Renegade Roundtable: Kyle and Drew Host (3-26-16)


Kyle and Drew discuss Trump and his jewish friends, talk about not talking about jews, consider the men vs. women battle, then bring in Shaun, Jeb, and Southern Seamstress to talk about community building.

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Kyle, thanks so much for talking common sense about what a scam Trump is. He has massive ties to the jews, and he is most definitely not going to turn his back on them. The people supporting The Donald either have the stupid gene which afflicts 99% of the goyim or they are just massively delusional…..probably a little of both.


Backing up my comment that Angelo can possibly be charged by the marine corp for displaying his uniform in such manner. Section 2 and section 3 11003. MARINE CORPS UNIFORM REGULATIONS (2) During or in connection with the furtherance of political activities, private employment or commercial interests, when an inference of official sponsorship for the activity or interest could be drawn. (3) Except when authorized by competent Service authority, when participating in activities such as public speeches, interviews, picket lines, marches, rallies or any public demonstration (including those pertaining to civil rights), which may imply Service sanction of the cause for which the demonstration or activity is conducted. Link


Since he’s pretty much made it clear to any one paying attention that he’s a scammer/running interference I think it would probably prove useful to collect those videos, point out the political activities that he’s promoting, and submit those things either in person on video to a marine representative to the people, or via certified registered mail with a proof of delivery (sign receipt). If the Marines do nothing, it should be further proof that he’s working for some agency against white interests. If they do something, only a careful assessment of what actual punishment occurs would help to discern if he is acting against whites outside of that agency (for a separate or foreign entity). The Marines could always feign some prosecution to try… Read more »

More on Island:
The latest broadcast and a intervjue with an islander tha talks with the Nordic Resistance Movement’s podcast at thier Nordfront outlet.

The guy wants to revigour NS in Island and talks adout current and past politikal issues.
First part with Bror from Island is in english, the rest of the program is in swedish.


The Trump fans are now emotionally invested in Trump and in their Trump Support.
We will see more and more “shifting” of their opinion along with Trump so that they dont have to admit that they were wrong. Anything he does will be commented with something like “you have to be realistic, he has to do this if he wants to work in the system”. And at some point they wont even remember what they liked about Trump in the first place.


About the “these are just words” thing: Politicians dont lie when they dont have to. People are so desperate, they will not only believe what politicians tell them. They will also believe what they never said. Trump never said he wanted to reduce mexican immigration, he said he wanted to reduce illegal immigration. He also said stuff about “muslims”. Thats a religion, not a race. If he drastically increased mexican and african immigration to the USA after being elected, we couldnt say he lied. Its not his fault that we think hes a nazi just because hes talking about legalities and religions. And the sad thing is, his fans would then probably adjust their opinion so they dont have to feel the regret. This has… Read more »

mrs doris dittman

ok,, the house is on fire ,,should we sit around and discuss the elements of fire,,oxygen heat fuel,,three equal sides of the fire triangle,,or do we put the fire out,,i would vote for the devil himself if he will close the border,,will he ? how the fuck should i know,,i do know who opened the border,,we can deal with that next,,one step at a time,,


I’ve been of the opinion that only individuals, groups of individuals, and potentially county police will stem the flow of invaders. Obviously all of the parties who have the power need to keep their mouths shut and do whatever needs to be done with the goal of being able to continue to do what they’re doing in mind. The Feds and jews will do every thing in their power to keep things moving hence the need to simply keep quiet and do what needs to be done.

If someone made a lot of publicity, like the guy in Bulgaria who is rounding up invaders, the jews would see to it that they were harrassed and prosecuted for kidnapping or some other bullshit.


I am listening to the show and something needs to be pointed out. If you are going to claim that Trump is a conspiracy… Which is a fair point. It will be revealed after a certain amount of time. Then you have to consider the possibility that BREIVIK…Did, not, happen. Here is the deal with Trump. Some options (and suggest others if you want) seem clear to me. 1. Meet up with Trump supporters in real life like Rich from PTD is suggesting. Point being you meet people anonymously that at least have some clue about there being something seriously wrong with the country… This is what you would call a ‘hot lead’ or a ‘qualified lead’. These are people that are not just some… Read more »


Perfect example…

Glenn Beck calls Milo ‘Goebbels’

Article at Breitbart.

Tell all these idiots why he is wrong.

Get your message out…

Kyle, I love everything you and your lineup here on Renegade Broadcasting has been doing for the cause. You’ve been one of the few voices out there right now within the White Nationalist movement openly calling out these Alt. Kike faggots and their legions of tranny and lolicon enthusiasts. But in regards to the Alex Linder question, I respectfully disagree with Shaun about Alex Linder not being a jew. Linder IS certainly a jew. Linder is a jewish surname and here is one link in particular which documents prominent jews with the Linder surname. Also, it’s been public knowledge for years Alex Linder (which he has mentioned on numerous occasions) has crohns disease which is more predominant in those of the Ashkenazi jewish lineage.… Read more »

Cheers for the message Steven. At least you bought some reference to the table about Linder mate. I still don’t buy it, because there is no proof at all that suggests that kikes are the only walk of life that suffer Crohns Disease. In fact, even those studies you show, say that “Crohn’s disease is two to four times more prevalent among people of Ashkenazic ancestry” . This does not mean that other people cannot get it. I was diagnosed with Hemochromatosis and at the time, they restricted it to affecting the Irish only, but now they have found that it has affected many other Europeans as well. Crohns disease started out very much the same way and now they have found that many more… Read more »


