Renegade Roundtable: Kyle & Drew – Studio Session (4-21-18)

Kyle speaks with Drew in the new Renegade studio, while also taking some callers. They discuss life after Renegade, different current events, kratom and getting off the booze, controlled opposition characters, and much more.

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What are good suppliers of kraton? Fun show from the cool garage. Renegade slays controlled opposition, and it’s of critical importance because they drain the vitality of any momentum.

It’s great to hear Drew again. Friends helping each other out, brill! I do admire all you young parents who have to walk the jew kikerope of making a living, keeping your children & wife safe, but then calling out the perps of this rotten stressful society. The jews have destroyed White families and communities, and then offer us their poison: drugs, drink, junk food, sport or entertainment as a cure for the stress; and its not always over money either. A lot of rich folk succumb, due to loneliness or isolation. That Swedish dj, Avincii, died of alcohol-related abuse at just 28. Young, talented and super wealthy, but even that is not enough. What did he have to do, or witness, to get to… Read more »

Interesting talk on kratom. I know some people that could use it.

If you want to get off smoking then vaping is a good alternative. A lot of people have switched to it here in Australia where cigarette prices are about $30 or more a pack. I’ve saved a lot of money since switching to vaping and I don’t cough nearly as much now.

Speaking about controlled opposition the biggest one now is qanon. It’s got quite a following and is super pro Trump. Qanon explains everything that he does as 4D chess basically.

Qanon exposes the Muslim brotherhood infiltration of America. I bet you are glad that someone is addressing that threat. All this time we worried about Jews and it was Muslims all along. 🙄

So basically… Alex Jones for millennials 😕

…and autistes.

I for one am extremely grateful for Renegades role in exposing the frauds in our movement. I’m not always happy about hearing it but RB plays a vital role in helping to sharpen our people’s discernment.

Jus’ sayin’, HELP!!!!


The reconquista seems to be well under way. Aided and abetted by traitors. There are still laws against treason in the US right?

Great show! Glad to hear Drew’s voice again! My comment is not intended to attack Sean but rather to refute his strategy. Exposing lies as far and wide as we can is our PRIMARY STRATEGY. The brutal truth is that on AVERAGE Jews are more intelligent than Whites. The good news is there are still weigh more High IQ Whites than there are TOTAL Jews!!! We have to get this information to them. They need to know they are in a war for their EXISTENCE whether they realize it or not. And I have to admit Sober Vegans dedicated to the cause are a better bet than Drunk Men with high cholesterol animal fat flowing through their veins. My happy place is in the middle.… Read more »
You say: “The brutal truth is that on AVERAGE Jews are more intelligent than Whites.” Maybe that’s true if you’re referring to memorized facts and cunning strategies, but it comes up false in terms of true wisdom and it speaks of their (not all but most) desperate insecurity, where evil seems a viable path. Look at the first 2 syllables of the word “intelligence.” In-tell. That seems to refer to what the inner self is telling the person. This could reveal a corrupted core or an un-corrupted core, essence intact, pro-survival, reverence for life. Just my philosophical take. But it’s really hard to hear anyone elevate them in any capacity. That which succumbs to evil is ultimately horribly deficient in intelligence. –
I agree with your last sentence that higher intelligence doesn’t succumb to evil. It creates it! Good and Evil are creations of higher consciousness based on perceptions of what “ Ought to Be “. Mother Nature only rewards the victor. This may be the biggest mistake of our people. The more we have advanced in technology and medicine; the more we wanted to help non whites to a higher standard of living. Even to our own detriment. The Jews have managed to subvert our efforts by their “in-tell” (( in group preference)), by convincing our own people that if we network in pursuit of our interests it’s selfish and evil. Christianity has given them a 2000 year head start. They have already shed much of… Read more »
Thanks, Tony. I have to accept that we each look through our own lens which means we each get to define for ourselves what “higher intelligence” means. My definition has nothing to do with creating, and perpetrating, and perpetuating evil. That is a low frequency. It was sold to us that the dark side is fiercely intelligent. For me that was a lie to place us in some kind of position of respecting it, being in awe of its unlit power. Bullpoop. I say, undress that lie, and take it to its knees, and like Glinda, the good witch of The Wizard of Oz, declare, “Be Gone; you have no power here!!” “Higher,” as I understand it, is without deception, and certainly without forced control.… Read more »
And thank you as well, Liz. This is not a conflict but rather an exchange of ideas. If higher intelligence is with out deception than how do you explain the relationship between deceivers and believers? You don’t think people who have a better understanding of reality take advantage of those who don’t? No this isn’t Kansas Dorothy and we need to do more than click our heels. The greatest power of the Jews is their ability to DECEIVE. I often hear people say they don’t believe Jews are really that intelligent because of the absurd arguments they make. What they fail to realize is that Jews argue whatever they think will sell to their audience at the time. Not what they actually believe. This is… Read more »

