Renegade Roundtable: John from Canada Hosts (5-20-17)

John takes calls from Bill, Urban, Sean, and others about a whole variety of issues related to politics, religion, race, propaganda, and more.

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Urban, as usual, is spot on about Christ-Insanity being the root of the problem. Had it not been for Joodaism II (Xianity), the jew fuck-tards never could have had the pernicious influence over the world they have had. Does anyone seriously think there would be millions and millions of circumcised whites if had not been for the worship of a dead fucking jew on a stick?????????? Here’s a giant Fuck Off to all Christ-tards. And, yes, Urban is right: if you’re a Christ-tard, you’re nothing more than a filthy jew.

So many Christians are some of the best, most informed people I’ve encountered. Vincent Bert is one, author of It’s the Jews Stupid: Who and What these Evil Vipers Are. His YT videos are excellent. Meanwhile watch this… because it’s going to educate you. “The Jews: Seed of the Serpent!” “The Crypto-Jews: Seed of the Serpent Dominating the World!”

Urban is wrong also about Jews being of Neanderthal lineage.

Your vitriol is not helpful. That’s how Jews talk. Are you a Jew? The video linked above is 1 hour and worth it.

Yeah. On Christ/Christianity: I have no church. I don’t care when Christ’s birthday actually was or how many others of “spiritual ascendancy” claim the same date for their birthday. I don’t know or care if he was married or flawed. What I get is the predominant message that I interpret as real and practical. That old book has been edited (tampered with) so many times, we’ll never know the whole truth of the matter, what actually came from Jesus of Nazareth and what was inserted by the rabbis and their scribes, embellishing things to move us into subservience. He fully went up against these with a vengeance. With all that muddying, and since I can’t prove on the details, I just have to go for… Read more »

“That old book has been edited (tampered with) so many times, we’ll never know the whole truth of the matter…”

So in fact the WHOLE thing could just be made up (by jews or anyone else). Therefore why even bother trying to find anything “good” in it? That’s just you trying to find something that may not even be there? The bottom line is that “this book” is not of our people despite what a few CI nutters say & if any of “our people” had a hand in its embellishment then they were as traitorous to our people at large as anyone working in government today!

Mary, ANYTHING, from the earliest writings to the most modern, might be made up. We very well may have more myth than fact. I take the parts I resonate with and find useful.

Thank you Kason. I was also a little shocked at UJG’s vitriol. Saying that opposing Trump is “imbecilic”.

Check out the comments on Youtube. UJG saves Renegade from turning into total Jesus-fest. LOL

what do I have to do to get a Herr Nordstrom repost lol

Looks like you guys are totally missing the point. I totally understood what she was trying to say as she was talking more in general about the whole left/right paradigm, voting & democracy. You guys kept going on about the government this, politicians that when she was taking a step back & saying the whole thing is theater which I totally agree with. Being anti-Trump is really just like antifa being anti-fascist – it just splits people in 2 camps every frickin’ time & falling for that age-old jew ruse has been our people’s downfall over & over & over again! It’s also like the old do you keep trying to work with a failed/rigged system or do you smash it apart & build a… Read more »

“UJG saves Renegade from turning into total Jesus-fest.”
Someone has to do it! Been around here since Renegade’s inception & I’m certainly well over christards trying to infiltrate & force their garbage through the Renegade filter. So far they’ve been identified & ejected pretty quickly thanks to the great people on both sides of the microphone! There’s tons of places already where christards crap on all day about Yahweh-related mindf**kery so keep that s**t the f**k away from Renegade!
(I don’t normally cuss that much but this is one subject that brings it out of me!)

I would absolutely love to hear a roundtable discussion with UJG and Mary. That would be excellent….two very intelligent women who despise Christ-Insanity and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. This is most definitely not my network, but if it was, I would absolutely ban any and all pro-Christ-Insanity hosts, guests and comments. We’ve had enough mind fuckery. I’m sick of jews and everything last thing associated with them. Jesus was a fucking jew. He was a rabbi and he had his cock ripped in two. You follow a razor-raped rabbi, that makes you a filthy jew.

But opposing Trump is imbecilic……not to mention a complete waste of time. You’re simply playing their game. Why would you want to play a fucking jew game???????

We get it. Jews don’t want WN anywhere near their controlled opposition.

