Renegade Roundtable: Kyle & Drew Host (6-25-16)


Kyle and Drew talk about implicit pyramid schemes and other current events before talking to Keith, Jeb and Johnathan about an assortment of different topics, such as: mind control, transhumanism, controlled options, implicit and explicit Whiteness, how to resist, and so much more.

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7 years ago

Good show, esp. second hour when folks called in.

O.T. – the U2 is still being used:

Hail Victory!

7 years ago

If the grubby hand rubbers had not wanted to cut loss and consolidate, then surely Brexit would not have happened -Cameron wouldn’t have gave an attempt at providing the goy with such a “chivalrous” (((we lost))),but it will be A OK on our peachy little island speech and the next day amidst anti austerity anal-ache FIRMLY denounce and crush the dreams/talk of there being another referendum…….

7 years ago

Of all the threats to our well-being in day to day life, from chemtrails to GMO, exposure to the emissions from conventional packaged cigarettes is the most immediate, especially since the implementation of the “Fire Standards Compliant” banded papers in all ZOG nations. Coincidence? I think not. What’s emitted by those things are more than a passing irritant to the bystander. Among other things, they release neurotoxins (or, a neurotoxin) that are effective at very small concentrations and whose effects persist for hours. From my own experience, it can take twelve hours for the symptoms to clear which can make it difficult to recognize where they are coming from and that they are avoidable. From a practical standpoint, they are not avoidable since people are… Read more »

Was Not Was
Reply to  WarOnMan
7 years ago

FSC cigarette paper is truly a bitch. I forget the name of the toxic chemical in it, but it is only toxic when it is burning. Crazy. Yes, the fuckers are after us. It’s not just cigarette paper, though. Febreeze and Lysol, which are used every fucking-where are filled with neurotoxins and other dangerous chemicals. All synthetically-scented products contain neurotoxins. Every car wash in my city now uses a cherry scent in the soap. Get a nice dose of neurotoxins while washing your car. For Christs sake, who the fuck needs scented soap to wash their damn car. No wonder everyone is bat-shit fucking crazy and stupid as hell.

Ingrid B
7 years ago

I`ve noticed for some time that things are no longer made to last, the reason being profit. Regarding infrastructure, the finances which should be used to repair US infrastructure, are probably being used to destroy the infrastructure in places like Yemen, and Syria..

Shawna Marie
7 years ago

Another great roundtable lots of inspiration thank you all.

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