Renegade Roundtable: Judaic Justifications for Kosher Killings (10-22-18)

Kyle is joined by Sinead. They talk about the suppression of our films, Shitlord Sheldon Adelson, Anders “Brave” Breivik, and Dylann Stormer Roof. They even take a call from someone who justifies the murder of White children who boycott Israel. They then talk to Anthony from the UK about how insane our anti-White world and how the “movement” is filled with controlled opposition and dupes.


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Anthony Roberts

Thanks for another great show Kyle & Sinead, and for taking my call. I hope i didn’t distract you both too much. Sorry for the background noise. I was sat in bed, notes in one hand, phone in the other and i started sliding down the bed lol. How embarrassing. If you want to check out this bizarre idea that Brett was Christine, his channel is Transpocalyse Now, and the video is doppelgangers. They look the same, never seen together, and she has now gone awol. I’m totally confused at this point. Talking of trannies, did you see the other Kushner vampire brother married 6’1″ Karlie Kloss? That was/is a man, but at least Ivanka will have a “fellow” friend to hang out with! Will… Read more »


Always great to hear from you.


Since you mentioned Mr.E – Here’s Yentl…


This is an interesting theory. The appearances are certainly similar. I just listened to her giving her testimony and wonder how difficult or easy it might be to maintain a different voice like that as well. I don’t know anything about voice training perhaps someone here can verify how easy it might be to do?


Is “Ballsey” Ford really Kavanaugh? Oh my, the similarities are amazing. And isn’t that just the game they would love to run on the silly “goyem”.

wolf GT

Interesting show.Was surprised to here about Jan Lamprecht not being the real deal, well depressed more like it.Used to think he did some good stuff exp. his video refering to the Joooz as Chamelions etc. I guess the truth movement is a minefield..


It is and always will be because there is profit in deception and shitheads who enjoy it.


i cant belive anybody would support that or any child killer SICK


I’ll mail you a MAGA hat. Do you really want one? I got it before I ever listened to Renegade– Before & during the election I was listening to Redice & TRS. I only discovered Renegade after the election & it was y’all who opened my eyes to the Trump deception so it’s only appropriate you should have it.

Good show so far! I agree wth you about the lefties, they are potential allies that are misguided. But I disagree about the Nordic Resistance, they did the closed handed salute because the open handed salute is banned in Sweden, they did mention this in the Nordic Frontier podcast. They have had Patrick Little and Heimbach on, but they didn’t know they were controlled or not, and big names like those can help bring in new listeners, so controlled opposition can be useful idiots. Keep up the good work! Heil Victory!

That’s the most retarded explanation I’ve ever heard. Why the hell would a National Socialist group throw up the hand sign of their enemies?

Rather than do the real salute a closed fist is legal in Sweden, it is that simple. Is that the only thing you have to write off NRM? Because in my book a closed fisted salute which will save you prison time is not a reason to write off a fellow NS organisation. NRM have spread NS all through the Nordic nations and organised huge rallies.

A commie fist is direct in the air, not at an angle. NRM Leader can be seen doing the “commie first” in the video below at around 40 seconds.


The fact that the nordic resistance accepts – the castizo looking – Patrick Little and Heimbach as whites, already shows that they are controlled opposition.


And national socialism as a means of propaganda of our ideas is a mistake. NS is a brand that pushes the normies away.
are 70 years of unbroken defamation by media, academy and hollywood

Anyone who uses this
mark to promote a cause is a shill or stupid

Dear Katemayer,
For the sake of argument what is your solution for propagation of our worldview which no matter what we call it or how we dress it up is clearly NS? I seriously want to hear what you think we should do? Early on I had similar thoughts and ideas but as I did more research and thought about things I quickly changed my views.

Foster XL

“Our ideas” ARE National Socialism! You don’t stop calling it what it is just because it “pushes the normies away” due to their programming by jewish propaganda you fool! You have to change the situation & remove the jew so that their blinders can be removed & they end up seeing the truth! What you’re proposing is EXACTLY what an actual SHILL or stupid person would do! Sheesh! These people!

Anthony Roberts

Did your distant family also change their name from Meir to Mayer, just like movie mogul Louis B, Kate? He probably didn’t approve of NS either.


That looks like a direct hit Anthony , she’s going down .