First you wanted us to join the Trump train so Trump could pretend to be a white supremacist and not a Jew. And when that didn’t happen you want us to be indifferent to Trump because you don’t want us to destroy your controlled narrative that America is controlled by evil racists.

No one on Renegade asked anyone to join the silly Trump (Drumpf — yes, he’s a fucking jew) train.

“First you wanted us to join the Trump train… (now) you want us to be indifferent to Trump…” Who is the “you” you’re talking about here? Nobody in the steadfast Renegade camp/mindset thinks or has acted like this. We’ve been here all along since Day 1 watching this stuff happen & calling it for what it is. We saw the fools falling for the Trump train & the shills come & go. Who are YOU newbies anyway? You certainly haven’t been visible around Renegade very long & now you’re calling out the old guard for something they never did or said? When you just come out of nowhere very quickly get a platform & start attacking proven allies like UJG for something you interpreted wrongly… Read more »
And there it is, the classic “That’s how Jews talk. Are you a Jew?”. I would do a slow clap but that’s normally what jews do when you ask them if they’re jewish so… Vitriol? Here’s some vitriol – fuck off christard & take your jew religion with you! It’s one thing to listen to Renegade & take in the info & maybe even make a relevant non-partisan comment on something & I would just go with the flow on that but why do you mind-slaves continue to stick your (hooked?) noses in here & push your religious views on everyone? It’s pretty obvious by now that Renegade comes at things from a true European ancestry angle ie. NOT CHRISTIAN or from any other FOREIGN… Read more »
Charlemagne was a J. He had a massive elegant synagogue constructed, SMACK dab in the middle of his Palace. No kidding. The J family the Sorces or some such spelling financed William the Conqueror when the Normans came down and founded Normandy. My ancestors are on the Dooomsday so called, roles logged officially. Bernard “Bruno the Dane” de Harcourt was 1st mate to King Rollo and they both married sisters who were the King of Denmark’s princess daughters. I wouldn’t have known this because I can’t afford a grand royal genealogy chart made but as fate would have it, my ancestor 13 generations back was Major General Israel Putnam who said, “Don’t shoot ’til you see the whites of their eyes at Breeds hill we… Read more »
Taltking of the “best of them” – E. Michael Jones’ ” The Slaughter of the Cities” seems to be a good socio political study ( I only know it from his videos). He discusses the tools of weaponized anthropology, the structures and figures, even the jews. So for me it was useful. But if it comes to race he tells the audience, that the only difference between Germans and Africans is that the Benedictine monks had more time to teach work ethics to the Germans while all those equally able Africans have not been elevated by Benedictines long enough. He is able to use the scientific method as long as it is useful for his belief but ignores science the moment it could destruct his… Read more »

If Poland is against Muslim immigration because it is a Christian country, what will be the argument if one million African Christians reach the borders. Sheep is sheep isn’t it? That’s the big risk if you take Christianity as an argument for ethnic survival. You just don’t have one.

And that my friend is the whole premise of christardianity: let the nigras fuck our White women becuz they be christianz n sheet. The kike toxin does it’s work.

Thank you Elfgard, all the above is well-said & correct. Most christards will never get it because they too deeply “believe” that THEY are good/right & we are bad/wrong all because of what someone else told them & built in them via prolonged propaganda & programming. No matter how complex they want to build their arguments or their little support walls around themselves it still comes down to that simple premise.

Well Mary I had to learn this when I searched for a spiritual place to find peace after my whole political belief system fell apart. As a radical character I searched for Information at the fringe of Catholicism. I learned a lot but then read a discussion between Maurice Pinnay blog and some reader about racial survival and the M P writer made it crystal clear that there is no philosophical foundation at all for that in Catholicism and as I understand it in the whole Christianity as a belief system. In modern Catholicism it’s Jews and goyim and for sure the same within the Evangelical system witch I do not Know much about. But I still celebrate some Christian holidays as it is a… Read more »

Great article from the Renegade Tribune about Christ-Insanity. Christ-Insanity is the root of the problem. Christ-tards are fucking insane and they are, along with their co-religionists, the filthy jews, the progenitors of evil in the world. If you’re a Christ-tard……Fuck you!

I just don’t see that in the real world. Sweden is the most cucked and the least Christian. Poland is the most Christian, the most Catholic, and the least cucked. Has Christianity been subverted by the Jews? Obviously. But what hasn’t?