The Talmud teaches them to never give in on arguments and keep applying their sophistry and use of turning the argument around by any means necessary against the goy. That’s not intelligence, it’s insanity. iq traditionally was measured for visio-spacial, and now, lo’ and behold there are this original type evaluation and now J’s value THEIR verbal IQ, so they move the goal post? No, they don’t merely move it, the put up another goal post altogether. SEE, THEY WIN AGAIN, huh? hahahah They cheat at everything. EV-ER-Y-thing. Dig? Have a great day.

I do agree with what you say here: “The greatest power of the Jews is their ability to DECEIVE.” Again, for me that has nothing to do with anything “higher.” Good can interact with evil without becoming it. I think I’ve said as much as I can on this. Hard to talk me out of holding up a higher bar that transcends evil. Too coded into my experience, my psyche. One is not the other. Ghost Man O War adds some good points too, especially re “insanity.” Ya know, Tony, sometimes when I sleep on something a night or two, more will come to me. If it does, I’ll post it here. Thanks for helping me stretch. –

Thanks for being such a good sport! This is how we grow or “stretch” as you put it. We covered intelligence well enough. I want to open another can of worms. Is nature Good, Evil, Both, or Indifferent? Where do natural disasters fall in this spectrum?

I’m laughing that this question was kinda directed toward me, though, as we well know, anyone may chime in, take a shot at it. It may be there are no wrong answers. Well, seems to me, this whole “nature” thing is a mass of biological agreements: birthing, decaying, dying, and birthing again. One big recycling center. Always balancing. All we have is what’s here, and what may come here from parts unknown. Stream of consciousness – no idea where I’m going with this. Continuing… We (humans) used to understand nature more before a century of invasive technologies dulled our perceptions and limited our participation. We’ve made ourselves alien to it, to some degree. I heard that ages ago one could close eyes and yet determine… Read more »
If I challenge you on any of this I can’t back it up either! Which is where I was going with this. All sides can be argued adequately. What is True North when it comes to Good and Evil? I know that the ancients could read the stars and navigate land and sea; so what you suggest with eyes closed is not that far fetched. Your inner ear is just as important to your balance as your eyes. So who knows? I was leaning towards indifferent but you persuaded me it’s GOOD! Yes the the glass is half full! The facts maybe the same, but at the end of the day your perception is your reality. I’m sure your compass is more fine tuned than… Read more »
I think we need to talk about conscious intent. Good or bad or both or indifferent feelings can come from a natural disaster. Hey, it could swallow up that old washing machine motor out in the neighbors yard, OR it could burst up bubblin’ crude like JD Clampett when he was just shootin for some food. He could have saved a bullet, eh? Outcomes can be good or bad or neutral via natural disasters. There was no conscious intent though so the outcome would be unintended by anything of conscience. Nature isn’t GOOD or EVIL, it’s TRUTH. If it’s not truth, it’s unnatural. You can’t prove nature to be false ever, if someone thinks they have they lack data. It’s like someone getting grants and… Read more »
Tony and Ghost Man O War, many clever thoughts and observations here. If only they somehow lead to solution, to a beautifully free world. Who knows, maybe they do. Someone once told me to consider, in terms of all things pondered or concluded: “The opposite is also true.” That almost makes me feel like “Why bother?” Ha!! Another person I met actually told me she gave it up when she was in her late teens, concluded it was unknowable and gave her self the relief of no longer wondering about it. I was a little jealous of that because it was something I was unable to do, even unto this very day. To get what existence is, so basic and primal, and so very, very,… Read more »