what is particularly useful about the Alt-Right that is so sorely lacking on Renegade?

Genuine people caught up in the controlled opposition traps are one thing and the controlled opposition agents leading them are another.
We could’ve and should’ve found a way to attract some of the genuine youngsters.
The problem was that they didn’t see a solution presented by Renegade even though many later admitted that Renegade was almost right about everything.
I’ve known Renegade since late 2013 and saw how the movement grew until the agents, unfortunately very successfully, derailed it using the presidential theater.
Part of the problem was lack of strategic mindset and, even more so, clearly defined goal.
We still have that window of opportunity open, for now.

Scott the Strategerist
Yes, Professor Paul Gottfreid, who coined the term “Alt-Right” and served as a mentor to (((Richard Spencer))), is Jewish. However, he’s very much a dissident Jew. Without getting emotional, do you think that Benjamin Freedman was trying to trick us? Just as there are anti-white whites, there are Jews who are pro-white. As for the Alt-Right itself, other than the misogyny on The Daily Stormer, and the fact that it’s mostly pro-Trump and you guys don’t like/trust Trump, what is it that’s so bad? Sorry, but I STILL think we’re better off w/ Trump than Hellary, we needed a win even if all we get out of it is the psychological victory, and Trump has quietly done some good on immigration. We also are getting… Read more »

You take the fan base. The subversives obviously aren’t going to join you. It is happening somewhat already.

What is useful about the alt-right? They have a young demographic we want that’s already pro-White. The open call for global White supremacy that Anglin and Weev talk about could be toned down but is a valid viewpoint for White countries. Anything else is basically apartheid which we are told is evil.

Whenever you see someone make a statement like this – “The semitic mind is genius…” – your red flag should be up. You see it a lot with troll commenters & hasbara attempting to sound smart by giving you “their” solutions. “Genius” is one of those long misused terms & phrases like “evil genius” amount to nothing more than oxymoron. If “genius” is not being used for outright good then it is a degenerated form & no longer really genius – much like a faggot tranny is just a sick degenerated male but can’t really be called a man.

Foster XL – Maybe I’m wrong and it wouldn’t work, but of course your knee jerk reaction is that I’m a Hasbara troll. Because EVERYTHING is a fucking conspiracy. I said (((they))) have a particular type of genius, which is subversion. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t be in this situation. We should be using subversion rather than open conflict with the world’s biggest superpowers on the planet. You don’t want to win, you want to win your way. An ant doesn’t openly make itself an enemy to the boot that is about to stomp it. It gets inside the boot and bites at the ankles. We have the WN who have little to no strategy and the Alt-Right who’s being led by psychopathic Jews, but… Read more »

Wait. What “winning strategy” does the Alt-Right have? Making obnoxious memes, constantly looking for “/our guy/girl” amongst controlled types, staging public speaking events where staged bullshit drama breaks out, etc. T

They have no winning strategy. Their plan of action is essentially: make memes, ???, ethnostate!

The Alt-Right isnt designed to be “successful”, it’s designed to be a trap.

Sure the alt-right is a trap. Most so called WN or pro-White outfits are, especially the leadership. The people they are trapping though are pro-White. That is the point. If we can’t take over the alt-right at least we can try shake loose all their supporters.

The semitic mind is well equipped for subversion. My red flags go off when people bash pro-Whites making useful comments. In this case Nate made an extremely good comment that deserves a lot of consideration.

Actually Nate didn’t say anything I haven’t seen 100 times before. Foster was right about when the red flags should go up!

Nate doesn’t know what he’s on about.

For someone who is supposedly anti-Aut Right, he sure seems to like making them seem like the only alternative.

Two words: Bagelian dialectic.

We use the echos, terms like red pill/blue pill, the idea of memes (not their particular memes), having different levels of dissent or rungs on the latter to the truth, consistent message, etc. I think that they have started to disassemble the movement very recently. You can’t possibly tell me that the Alt-Right didn’t gain traction like the pro-white movement has never sen before. They were out there pushing the message and people were listening, then the white sharia shit was added into the mix and Charlottesville was staged. What they wanted the public to see, was the guys yelling White Sharia (White Terrorism is what the public hears) and then one of those guys causing a terrorist attack with his vehicle. It is irrelevant… Read more »
The Aut-Right got popularity not for any legitimate ideas but because the main “leaders” or talking heads were nationally espousing extreme (and not simply talking about race) talking points that didn’t go against any mainstream narrative and stereotypes, instead they made them more concrete. Richard Spencer telling Charles Barkley and another Black man that he wants to “bathe in White Privilege”. Matt Heimbach telling an ABC 20/20 reporter that “Black children will have to die” in his views. Christopher Cantwell talking about Jews to Vice while showing off his assault rifles. Ask yourself why they were put on National media. Their “traction” was mostly negative. They are a trap/gatekeepers that will burn people desperate for answers out. Also, when I was a Communist back in… Read more »

@newdawnrise – Well I never was a Communist in the late 2000’s and I was seeing chemtrails back in the 80’s as a young boy. I didn’t just wake up yesterday, pull my head out of my ass and start observing the world around me.