Kason is a jew. What is a jew doing in a Renegade forum?

While I agree on many subjects discussed. The issue with trump is that too many of our people STILL are buying into him and the more “aware” ones are still buying into this Pepe frog alt right non-sense. I thought the part where you guys talked about trump and what they want out of him was interesting. We really don’t what they will do either way. I do believe the “alt right” and the whole trump thing were brought on to subvert the WN movement.

Thank you.

Christianity was never pro-Gentile or anit-Jewish.. Why did the early church make exception for the jews?

Because the jew was the one behind it as always.

Sure all those who have been part of Renegade from start on feel a bit held back by the newcomers.
Although I listened to a huge amount of content in the archives when I found Renegade while ago I am not informed about the work of UJG, Renny or Mary. Where can I find your work to catch up.
Of course you don’t have to teach every newcomer in the comments section again and again the curriculum. Can I find you under “old hosts”, YouTube channel or at some other places?

UJG was a phone-in contributor early on & then did some co-hosting & maybe one or more wildcards from memory. She also did regular shows on similar topics outside of Renegade. I’m a long time listener & occasional commenter only. I was listening to Kyle the first day he did a show at Oracle & naturally came across to Renegade as soon as he set this up with Mike. I’ve hardly missed a show (have also backed up pretty much all of them on a portable HDD that I’ve given many others to listen to over the years). Can’t speak for Renny.

Thank you. What do you think about Miguel Serrano or “positive Christianity” Do you see it as a danger as Christ sort of slips in with another meaning, as an avatar or Aryan for example?

I think Miguel Serrano is best balanced out by Savitri Devi. The term Avatar does not necessarily have to mean Christ energy either. We are in another time now, and it is up to us to interpret these ideas without the same filter … I would like to see Positive Christianity as an interpretation and not an idea that can run amuck. I do think Esoteric Hitlerism is compromised heavily by the Christ admixture, although I see it more as a hinderance than a danger. (have not had time to hear the show)

I generally don’t get bogged down in religious discussions anymore. The key is not to fall for a “belief” system of ANY kind. That was always meant to be just a brief lesson on the way to the goal. The goal is to continually work at developing your “KNOWING” system 😉

thanks for stepping up and hosting John; shout out Urban Jungle Girl 🙂

UJG, you are out in front on important issues so naturally your point is sometimes missed. It must get frustrating, yet you exercise poise and certainty.

Hear! Hear!

Urban Jungle Girl never answered my question why Pence is worse or different from Trump. If it’s all theater why does it even matter? The way I see it Trump and Pence are based on the same blueprint. Jews conceal their power behind a white bogeyman that the left will instantly hate. If Trump is a trojan horse Pence is only there to serve Jewish power. I long ago read the Handmaid’s Tale book that UJG mentioned and I already know it to be propaganda. The book was written to promote the lie that Reagan had been elected by the Christian Right. This is just another lie the Jew uses to conceal his power behind a reactionary white bogeyman. Why Urban would recommend that garbage… Read more »
I think you had a very difficult selection of callers a bit early in the career. As many listeners here, I too thought the two callers were beating a dead horse and you should perhaps have taken the thing back to push your view. Then, when UJG called in to bring the train back on the Renegade rail, she took the absolute meta top view which, as I understand is not far away from yours at the core. But it was sort of too late and the levels of insight and views too far away from each other to communicate at all. The Pence Christian angle and its meaning is unknown terrain for me too and perhaps someone here could write one or two sentences… Read more »

John, I think you make a good point about the value of infighting. It’s a place we humans need to get more comfortable with and that will likely help with not being thrown off-center when horrible insults are hurled our way. I find it gets better with practice, and will, as you say, let bubble to the surface that which is false and deceptive.

Insertion. And not that I have any enlightenment on this, but interesting phenomenon nonetheless:

I keep thinking about what the universities are churning out, not just the toxic curriculum but the out-of-control professors servin’ up a licentious lifestyle. Talk about bricks in the wall. Here’s one more attack on the natural man:

The truth of the purpose of a government of a country of a free people, can those free people’s powers “in” government, is written in the 1789 U.S. Constitution.

It really appears to me that the Jew trolls are doing everything they can to make the conversation about Christianity. And ignore the important issues we covered in the first 45 minutes of the show.

