Renegade Roundtable: The Hunt for Red October (7-15-17)

Kyle starts off by discussing the recent release of the Mind Control Culture documentary, then talks about the Russian agents operating within White nationalism and the threat it poses, and finally takes calls from Bob in DC and Charlotte to further investigate these topics and more.

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This was a great show! Charlotte’s insights are very valuable. I know this is controversial to some in our movement but I talk to people of all races. We need allies in our struggle. When I talk to people of color I tell them I’m a white preservationist. I use facts to show them that we are actually the victims of ethnic cleansing and not the perpetrators of racism, oppression, and discrimination. Then I show them who the true supremacist are. I’m sorry I don’t know how to post links; but the website “We thought they were white” is an excellent resource.

I would like to add to my previous comments. I just listened to Sean’s Wild Card because I saw all the controversy in the comments. His female caller was definitely not an ally. She clearly supports our enthic cleansing by Latinos. I don’t hate Latinos but why should whites be so stupid as to be guilted into giving them North America which we built when they already have all of South America. We need our space just like they do. Sean failed to rebuke her on this. Maybe he ran out of time. Fair enough. But he still failed to do so in the comments.

Given the choice i would much rather be in a foxhole with Charlotte than Sean.

I hate Boob in DC. The guys an enemy agent, who always calls into other peoples shows and tries to spread disinformation.

I hate his voice, the way he talks and how he talks. Always speaking for everyone in the movement, as if he were the voice for all and the only voice of reason.

Boob, you suck and I hate you.

How bout you stick to annoying people on your own show, or does no one listen to you because you are so f-ing retarded and now you have to invade other shows to be heard?

Or does the FBI pay you by the word?


Donald Trump: Everyone knows that BOOB in DC is on the kike payroll. DC Boob supports excrement like anglin and always tries to get people to believe what the jewish media says….especially concerning Staged Atrocity events. Only the retarded don’t know about Boob. Of course, Boob isn’t he only one…

Yep. If you’ve heard Boob talking over the years you’ve heard him subtly & not so subtly shifting from one stance to another to try & fit in alongside anyone he needs/he’s paid to.

This must have been a roller coaster the last days when half of the film was lost. I wish I could suggest to you just to take some time and relax but with a few exceptions you are the only people who are able and willing to break the full spectrum dominance the JWO has generated on the internet. When I first heard about Dugin some years ago I was very interested in his ideas as I always wish for alliances among whites and ways to mend the historic divisions among us. But then of course there were many alarming things emerging. It’s so hard to see through all the different layers and figures they present us to lose our way. I cannot thank enough… Read more »

We don’t even know how to relax anymore lol As soon as the film was live we were onto talking about our next project. We’ll be taking a break from this material for our mental health, but are going to start on a one hour documentary explaining jewish usury. I do take breaks from looking at my phone though! lol Thank you for your ongoing support!

But don’t forget to create more educational videos about adulting because it is so very important that it is taught properly by licenced experts.

Are you referring to the very important video of me zip lining at the park? lol Total adulting expert over here!

Andre Anglin got Trump elected, LMAO. If Boob in DC really believes this, he’s an even bigger fool than I thought. Funny, now that Boob has been calling into Renegade, now he’s going to say that Anglin “was deployed”. When Boob did his 4th position show, he loved Anglin and Weev. Next time you call in, Boob, make sure you chug some vodka before you do.

Who seriously calls themselves “Bob in DC” and “Wolf Wall Street” and expects us to take them seriously? Oh, Boob does.

You absolutely must be a cocaine user because your paranoia about every little comment sets you completely on end. My god, I never could tolerate listening to you for more than 2 or 3 minutes because your insanity showed that quickly.

Yes. You’ve got me. With all that money flowing in I can really afford to have a cocaine habit.

@Phyllis from Staten Island:

Yikes! Such rage, such pain and such hostility.

You must ask for forgiveness next time you are in Temple.

Yahweh demands it to save your sinful soul.

The fact is if any one group could be attributed to ushering in Trump it’s “WHITE CHRISTIAN ZIONIST “. His first loyalty is them not the alt-right. This is so obvious to anyone who’s just paying attention. Look at his VP pick.

