Renegade Roundtable: Inside the Cackle’s Den – Live! (1-19-19)

Kyle and Cackle discuss getting simultaneously banned by Stripe, the shitstorm at Mami’s, muh numbers, folkish freaks, and lots of gardening and cooking tips. 🙂


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Anthony Roberts

It’s simple: you two loose-ciferian, seitan sucking, soil worshippers are trying to protect our children, and save the White race. What’s with that!? Amatures!

Get with the pogrom dudes! It’s only ever been about the money and selling-out. Bibi9 from Sth Clapperwacky, “looks after” old folk and their pensions; Robert Revolting correctly identifies “the Wahhabi’s” behind White genocide; and Ke-Fetch is courageously speaking from “Inside the C -Eye- A” live! Now that’s some profitable truthseeking!

PS If you agree with this comment from “the brit, ” ( now in the third person, living in a third world country ) like, comment and subscribe to these two “Sackler” cacklers!

Robert Heimdal

“Inside The All-Seeing-Eye Live”


If meat tastes so crappy, why are vegans always trying to imitate it?

To make it easier for meat addicted folks to transitions over. I enjoy making seitan because it absorbs flavor very well and it full of protein. I don’t want my plant food to taste like blood. I want to taste spices and herbs and yummy sauces, absorbed into the seitan.


So is there any way to donate still ?
Just listening to the show now


You can use to send from visa/gaypal/etc to bitcoin wallet.


I like the gardening and vegan chatting on the show.

Btw, although I love the song, I think the music on the first break is a female to male tranny. The “fight the bastards” song.


“Degeneracy of the west” did I hear mentioned here? Came across this video and it needs to go somewhere on Renegade. And Renegade has covered these topics from top to bottom. So here’s the movie! Even the witch’s (shown here) nemesis, Dorothy is on the video. Evil Connections 2-4 – YouTube