Paranoia much? I listened to the show & read all the comments here. I agree with the way the likes/dislikes are trending. I’ve also been listening to Renegade shows since the beginning & it’s the behavior of you newcomers that has me suspicious more than the feedback. I’ve seen Mary for instance commenting over the last year or 2 & her comments make perfect sense to me. She calls it like she sees it & stuff like that often riles people with something to hide or those with less oversight. Urban Jungle Girl has been around for some time & I’d say the same goes for her when it comes to seeing through the BS now that I’ve had a good overview of her views… Read more »
And I just wanted to add in case it wasn’t already clear from what others commented John – we all get the important issues about Trump & everything else. We’ve known that stuff all along & sometimes all we hear on these shows is rehash after rehash of stuff that we already figured out ages ago. My criticism here, and also apparently the criticism of others, is simply about the way that a few newcomers who very quickly get an applebox to start preaching from didn’t really understand the depth of what UJG was saying & decided to put her down for their simplistic interpretation of what she said. I think Mary already said that so I’m really just echoing that here. If you don’t… Read more »

Just started to listen, and I have to say, we must drop the “white” label for now.. Concentrate on non-jew, or anti-jew, until the true enemy is defeated, maybe then we can separate into our various ethnic identities.. The bottom line is, whites can`t hack it alone, so it is a mistake to alienate like-minded people..

I like this very much and find it sound advice. It’s something I can work with. And each step will lead to the next. Thanks, Ingrid.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

In other words, your advice isn’t gonna get us anywhere.
Being racially aware and Jew-wise go hand in hand.
We can cooperate with other races and ethnicities, and we can have our own nuances about how we’ll go about that, but that doesn’t mean that we should throw ourselves under the bus, like people such as Brenden O’Connell do. I appreciate his work for the most part but he’s dishonest when it comes to matters such as race, religion, and the Jewish problem (as a biological one rather just a religious).
“White” is not just a label to “drop”. It’s a descriptive biological reality.

Thank you Yrton, very well said. I’m guessing others figured this out too & that’s why these guys have more thumbs down than up! Always be wary of people telling you not to identify as white! They’re either naive or subversive. Even if you don’t “identify” as white or you “drop the white label” non-whites will still always label you white & call you white so really what’s the point?

You don’t need to have racial awareness to understand the Jewish problem. The bottom line is that no one wants to be forced to live in a “multicultural” society where certain groups have enormous power and enjoy complete immunity from criticism. This is not acceptable to anybody but Jews and traitors. It goes against all of our most basic principles. That we’re all equal under the law. That we’re all entitled to basic rights to confront our accusers. That we are entitled to a basic measure of human dignity. All of our rights are at stake and that is all people need to understand. That you either have these rights and are willing to exercise them or you don’t. The American Revolution was fueled by… Read more »

The terms jew v. non-jew are useful for describing a strategic dynamic. To oversimplify reality and speak strictly in those terms completely eliminates ones ability to strategically use knowledge of the subsets of humans who comprise the set of non-jews. Blacks have low impulse control compared with whites or Asians. These are important strategic facts. And if we are all to retain our roots as much as possible we must never forget where we come from. So language use should be a function of what you’re trying to accomplish.

I disagree with Urban Jungle Girl’s comment that attacking Trump is “imbecilic” and has no purpose. Attacking Trump serves a very important purpose. It deconstructs the Jew lie that Trump is a white supremacist. It pulls away the curtain and reveals the Jewish power. We talked about how Jews create problems. So they can implement their predetermined “solutions” to those problems (problem-reaction-solution). But for this to work the Jew has to control the REACTIONARY elements in society. Jews have to make the left believe these lies that white men are ignorant and violent bigots who hate women. That’s why they dress their puppets up as “racists” or “christian fundamentalists”. These puppets serve to conceal Jewish power and direct criticism at white people. And it’s important… Read more »

I have to agree. There’s an obligation to expose what one sees as false and/or dangerous. If we did not, it would be neglect which would only allow the problem to increase.

The truth is the only weapon we have. And our people can recognize integrity and sincerity.