This show is still in my listening queue! But just a RenB request, presumably to Kyle: Could you please add an “XX Comments” indicator to your show listings on the RenB homepage? Whether I leave a comment myself and want to monitor for replies, and/or I’m just curious if there are any comments re a given show; we presently have no choice but to open the show page to check. Thx, and good work resurrecting from the recent Dinjooz attack on the site. 🙂


I don’t believe that Iconoclast ever sold Anglin the rights to the audio. I agree it’s been scrubbed from youtube and elsewhere extremely well. Here is the link to the audio. Thank Scott Roberts for posting it on his site when he was going after little guy for all the bullshit. Anglin blew up with Daily Stormer during the period that Scott Roberts site was hacked and down for over a month. Of interest audio at: 53:21 and around that time frame Anglin states whites should be bred out, he only likes non-white girls, jews have a high IQ (never says they should be bred out). The whole thing is worth a listen to see what this little kike faggot/shabbot goy fag represented during… Read more »


Alex Linder.

What a video.

He named the Jew.

He said Nigger.

He had some idiots wearing wife beater T’s standing behind him with tattoos. I wonder why nobody joined up?

What a fucking joke.


Does “supporting Trump” keep you locked into the political party voting system status quo – yes or no? If you finally realize that the entire federal voting system is completely under the control of a foreign power, and that no matter who you vote for – it doesn’t matter…what then? Does a refusal to rationally investigate the science and techniques behind staged atrocities for political maneuvering and gain automatically confer total veracity upon the jewish media – yes or no? Is the CIA too stupid to infiltrate political opposition groups and opinion shapers – yes or no? What does it say about what’s going on at Renegade when your “australin” host goes out of his way to reach out to a well known jew/infiltrator Alex… Read more »

Rabbit Out Of The Hat

“What does it say about what’s going on at Renegade when your “australin” host goes out of his way to reach out to a well known jew/infiltrator Alex Linder and actually try to convince people that he’s “legit”?” I think what’s more telling is how you’ve already made up your mind “what it says” and are trying to put your thoughts in everyone’s head by asking that question! This is what you constantly do in the comments here. You sound like a very bitter, frustrated little “man” who would rather sit there displaying your bitterness & frustration for all to see than quietly & methodically setting out to physically change the world around you. Imagine if everyone single person who sat & whined in comments… Read more »


Pat, you are spot on about Alex Linder. It’s more than obvious he is a jew infiltrator.


Jews have been winning the phony “news” and fictional “histories” propaganda war against the Goyim for 500 years. The Jewish Cecils sponsored Shakespeare to write historical plays that advanced the Jewish political agenda in Britain by turning their slut Elizabeth I into the 16th c. version of a rock star. In other words, those who oppose the Jewish Elite is walking into the Buzz of a well -oiled machine. .Jews are firmly in the Power Seat; they have the time and money to anticipate the Goyim Awakening. Jews either fund the “anti” movement (as George Soros did with the anti-Wall St protests), or they provide the leadership. Goyim Grass roots movements are spitting in the Wind. They are outflanked, outstrategized, and out-distanced. That having been… Read more »


Hey StraightPlay, if it’s “more than obvious” then show us the “more than obvious” proof instead of a 2 short sentences anonymous comment like any 10yr old could make! These idiots…

Oh, come now Pat. Give me a kiss. I know you’ve always had a hard on for me. I’ve known of Linder for years and there is nothing I can see that says he’s a jew. Please show me the evidence, chump. The only things people can show me, is a forum that shows the name Linder “possibly” having jewish roots. Everything Linder says contradicts every one of you that indulge in a reverse form of Godwin’s Law. And when it comes to Anglin, you have that wrong as well, because I don’t trust Anglin. I’ve been shown too many things these days that deem him suspect. It’s called evidence, Pat. You know, that stuff people can’t show me about Linder. Mr. Aussie has asked… Read more »


Alex Linder ladies and gentlemen…


Dr. Pierce and other people involved with the National Alliance were also conned by Hal Turner, does that mean they’re all crypto jews too?

Fuckin excellent clip man. Cheers.


C’mon Shaun, you know that shining a light on these cockroaches by asking them to actually man up & come on a show just makes them scurry back under the fridge & hide till it’s all safe again!

Yeah I hear ya Brent. It’s funny, because I’ve been asking people to come on the show with evidence that Linder is a kike on and off for years now but nobody can do it.

One of the arguments somebody tried to make in an email was, “just as you say Shaun, it’s a gut feeling” and I answer simply, “Don’t bullshit me. It’s one thing to have a gut feeling about somebody like Gage that came out of nowhere… It’s another to accuse somebody like Linder, that has proven himself, not just with his information, but through the test of time…”

People love to try playing funny buggers with me but it doesn’t work. I’m an “introvert”. Hahahahahaha!


The reason the retards/perverts call Linder a Jew is because he attacks Jewish christ-insanity & they are infected with it.


There’s been a lot of ego mania on display here lately. I hate to hear cliques bitching about other cliques. Is it because there’s more competition in dissident media? Anglin has his faults, I’ve always thought Stormer too deliberately offensive to strike any blows against globalism. But we can’t be too obsessive about people’s pasts. I mean Kyle was into some kooky shit, Red Ice still has the kookiest shit in its playlists. The only person who seems to have been born a dissident, ironically is Richard Spencer. Regarding Sinead, its not that she’s a woman, its the kooky shit she still entertains and the fight picking — actions which could seem like those of a provocateur, especially if she’s managed to divert renegade into… Read more »