Renegade Roundtable: John Hosts (4-8-17)

John talks to many callers, including Brigid, Kyle, Nick, and Drew. One of the big focal points of the show is Trump’s Syria attack, the responses to it, and the big moves in the alternative media. Health, wellness, and other interesting topics are also covered.

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A lot of infighting…people being let go of. To me, an alien, non-US outsider living in assaulted and raped Europe, it would seem that the forces that break apart people of goodwill are being (highly?) successful in their attempt to undermine a great purveyor of essential information for the people of European descent abroad as well as in Europe. What a pity. Remember that French comic book I mentioned earlier. PS if the ‘movement’ is unable to transcend personal egos, this does not bode well. United we can do great things together whereas if we fall into the trap of infighting we are their (easy) preys.

Humans are so warlike; that is why good manners are so important.

I could not agree more fully. I have noticed that incivility (between us) and moral decrepitude are for them weapons which they are using in their war against us. So one has to be aware that it is part of their ‘agenda’ (in the literal Latin sense, ‘to do’) against us.

Many thanks for your reply; I am taking your words to my heart. It is a sad situation we are in, eh Mischling. Stay strong with AND polite to your comrades, is my motto.

If good manners are so important to you then why didn’t show good manners to Sinead when she questioned you privately on what you advocated?
I enjoyed your readings & was baffled when I heard what you were saying on the roundtable. I had to turn the show off the same way I did Graham Hart.

Hi, Shawna Marie. How do you know that I did not show good manners to Sinead? I told her that I did not plan to do any more shows, except the Readings if needed. I agree that I was in way over my depth, lol, and do not blame you for turning the show off.

You think saying I “exist to talk shit” and to “leave you alone” when i bring up a valid concern to you is having manners? Now you’re demanding we return any money donated to us? Great manners Brigid.

John Friend’s tweet about you did not exactly say that you exist to talk shit, but that some times it seems so. And yes, I did click “like” and have apologized to you for doing. And also, I did not DEMAND that you return the money I donated to “us”. I am imperfect, that is for sure. You are a drama queen, a wanna be Queen Bee. Give it a rest; you won.

That is why humans should not be in aryan lands. Bad manners also come with foreign cultures.

The filthy juden are warlike – real human beings are unfortunately apt to foolishly taking part in brother wars.

Great show except for the part where you both excused race-mixing and were clearly being trolled by that guy who changed his story ten times.

Just hang up on these trolls. I hate wasting my time on that kind of garbage.

I called in to offer however the host, John Smith wanted. He told me if nothing else came to mind, he would read the Protocols, and I let him know how great that would be, hoping I could then just listen. However, things then proceeded at a very fast pace, several callers at once, with several people making demands on him during which time, a lot of questions were being thrown my way. I hope John Smith continues to volunteer to host a roundtable and that if he determines that someone is a troll, hangs up on them, but that is up to him; nobody is paying him or me one penny. As for me, in the future,I don’t plan to do any calling in… Read more »

It is part of their strategy, as discussed in a recent show with Frederick Blackbur, which John Smith hosted:
18min30sec Cass Sunstein wrote a book on how to break up truth movements through infighting (cognitive infiltration),
For some background reading, please read

“David Ray Griffin v. Cass Sunstein” – I promise to read that article, and relisten to that Blackbird 9 show, Mischling, and do agree with your comment above. thanks.

And you blocked me for simply stating I’m shocked you would say this man was not race mixing when he said he was a Honduran man with a White woman.

I did not block you Sinead. You have given me no reason to block you, far from it. You are a wonderful woman and I have learned so much from you, and know that you are risking your life to give your all to the movement. I hope you pass the test next month. Bless you.

You unfriended me and told me to “leave you alone” for just asking you a question. You then joined in w John Friend to say that all i do is “talk shit” Well dont worry. I wont be stepping on any more toes here at Renegade.

I am sorry. I thought you did not want to be my friend. Please send me a friend request, and I will immediately say yes to you. At the message center, I did ask you to cease and desist with insisting on engageiing me in the stupid argument you were determined to do, and when you kept on talking shit to me, I did tell you to leave me alone. I don’t take shit from anyone, if I can help it, and do avoid bullies, which as of let, you have been toward me. Who the hell do you think you are to freak out over such a petty matter. I look forward to the day when you cease being so politically correct, and start… Read more »

If you don’t need me, that is fine. I am sorry Sinead chose to pick a public fight with me, and in a moment of feeling hurt, I clicked onto “heart” at that tweet by John Friend. The picture of the men you show are of the Negroid race, but during the phone conversation, it was only after he said he was Caucasian that he specified his parents were from Honduras. He sounded white to me.

I did not pick a fight with you. I addressed this in private first, and simply said I was shocked you would say something like that because it is very unlike you. You then said you would never call in ever again, to which I replied that you were overreacting and I was just bringing up a valid concern. You then told me to leave you alone and unfriended me. I had tweeted out about John Friend interviewing a porn star and having Asian children, to which he responded with “You do nothing but talk shit” and you liked that, clearly making it public that you think I “talk shit” and agree with a man who interviews porn stars. I thought that maybe you just… Read more »

Actually, he said he was a Caucasian who lived in America, whose parents were born in Honduras, but who knows the truth, only the Shadow knows, lol.

I just saw Aunty Slurpus creeping around in the shadows taking notes! But don’t worry I kicked her up the arse & told her to GTFO! Damn gossip columnists! 😀

@ Foster XL Haha! You’re right! I just read your comment then quickly went over to check her chatroom & guess what – 2 of the golems were in there gossiping about it already! I guess all the comments I read about them before were right – they really don’t do much else in there but watch everyone else & gossip like old hags! LOL!