Looks like you guys are totally missing the point. I totally understood what she was trying to say as she was talking more in general about the whole left/right paradigm, voting & democracy. You guys kept going on about the government this, politicians that when she was taking a step back & saying the whole thing is theater which I totally agree with. Being anti-Trump is really just like antifa being anti-fascist – it just splits people in 2 camps every frickin’ time & falling for that age-old jew ruse has been our people’s downfall over & over & over again! It’s also like the old do you keep trying to work with a failed/rigged system or do you smash it apart & build a… Read more »

Everything start from yourself, what you put in your mouth, makes you. We live in poisonous environment and everything is tainted so starting cleaning yourself is a sensible start.
I recommend 12 day breatharian lent for a start. Then you can move on ever higher goals.

Bill, you need to be careful with this recommendation. If someone with a toxic diet dives in head-on it could be very detrimental because the cleansing is too quick and severe. There is much info in the health books about the necessity for a gradual/incremental approach, from eliminating meat and dairy, to a fruit and veggie cleanse, to juice fasting, etc. This over the course of months. But to go to the extreme without prep can do more harm than good since the discomfort level would likely be so intense (headaches, nausea, weakness) and could result in the faster giving up on cleansing because he or she felt so very sick. Well, just some friendly input.

Breathing exercised are a good way to enhance or regain your lost energy. I do this and it is really weird how you feel this extra lung space and awakeness when you breathe deep. We all uncconsciously chest breathe, and not belly breathe which we should be doing. It is constant anxiety and manic survival mode. WIth belly breathing you can bring youself back to center.

I’m all for breathing exercises, but unless I’m mistaken, I thought Bill was referring to the practice of breatharianism, which is subsisting on only air and sunlight. That’s what I was addressing.

Seems Mary’s triggered by anyone who happens to draw strength or find some truth in some of the teachings of Christ, and so she wants to chase those terrible people away. Mary, I AM connected with my “European ancestry” and not introducing a Christian “angle,” as you accuse. I’m just being who I am. Why so threatened? And Renny interprets the discourse as being pro-circumcision, when with all my heart I proclaim, LET NO BABY EVER BE CUT AGAIN!! I embrace various spiritual studies; evidently that is cause for Mary to ostracize me. I am NOT so easily banished. I will remain here at Renegade unless my intelligence directs me to depart or I am technically banned. Jeez, recognize the real enemy and put you’re… Read more »
Get over yourself Liz, nobody’s triggered but you. You obviously don’t know the history of Renegade or anything about the mainstays who have been around here a lot longer than you. If christards didn’t open their mouths & start preaching their crap when they came in here they wouldn’t get the deserved reaction they do. And yes, even christard “Lites” like you who try to soften the whole christinsanity experience like it’s some kind of new-age non-church spiritual journey (seen it before a million times honey). Renny & I most certainly are not the first people to do this by any stretch of the imagination as you would know if you’d been here for any length of time! It’s as simple as this – I… Read more »
I guess we have a different definition of “triggered.” You seem to be the one in a tail-spin. And you use the word “christard.” Seems you apply that to any who go out of your box and want to express a more universal perspective. And maybe I don’t know the full “history” of Renegade, but I’m here as who I am now, in this very moment. Don’t be afraid; I won’t contaminate you. You say, you “wouldn’t go into a similar website dealing with these issues run by christians & start blabbing about Wotan all over the place.” Mary, go to any website and be who you are. You know that old saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do?” Well I changed it… Read more »

Guess we’ll just let the thumbs do the talkin’ then ay sweety? 😉 LOL!

Yes, I understand some draw strength from numbers; others summon it from sometimes having to stand alone.

Lizzy, please stand elsewhere.

As I previously stated , I will “stand elsewhere” if my own mind directs me to do so or if I am technically banned. Why be bothered by me when there’s such important work to do? The Jewish control machine is near always about the business of fomenting. It’s intended to contaminate almost every new day. Fomenting is instigating. Instigating hate, instigating fear, instigating division. It’s The Great Foment!! And all the timely protocol with false-flags, economic demise, and presidential visits. I see that in two days he dipped in with the world’s three major religions. Wonder if the Dalai Lama was offended. Ha! Well, those religions gotta keep the faithful hypnotized and obedient, so of course they are showcased as deeply important and dignified.… Read more »

Lizzy, Christ-Insanity damage to the white race goes far, far, far beyond razor rape. That is just one of a myriad of disasters it has brought upon us. Without Christ-Insanity, the jews would not have been tolerated for five minutes in any of our lands. Because of the turn-the-other-cheek bullshit nonsense of your cuck religion, the filthy jew was invited into our world with open arms. Without your jew co-religionists there would be no Federal Reserve, no vaccinations, no world wars, no GMO’s, no Round-Up, no miscegenation, no white genocide. Thanks so much, Christ-tards!!!!!