I just finished watching the new documentary and it was most excellent. Very thoroughly researched and chocked full of unpleasant, disturbing facts and truths. In a normal, moral world this work would be praised and distributed far and wide, on small and big screens, awarded and rewarded accordingly. Great job and many thanks for all of Renegade’s dedication, compassion, content, research, and education! You all are a breath of freash air and beacon of light amongst the sickness and depravity of this world. Thank you so much!

It looks like Enoch’s handlers (FBI ?) have faked his 23 and me results, thus portraying their latest and potentially greatest asset as mainly of Northern European stalk, without any jewish admixture.

His hypocritical antisemitism whilst still being married to the Leftist jewish girl has also been swept under the rug.

The FBI has clearly moved another piece into place.

Boob from DC aka Bob Cole is a former LaRouche cultist and outspoken Duganist shill who believes world jewry is more or less just a crime syndicate! Maybe Boob has a point about Angloon if you consider most of Angloon’s tard army are JIDF/hasbaras.

Name of the song at the end of the broadcast (the sleeper awakens)? Thanks Kyle and the other renegades for all you do for our people.

Sinead, if you are there I just want to say that Scott Roberts became the most censored man on the Internet when he below open the “kosher food conspiracy” you ridicule so much. See here: That’s the first part and the second part (must watch viewing as well) is next in the playlist. He doesn’t say eat kosher. He says non-kosher packaged foods are poisoned and contaminated. Anything packaged needs to be kosher because that’s the jews’ way of avoiding the goyim food. For example Scott tested bottled water. The kosher tested well while the non-kosher but “ultra filtered” water was very significantly contaminated. Why were the jews coming down on Scott so hard only after he exposed the kosher food conspiracy? Listen to… Read more »

One jew was so furious a bartender served him a non-kosher drink that he hunted down both the bartender and his dog and filled them both with bullets.

Sinead is about less things being safe to eat rather than more. Scott Roberts had problems with Renegade. He disagreed with…..drumroll:
Flat Earth
CIA fakery

He was just anal about it. That’s why he’s not here. “I think they are just well-meaning people who happen to fall very, very wrong on some very big subjects…” -Roberts

LOL Scott was one of the people that truly ‘woke me up’ but when he scrutinized Kyle and Sinead I knew something was ‘off.’ I was always, always open to flat earth, veganism, CIA fakery, kosher conspiracy, etc. He isn’t for some weird fucking reason. It bothers me.

I had a jewish neighbor growing up she insisted i have a bowl of borscht (beet soup) after much consternation, her insistence made me suspicious, anyway i finally agreed out of respect for an elder…… this day i believe she put blood in that soup, I will never know but I sensed it. Now that’s kosher! sickens me.


If you want to make extra money then think about putting out some books. I’ve bought two of Greg Johnson’s books that were ‘the best of’ and have never read an article from his site. I like reading ‘best of’ books, and I can’t be the only one. I’ve read several ‘best of’ books from people that I’ve never read an article from their site.

it says in that report your read “these are verifiable facts”…. Did anyone actually do that? I did… so many assumptions and wrong details in there. I’d recommend the whole movement to actually do that; exactly as a great guest you had on here about 2-3 month ago pointed out. It seems Alternative News are going down to Alex Jones level if we don’t question information.

I’m not sure why all the hate between some commenters here and Bob in D.C. aka “Wolf Wall Street”, formerly of “Fourth position radio.” Yeah, The “Wolf of Wall Street” was the Jew banking criminal of a recent film by that name. As I understand from his show, it was Tom Metzger who said to Bob, “they should call you Wolf Wall Street”, since Bob used to work in that area, and Bob uses that name out of respect for Metzger. Also, the reason that Bob uses the term “kikejew” is because his brother-in-law is jewish, and he doesn’t want to lump all jews together as evil. That said, yes, listening to Bob makes my mind wander elsewhere, he has an old man voice, and… Read more »

It’s not meant to you personally but I see the inflated use of “hate” as a word for so many different feelings and even facts as a real mind game. They put it into the German language too some years ago – everything is “Hass/ hate or love and it’s absolute impossible to think clear using this model. If you use the term unthinkingly you do some neuro linguistic programming to yourself and those who you talk to.

Well said Elfgard! I’ve always just told people that hate is a very normal emotion like all the rest albeit one that has a very specific role as a key component in daily survival. In a world where everyone is constantly bombarded with falsehood of every fashion by media we have to be on constant guard against the reality-changers who twist & invert everything “normal”. And how many of us grew up being “persuaded” that “normal” was a bad thing?! Look at the whole “normie” thing today that has been foisted upon our young!

