Renegade Roundtable: Holistic Solutions for Our Folk (6-9-18)

Kyle is joined by Scarlett, Heathen Vegan, Elena Haskins, Tony, Austin, and Sean for a wide ranging discussion of how we are sucked into politics, the controlled opposition steering of anger and energy, the importance of environmentalism in our struggle, the need for pure blood and soil, and much more.

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If it makes the news – it’s controlled by jews. If it’s gov’t approved – it comes from jews.

Whether it’s a new/old face, a “chosen” political ideology, or opposition to their fiat debt system, it’s going to be kosher. Don’t fall for it. They currently have the power, reach and dosh to create this illusory theatre anywhere they choose.

PS Great roundtable – thank you all. We must all harness our genetic energy against the jew, not their proxies or distractions.

I hate this piece of human refuge with a passion. He murdered so many white Christians. What amazes me is that the official story even in Western countries were the “ holocaust “ can’t be questioned is that he MURDERED over 10 times more innocent people than Hitler and Christians at that. Yet his name is not thrown around as synonymous with Satan as the later is. I guess the lives of Jews are more imporat than that of Christians. CHRISTIAN ZIONIST please WAKE UP!!! Your unconditional support of Israel through US and British foreign policy only brings misery and suffering to Christians in the Middle East.

Probly because Hitler was the real last Aryan leader, despitehowever many jews he was infested with. Stalin went with the program even being a possible crypto, that is why Hitler is so vilified: the one necessary universal bad guy, could only be what the jew filth hate.

That apparent female in the photo looks very tranny like. Bloke head hidden with cosmetic typical config we are programmed to respond to. Definite man-head, no woman has THAT sort of jawline and facial structure, however unfortunate she may be.

Isn’t this Lauren “Southern” Simonsen?
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With all due respect, I don’t think Elena realises the discrepancy between wages and land prices here in England. No common Englishman will ever be able to afford to own a small-holding, like she has.

Not since 1970s. When to own a piece of turf was normal, ONE man being able to afford it PLUS holidays PLUS childredn PLUS extras PLUS savings. Now having your own 1×1 room is an impossible luxury, unlesa you are some invading multikulti courtesy of jew cancer that has taken over English gov. Nothing but kikes in the seats now. I think it was McMillan I could be wrong on the name, type in “England has never had it so good”, meaning the WHITE man has never had it so good, so we now have to stuff in nigs so white man cannot afford the justified sweat of his own fucking brow. And I answer: why SHOULD NOT the English man have it so good?… Read more »

I agree. We don’t have ‘white privilege’, but if we did, WE SHOULD!!

Very few common Americans can afford land and a house either.. and should you get land, you consider yourself doing great livin’ in a double wide! White folk in America are fortunate to live in ”manufactured homes” these days.. literally all across this vast country are disposable trailers. Homes that will not last 40+ years without major repairs… and then what? Can you afford another? Can you afford to dispose of it? Everyone knows your not aloud to build anything without spending 6million dollars on permits. She owns nothing. It is an illusion and she knows it. Charles recent show on property tax explains all this pretty well… No one owns a dam thing here in the USSA so long as they pay property tax… Read more »

Yeah of course – none of us own a thing. I strongly recommend checking out Clint Richardson’s work on youtube, about the Strawman system we all live in. He goes into depths you probably won’t have heard before, even if you have looked into the Strawman thing. He also calls out the Jew from time to time.

Thanks Steed, I will.
I got into ”Land Patents” here in the states a few years back, but have heard countless tales of even those with land patents, who have had their homes raided, been sent to jail, and tied up in endless court battles.
The most public case being here in Oregon where a man was sent to six months in the hole for illegally collecting rain water on his patented land.
Pretty fucking evil. There’s just no other way to say it.

Only caught a segment so far, but… Bitcoin bad. Yes, I’ve concluded that. I’m no finance whiz, but I can’t believe this did not come to us from Tel Aviv. Cannot provide proof; it’s more vibrational. I just can’t imagine any working system that they would just sit back and let happen. Heathen Vegan, you showed great grace under fire. To be told to take over the banking system is a huge charge. Of course any thinking human would ask as you did: How? How does one do that? We hear an answer is forthcoming. You spoke for so many of us that are stretched thin, dancin’ as fast as we can to make ends meet and make life work. I’m all for positive steps… Read more »

What there is not to be understood about “alt right” shills? Especially about Dugin and people associated with him, same Dugin who has portrait of Joseph Stalin in his home, btw. He is just intellectual face of Russian imperialism, nothing more, especially to the age old idea of Moscow as Third Rome (second was Constantinople), therefore whole world belongs legally to the ruler of Russia. I don’t believe that Mike Walsh could be so stupid, so there is left only one option. This shit happens again and again and it’s always our own people, who sell us out.

I don’t know how anyone can trust Dugin if he associates with David Duke.

I just finished listening to this podcast. The work done by the Renegade hosts and guests is greatly appreciated!