You are right in many ways and Christianity plays a major role but Jews were only able to set their foot on most parts of Germany after the devastating 30 year war. Before that they were banned in most of the regions and towns. MiIitary power to shield behind and money needed to rebuild the country which had lost half of the population with whole regions depopulated, cities plundered and farms destroyed they could overtake a starving and demoralized people as they like to do it. In today’s Germany this gruesome war is taught in a positive light as the step into the modern economic system.

Renny, I have no “religion.” Please read previous posts. I’m sorry for how the jews perverted all this. I can’t throw out baby with bath-water. No hokus-pokus, just common sense and what promotes healing and moves evolution forward. That old saying, “Take your good where you find it.”

Unfortunately there is no “good” in jeebus, “god” or any of the other myths you “believe”. The little “good” you think you find in those stories or “belief” systems is simply there so that it doesn’t ALL look completely bad. It’s like Alex Jones, the preacher of the “truth movement”, sprinkling in truth amongst the garbage he spews to keep his followers following along. It’s like not seeing the forest for the trees. It’s like believing that there’s only ever 2 sides to any argument or only either/or solutions to any problem… I get it though – you have to have a little belief before you can know. Just make sure that initial belief is in yourself, not anything external. And also understand that your… Read more »

Elizabeth, taking “your good where you find it” sounds like a very naive venture fraught with danger to me! For instance, what if your perception of what “good” is is wrong?! What if your interpretation of what is good is different or even the opposite to that of the foreign source? You know, like how a word in common use can have the opposite meaning to the same word used in a courtroom. I prefer to think things through a little more & not have such an imprudent attitude when seeking out the “good” things in life!

Thanks for your honesty. Well, one puts oneself out there and sometimes there is affinity/connection; sometimes not. With free-speech there will be an array of differences. All I can do is come as who I am. If I am perceived as “naive” I have to live with that. I cannot be forced to be where I am not. I will say that I do not take feed-back lightly, even when the mean-card is played, because I stay open to working on myself and learning. Where I think the pipes got stuck here is some assumed I was defending Christianity, the religion, the paradigm, and as of yet I could not undo that assumption. Consciousness is very personal and one’s transcendental experiences/revelations are one’s own. I… Read more »
And am realizing I got in over my head here at Renegade. Showed my ignorance regarding the whole pagan paradigm. Was trying to speak about my take on Christ and it got me labeled a “Christian.” Some even implied I’m a likely jew or a troll. Shame on me for goin’ in ill-prepared, and I don’t mean in terms of my own spirituality but in terms of the whole ancient European heritage before being invaded, especially the northern European heritage. I really knew almost nothing about it. Hadn’t even heard the name Odin before I found Renegade a few months ago. So of course I got pounded. Still I don’t see where the Christ consciousness is incompatible with being of the sun and soil but… Read more »

That’s a winning attitude! 😉 Don’t over-think it, use common sense & most certainly don’t take anything you may perceive in all my comments as negative to heart. In fact don’t take any of it to heart & don’t believe it either – find the answers yourself! That’s probably more commenting I’ve done in the last couple of days than in the whole time I’ve around! I need to take my own medicine, remember – we have 2 ears & one mouth for a reason – listen twice as much as you speak! 😉

Eliazabeth, you’re good. Don’t ever take any comment to heart or dwell on it in the least. For me, commenting is just a way to blow off steam. Christianity does totally blow and jews are filthy demons. Otherwise, everything is okey dokey.

Thank you.

I want to thank you both, Elizabeth and Mary, for your thought provoking passionate debate. It made me revisit and re- evaluate my own thoughts. Learning and unlearning never ends. The unlearning always is the harder part as you have to examine layer upon layer and sometimes even change the perception of the self.

Off topic but I’m so angry that Kyle’s twitter got shut down! He gave such a great example what meme war really has to be. I’m so sick of all the censoring. Furious!

Agreed Elfgard! Good to see other intelligent questioning minds thrashing it out without stooping to unnecessary Surplus level profanity, name-calling, chest beating, threats of violence & overall closeted gay drama lol! This was entertaining as well as enlightening.