Renegade Roundtable: Kyle & Co – Calling Out Corruption (5-5-18)

Kyle speaks to “Nina” about dangerous Dicky’s bolshevik bravado, then brings on Scarlett, Rollie, Chris, Brian, and Shawna to discuss a wide variety of topics, such as Russia, Israel, guilt by association, demoralization, controlled opposition, the drug war, WiFi, and much more.

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I miss Sinead 🙁 I could use some Nigger Report haha


I miss those. I was listening to an episode a couple of weeks ago and damn near ran off the road from laughter.

Anthony Roberts

I also fell for Alfred & Monica’s wholesome and measured demeanour at the beginning, so it’s just one more disappointment. If he really is duping his sister – what a ratbag! The jews have cash and resources to present a smorgasberg of opposition for everyone’s palate, but they can’t stop Renegade stating the actual facts, backed up with evidence. I just wish more of our folk would wake up to their controlled sites. ( Fed ice still have 195k subs on jewtube. ) PS Wow Kyle, i was shocked when you took that call from Dugin’s trannylator. She certainly puts the deep into “deep state.” Still, by you keeping her on the line, was analogous to having a “Nina Report” – good job! I draw… Read more »


In one of Charlie’s shows he made a convincing argument that Martin Luther was a filthy crypto. Yes, Martin Luther. And, also, Charlie made a good case that Henry Ford, the vaunted anti-Semite, was nothing more than a disgusting, rat-face jew. I don’t doubt it. I remember once Shaun Slurpus had Alex Linder on. Linder is such an obvious crypto it’s laughable. As for Shaun Slurpus, I trust that creature about as far as I could throw a kangaroo.


LOL! Surplus the “tough guy” who’s actually a weedy lookin’ big-beaked 40-something who literally plays video games in his basement/living room! Just check the guy’s side-profile for chrissakes! What a fucktard!!! 😀


I’d bet money on Linder being kosher. Ford did have the sloping forehead common to the hive. Assuming he was a Jew the question is then why did he put so much effort into promoting the protocols and exposing the Jews in general.


Nonsense. Charlie attacks Luther and Ford because both promoted Christianity. They weren’t Jews. I personally don’t listen to Charlie because he doesn’t have a good vibe about him and spends ages talking about things that don’t interest me. He’s a defeatist more than anything else.


Alfred and Monika aren’t controlled op. Lauren Southern is. Faith Goldy is. Linder may be. But Alfred and Monika aren’t.


I agree. Innocent until proven guilty.


It really is hard to find joy in the ”outside” world, even when the sun is shining and the sky appears natural. Knowing that as I write this, and as you are reading this, a child, or more likely, hundreds of children, are being tortured and raped to death – for fun. Who could possibly enjoy such horrors other than a demon? How is it that this shit is going on as the ”open secret” that it is? I am in no way suicidal, in fact, I love my life, but I abso-fucking-lutely hate the hell hole I seem to have inherited, and am equally terrified leaving my children to this nightmare which is only showing signs of not only getting worse, but being widespread… Read more »


The root is the Jew? The Jew simply acts as the devil, exploiting the weaknesses and temptations of man.
That’s why the most popular Christian prayer says: “Lead us not into temptation,” meaning lead us not into the seductions of the Jew printing and controlling the money. For the love of money ensures you serve the Jew and the Jew agenda. Does it not?

If non-Jews were better, stronger, more religious, then they would be much more immune to the Jew.


It’s kind of like blaming the devil for being evil and destructive.

That’s just what he is. We need to take responsibility as human beings for allowing the devil to control us.

Do we not?

Foster XL

Methinks this commenter doth don many monikers! These comments look very familiar 😉


Go kiss a kike.


I have a test. Get all the jews into a big metal can, and we send them into the sun. If the world gets worse or stays the same after that, I owe you all a 100. If it becomes somewhat less of a drag, then you owe me nowt and we all party. Shall we see if I am right?

vanilla guerilla

Fuck yes
How can I be of help


We need to take responsibility and deal with the cause, not turn a blind eye. That is why we are here in this mess and the jewgganaught is carrying on unaffected and unobstructed.


To save the children the jew must go.


It’s funny that Dicky was selected to play the bolshevik card, because in Russia Lenin is often called by nationalists “Chlenin” (“chlen” in Russian means “member”) – and in the US the guy who plays the role of Chlenin goes by the name of Dicky. (Stalin in the same vein is called “Sralin” from the word which means “to poo”, so the couple sounds real nice with their proper names.) Anti-Putin protests were organized by the “liberasts” (which incidentally are financed by Gazprom, CEO of which is Putin’s jew Alexey Miller), Navalny’s team. All such events are organized by controlled opposition, cause nobody else can organize anything: you show you face and speak up – you get heavy fines or go to jail. The purpose… Read more »


Shitfisting lmao


Today I listened to Kyle’s interview with Alfred from 2015 and he seemed genuine. If our suspicions are correct, perhaps he sold out and made some deal on account of being desperate to get his sister out of jail. Not an excuse of course, but I’d like to believe Monica is for real.

Bob in DC

Scarlett – Although many, perhaps most, are profiled to some degree, this does not mean that they are conscious agents. Some people simply react as they see fit. Time is the arbiter.

Brian Heffner

Kyle, many thanks for taking my call tonight. My Son figure in my life needs to know what he’s doing to me and his parents. I 1st met him (neighbor) when he was 8yrs old and at the time my child who would be 15yrs old already was aborted. Also, I’m checking into Rx/psyc treatment in the jails/prisons now from an insider. I believe they were giving Adderol while in lock up, smh. Also if anyone has questions from the earlier hour or how to ruin what we’re all doing? I’ve got the perfect examples and how Hollywood profited from it. Truly sick! Great to hear from the Mrs too. 🙂 Sincerely, Mista Hefna and Sonny’s parents. P.S.I hide nothing and know that almost all… Read more »


The Vegainator actually did not promote the KKK, he made a video statement about that one YT comment you are refering too. He was being sarcastic, which is a bad idea to be in written text, because it can be misunderstood. I still don’t understand why you kicked him of the network and did not even give him a chance to clarify things.

vanilla guerilla

He’s a Christian but I really think people should hear what Texxe Marrs has to teach about Judaism and I think he’s legitimately in the asset column for us
White people


He’s a stepping stone and a stumbling block all in one. Sure he’s got alot of things to say about the reality of the jew, but he should not be followed. Christians are NOT to be followed… they follow jews. Do you think following jews is beneficial for Whites? If so, that would classify you as a lemming and you in turn are not to be trusted either. White folk need a leader that is explicitly anti zionist, anti israeli, anti jew, and pro national socialist, basically – for the good of the white race, and the white race first and foremost. If the White race were to collectively get our heads out of our asses and care for our own and our children’s future’s… Read more »

vanilla guerilla

The way he exposes them he is certainly not pro Jew which in my eyes makes him a natural ally I agree that Christians religion is a Jewish trap for our people and I try to wake them up It can be quite difficult but I was asleep at one time and still have more to learn as everything I was taught is a lie Right is left The bad guy is the good guy (Hitler However Hitler reached out to all races and all races fought to rid of the Jewish chains we all wear If we are ever gonna win then I think we need to allow others to fight with us for the cause of all humanity so I feel like if… Read more »