That’s a fair comment about the alt-kike being promoted as the opposition by big brother’s media outlets. Anglin and Weev are still doing enough to keep a following unfortunately.

Nate’s analysis on why the alt-kike got big might be lacking but his baby and bathwater analogy made up for it. At least to me it did.

If Nate was really a troll he’d have a few hive members backing him up. Trolls don’t work alone. They always have backup ready to attack anyone who questions them. They attack in numbers because they really have no arguments that make sense. The only person who’s defended him is me and I know I’m not playing for team anti-White even if you don’t.

The red pill and the blue pill were both the same Soma drug. They had to get Neo to take one. Neo should have taken no pill. It all happened when he started to wake up, he had to take the pill. Neo should have taken the 3rd option: NO PILL!!!!

He never said they were the answer. Try reading what he actually said as opposed to what you think he said.

His baby in the bathwater analogy for describing an important facet of controlled opposition was excellent.

Red flags should be up when a poster is attacked like Nate was for no reason other than he made a suggestion to take over a controlled oppostion outfit.

Maybe taking it over isn’t easy but if you destroy the credibility of Anglin, Weev and Spencer you’d be half way there. Anyone can call themselves alt-right just as they can call themselves pro-White. If enough people calling themselves alt-right questioned White sharia or bashed Trump then that’s the image people will get of the alt-right.

Excellent point about the baby in the bathwater. Was trying to think of a way to explain their strategy but couldn’t find the words. That sums it up very nicely.

The controlled opposition often use very good talking points mixed in with crap like White sharia. The baby in bathwater strategy. Different subversives use different babies. They have almost every base covered hoping all the babies will be ditched as you say.

You talk such a load of shit sometimes dude LOL! Just read that comment back to yourself again. Sometimes when you think you’ve come up with something that sounds smart in your head it’s just better to keep it to yourself! You should do it more often than you do! 😀

The best way to hide a lie is sandwiched in with deep truths. That is nothing new. The Jews always do this. I am an adult who is able to discern the crap from the gems. Just like I am able to watch a movie, see the the parts where there is an agenda and still enjoy the good parts.

How far can you go to the Right before you appear on the Left. Full circle baby. The whole thing is a closed loop. Red and blue = purple.

Some people ate Morpheus’ glasses.

Yes, should have seen that one really. Thanks for the heads-up. They can not afford to cover anything or anyone real (MSM & Alt-Media..), because the narrative could fall apart at the seams. It is good we are seeing these fake narratives and pointing them out now. It is very easily for us to take characters to be heroes in some small way. Another reason why people should have listened to Renegade! Being fooled gives people (((hope))) though, you’ve got to have hope-a-hope-a-hope-yeah…

Who nose? I would think she’s on the Treblinka tranny train!

All I need to say is that the enemy hates us more than we love ourselves. If we truly cared for ourselves and opposed the enemy, we wouldn’t have been the sitting ducks that we have throughout the history. Our ancestors were harvesting the land while Jews were harvesting our ancestors.
If enough people cared and moved their lazy asses, non-compliance would’ve been enough to starve the parasite.
After awareness, the next step of problem solving is thinking about solutions.

I would chalk that down to racial exclusivist social cohesion and our resource/energy management. Anything else is incidental. It is much easier and simple than anyone thinks. Basic Physics again.

Please don’t forget that Irish have been leaders in education here in S Tex. We can be respected- W Travis valiantly offered anyone to leave the Alamo not willing to die- And this was somewhat a religious battle against globalization. Free thought against religious non-education. Look into early Tex schools. BTW, many Mex fought on our side. I am daughter of US Navy child soldier of WW II- 17 yr old-
he spoke tearfully of picking up dead bodies from the ocean after Hiroshima- the horrors of modern weaponry- these bodies both Japanese and US.

Simon Lindberg’s speech on Finland’s 100th independence day – Nordic Resistance Movement

What could I do if I were imprisoned, possibly illegally, for learning about traditional European culture? Possibly apart from applying truthfulness-compassion-forbearance to what I could do? “If people can apply the principles of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance against the evil system they will defeat it. It´s that simple. In reality the first step is perhaps the most difficult one since it involves standing up for truth and uniting people against the evil system and approaching the evil representatives.” – As I posted at the Renegade Tribune: If anyone wants to read the preface of the new series, entitled The Ultimate Goal of Communism, look no further here: And here: Here are some gems from the preface: “…Many other countries in Africa and South America… Read more »