Cue unspecified attacks from people we have never heard of- with instant 13 likes, in 3…2…1.

Let’s hear from the “real” Titus! Maybe you should call in sometime.

I am calling out “Anthony Roberts”, who has mysteriously disappeared as of late. I would like to hear his “real” voice.

Aww shit , tried to thumb up my own comment (badass as it was) but was rebuked- still calling out “Anthony Roberts” I don’t think you even exist!

Go away Sean. Your taking up space and wasting everyone’s time. PS. if your not a Jew, you certainly portray your self as such. Grow up.. too many people are wishing for that virtual volcano.

Anthony Roberts had a you tube channel, I’m pretty sure he was using his own voice.

And Anthony was showing his real face.

My god, Kyle you certainly speak with such drama about making your “documentary”. You actually speak as if you were reading a fairy tale to children with over emphasis on every word. This is my opinion only of course but it was painful to listen.

What’s painfull to listen to, phyllis, are trolls like you and psycho boy below who, rather than use some productive and creative energies as Kyle and Sinead have done in putting truth out there against this leviathan, would rather hurl insults. Renegade is a testament to true democracy in its pure form, evidenced in allowing specimens such as yourselves to post without censorship when any other venue I’m aware of would ban you for good. And as repayment you rail against Kyle’s “painful” reading while psycho continues to invoke Anthony in his accustomed, well, psychotic frenzy?? They’re a hell of a lot more forgiving than I would be if I were in control of who posted that’s for sure. Just something to think about as… Read more »

Exactly Titus. Total maggots! ‘Nuff said…

Is “Anthony Roberts” now called “Titus”?

Sean, will you please just jump in a virtual volcano and never come back? Thanks.


Oh, the filthy mouthed witch strikes again. Some jewish money is what keeps this program alive, no doubt in my mind.

Your comments are just boring.

Goyster, is that you pretending to be Phyllis now? I like how you’ve named each one of your personalities. It’s cute.

He needs to take Phyllis along with him.

Titus, Jesus Christ, you people have been brainwashed on this site if every comment made against someone causes you people to go into a frenzy.
I faithfully used to listen to Giuliani until he left. I only tune in occasionally. So for all you lunatics that can’t tolerate a simple comment, it is time for you all to go back to bed.

Hey, Titus you moron, since when does making a statement saying that someone is overly dramatic become an insult? Did you learn the English language or are you still speaking Yiddish at home?
I read that this show was begging for money. Another Jewish ploy used excessively just like with those fake charity groups. Kyle might as well be begging for pet welfare money on late night tv while Sarah McLachlan sings. Ha ha.

Usually don’t respond to nonsense but yours is insufferable. I speak Yiddish? Dumbass! You insult ad hominem the making of a great documentary, nothing more, than cry like a hebrew (oy vey…OY VEY!) for making a “statement” (i.e. jewdom-like attack), then immediately after talk of Kyle “begging” for money, a hebrewesk “ha ha” for closers. And I speak Yiddish you fool? You better do a haplo check on your dna before you level that charge at me buddy.

My god (not yahweh the fuck-tard), phyllis, you’re nothing but a filthy jew.

Boy are you way off base. You are probably the sneaky jewish mole. That is the way they operate you know and I know. Always accuse the other person what you are guilty of. Ha, ha, ha.

Your “Ha, ha, ha” is so jewey phyllistine. Are you rubbing your hands after you type that brilliant analysis in an act of boundless hebrew self admiration? Just curious. Yes we know how jews operate and you know even better don’t you phil.

it’s pretty clear to me the j-eeewwww’s are on FULL ASSAULT in the renegade comment’s sections with all these idiotic, ‘kvetchy’, numb skull, circular comments…. Oy Vey!! The goy know!!! Looking forward to seeing this pimple pop.

I am done with this entire show. I never could listen to Sinead for more than 2 minutes and Kyle and his horde of imposters on this site are worthless at giving out information but big on opinions.

Holy shit you ARE are a jew!!! Who was the first to post his big opinions here in insulting Renegade’s work?! Huh, huh?!! Don’t let the door hit you on your jew ass on the way out benjamin. You’re quite infuriating I say.

There’s an extra “are” in there as my auto check itself was exasperated by your nonsense benjamin.