Ya’ll are just jealous that you can’t have this. I hope she shows up w Shauny to try to knock me unconscious as well! *cocks gun*

You used this picture on your chatango account. It’s not doxing when you’re too stupid to not post pictures of yourself on the internet. Doxing is when you give out someones address. Now you want to bring my child into this? Shauny has taught you well. A class act you are!

hello yall ive been trying to call in, ive been trying to set up an interview with the sudilanders on this network, talked to and received an e-mail from circuis maximas I think and gave him a contact # for the sudilanders. for the Friday show, trying to find out if this has happened yet!

I can get you in touch with them by e mail but I don’t know if they’re back in SA yet or still traveling. There was a concern about a photo they used in their presentation, not being real, and being from some artist. This happens WAY too much w content about South Africa and the White genocide. I’m hoping it was an honest mistake and not on purpose.

WAAAAAHHH! That’s Shield Maiden? No wonder she quickly changed her avatar from own image when you called her out a few shows ago! That’s fucking scary! And she calls you a “pathetic ugly hag” in chat?! LOL! From what I can see she dyes her hair blonde & wears purple-tinted glasses to cover her real eye color (brown I’ll bet anything). How many jews have we seen do that?!!! Ain’t nothing gonna hide those scary malformed chompers tho AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!

The earth may well be flat but that’s a big round moonface right there! bwahahahahahaha! sorry but just look at that thing! jeebus! where the hell does it get off calling others ugly? obviously no mirrors in her home!

I’m sure he’s foaming at the mouth to do another “drama corner” podcast that his 5 listeners will hear.

“5 listeners”? I think you’re being way too generous! LOL!

“I’m sure he’s foaming at the mouth to do another “drama corner” podcast that his 5 listeners will hear.”
Right on cue! It’s up already! This guy/dweeb is so predictable! What a Drama Queen lol! Who needs Gays of Our Lives when you’ve got “Shauna, Drama Queen of the Desert”! What a laughing stock! Hahaha! 😀

I love how he still didn’t stick up for Shield Maiden and blamed her for being a woman and being “too emotional”. Again, I did not “dox” her. She had this horrid picture as her chatango account avi. NEWS FLASH: If you want to remain anonymous, don’t post your pitures on the internet. Shield Maiden will just stay his submissive little follower, no matter who poorly he treats her. Utterly pathetic.

Sinead, I didn’t know the whole picture till I finally just found his Drama Corner & listened to that latest little whine (with apprehension I should add). Wow! He basically told Shield Maiden to “STFU & get in line woman!” like she’s some little kid or property or something! Who the fuck does he think he is? She really must be as pathetic as you say if she stays around taking that shit. Mind blown at the complete douchebag that is Shaun Surplus! 😮

Ah perfect! Bwahahahahaha! Renegade staff please feel free to use this image for any purpose you see fit 😉
comment image

This is beautiful. LOL!!!

Shaun Surplus Isn’t Emotional Like Icky Women Are:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice! This “guy” is pretty much nothing more than just pure laughing stock at this stage! He could’ve moved on & created a positive space for his message but instead just keeps digging himself deeper & deeper into a shit hole. What a complete douchebag! 😀

And John mentioned that he was not positioned in a way that enabled him to hang up on people. I was trying to be the peacemaker, using the only methds I felt were open to me at the moment.

Agreed. Didn’t understand the logic there.

excellent insights Drew and Nick

The obvious fake false flags make the team players embrace the lie love the lie and eventually die for the lie.

The Jew wants everyone to be as evil if not more so.

Yes, do not allow them to drive a wedge between you. In this very famous comic book series Asterix the Gaul, there is an episode called ‘la zizanie’ in French (which I would translate as infighting). It is only a few years ago that I got to realise who the character responsible for bringing in the infighting really was (it was translated as ‘the Roman agent’ in English). Strangely, this very character, Tullius Détritus, in the French original version, is not shown on the English page, even though he is arguably the main character of this episode. On both pages, he is seen rubbing his hands with glee. [no direct link to, which I found by replacing the name of another character with this… Read more »

If you give up on what is right then they are waiting with open hands and prai$e to “go with the flow” no matter how evil

You beat the dog when good when bad as pimps do a whore in the making so they love you for it

I am disappointed with President Trump who fell for the gas attack in Syria as a false Flag. Israel is the fly on the wall in this whole mess. gives a look at the real Donald Trump; Hi, Roy. As for me, I think that President Trump, an Israel Firster, knows that the gas attack is either a false flag or a hoax, did not just fall for the fake story.

What is the beginning song? I still can’t find it.

Renegade dosent run a tight ship, they run a battleship that attacks its own fleet. With Sinead being the most willing to touch off the first cannon volley.

Brigid is to old for this kind of network. She should just read from her little nook for fun. John needs to be more confident and relax. He’s from the midwest(ya know) RGB/LTD who cares maybe the caller knew his identity, like me and knows it would shake him up. No worries most people dont know but it might be something the network might pay for. I loved his channel and think he will be a great addition to Renegade!!! He just needs to gain more confidence. Renegade rules the white nationalist American movement!!!

And just who the fuck do you think you are to be judging anyone here or anywhere else Mr Nobody? You can’t even spell “too” properly you village idiot! LMFAO! 😀

Aren’t you quite the ageist, and sexist too I betl. Btw, there are a whole lot more things I can think of that are FUN than is preparing for and then doing the Readings, thus risking my life by calling out our enemies, and then later being subjected to insulting comments from men I do not know,

Yes, John does rock, AND is a gentleman and a scholar. He has given up a lot for the movement, and I appreciate him so much.

I appreciate Brigid and the cadence in her speaking voice(very unusual). The content from the Tribune may be more readily listened to than read by some of us who would rather read a physical book than a computer screen.