Please share this and ALL Renegade posts FAR and WIDE, As I will continue to do.

I misspelled the word *anyone in my prior post. Sorry.

Sorry but the woman enthusing about “Positive Money” just doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I’m a member of that group but no longer active. I joined it when it began and was very involved during the early years. However PM was eventually infiltrated and now has its agenda dictated to it by the Bank of England. In fact PM’s founder, Ben Dyson, left his own organisation to take up employment with The BoE, and PM now campaigns for the introduction of a 100% electronic economy under the control of The BoE. This is a complete inversion of its original mission.

Just to confirm that Positive Money founder, Ben Dyson, is indeed working for The Bank of England, here is his own profile at Linkedin:

Finished show. Exposing shills never boring; always riveting. Headway. Trees, wood, lumber. When purchasing boards, is there a way to know which side is the top? One wonders. Environmentalism: Even though it’s old news it still needs to be pointed out that there is real environmentalism and false environmentalism, the latter being of the fear squad and Agenda 2030, blaming us for our carbon footprint when war machine is biggest polluter. Want to take our cars. And Al Gore variety of global warming, the kind that finds solution in taxation. Old news, but it puts a shadow on the real honoring and caretaking of earth. Dalai Lama. Buddhist Pope. CIA payroll. First Gulf War was asked for his opinion on US invasion of Iraq. I… Read more »
Great round table! One of my “if/when I get rich” fantasies, is to buy the derelict empty inner city blocks, and put in community forest gardens. Every time I pass one with that same old, oversized for sale sign I imagine the abundance that could spring forth from that cracking pavement. A place where children of all ages could go to eat and be nourished, for free. A place for berries in the spring, shade from the summer sun, apples in Autumn, and quiet in winter… It is such a joyful thought! I have mentioned Johanna Paunggers books on observing the moon signs in correlation with nearly every aspect of life before, but it’s worth bringing up again in regards to wood harvesting with nature.… Read more »

That’s a nice dream but you would also have to replace current inner city residents with people who respect and appreciate nature. Either that or surround it with barbed wire and post armed guards 24/7. Otherwise the people currently inhabiting the area would soon trash it.

The joke ”Weimerica” really isn’t a joke at all. Life in the states is pretty horrific for almost all, everyone just has different coping skills. Most choose to ignore the reality. My families home business and the income of our entire town is going to dip into an even further depression, which no one thought was possible since most in our town are poor rural folk to begin with. The county I live in is the poorest county in the state, which sits ironically, next to the wealthiest. Our agricultural industry has just been completely collectivized, leaving only big ag and big money players able to afford the permits and legal protection necessary. I grew up in a once beautiful small town (not where I… Read more »

Great comment, the situation is very similar all over Europe, but, just to make this clear, are you implying that Hitler was selected for the Germans like Trump was selected for the Americans?

No. It is my understanding based on all of the information I have taken in, that Hitler and the NSDAP, were the last democratically elected individual and organization to make a positive difference anywhere in the world. There has never been an ”election” since. It is too dangerous to ”the jew/new world order” to have a population that can actually rally behind a benevolent leader, and cast off it’s collective shackles. Germany, the fighting spirit of Europe, and the surrounding areas, is one that can ”never be known”. Ever since the end of WWII, it’s been nothing but illusory or straight up ill gotten ”gains” for us here in America and probably everywhere else in the world. My grandmother used the expression – ”we’ve been… Read more »

Thank you very much for your extensive response, Amber. This is basically how I view the situation as well.

We have to start saying ”Never Again”.

Stay Vigilant, Stay Strong

Video worth watching.

Never walk away from home ahead of your axe and sword. You can’t feel a battle in your bones or foresee a fight.

– The Havamal

“I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It’s a depression. Everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel’s worth; banks are going bust; shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter; punks are running wild in the street, and there’s nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there’s no end to it.”

Howard Beale, “Mad as Hell” speech in “Network”

For anyonyone interested, the Mp3 “Mad ad Hell” speech is available here:

I read in Mysteries of The Goths that the Visigoths where master builders with wood an could just slide wood together to build an eventually the church had them build the Gothic cathedrals. The Huns I believe it said had them building for them as well.

Holy Nuts!! Sorry if I’m late to the party on who all these guys are but this a sideshow I’ve not come across before. Kyle, am only sending this because of the work you’ve done in exposing alt-right. You may already have seen this, but if not…

When it comes to going after political power it isn’t a simple matter of just voting for candidates. Especially if they are all on the right. Look at aipac and the influence they have with politicians on all sides. They don’t really care who wins a political race because they own all the runners. That’s how the mafia operates also. Even Trump backs both sides and he even told the world he pays politicians on both sides because it’s good for business. Then of course you have the fed and all the secret societies which have agents everywhere. Like the protocols mention secret societies have been running things from the shadows for a very long time. Hitler was mentioned as gaining power through the voting… Read more »