Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (1-23-16)


Kyle starts things off then speaks with Michelle, Jasper, Ashley, Ed, Sinead, Jeb about a variety of topics related to our folk, such as Donald Trump tweeting about White Genocide, ethnic Europeans being pitted against each other, blacks being promoted over Whites in sports, and how we can take a proactive stance in fighting our destruction rather than just having a victim mentality.

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Jack Boot
6 years ago

The NYF pretty much burst onto the scene in the early part of 2015 under the chairmanship of Angelo Gage. You’ve probably heard the guy speak and of course he has said some on point things in his time. The NYF was mostly known for it’s bold and audacious videos that often spoke of how fast and big the NYF would grow, and how many great things lay ahead. They did do some offline stuff to be fair. There was some pretty low level stuff at a few college campuses, I mean low level in that it was flyers being put on notice boards and the like. I’m personally not a fan of flyers, at least not used in this way. Too 1980’s. Too easily… Read more »

Lawrence Forthright
6 years ago

I have watched Gage’s videos since he first came onto the scene and I do not trust the guy. Gage is a self-styled expert in hypnotism and neuro-linguistic programming and as such is fully cognizant of his word choices and sentence structure when speaking. Oftentimes, when Gage speaks he chooses words which may confuse the mind, as they conflict with the subject at hand or conflict with previous sentences/statements etc. Gage also attacked Dr. Pierce in a recent video, who in my estimation is a great man who should be cherished and valued, not undermined as attempted by Gage. Gage’s microexpressions often do not match the message he is trying to sell, as they often suggest deceit or contempt. Gage really wants to be the… Read more »

Reply to  Lawrence Forthright
6 years ago

I love Angelo Gage! He is genuine. He has passion and fire. I’ve only been aware of him since November and so I know very little of the NYF. In listening to 10 hours of Angelo Gage since November 15, I’ve never heard him once ask for money. I have heard him many times state that he is not the smartest nor the best and does not want to be a leader and that other better people should lead the movement. To me he embodies the type of guy we want in your movement. He has studied all the occult, history, politics info about the conspiracy and the jews. He has been to war and so is not a pussy but also realises that violence… Read more »

Jake Island North
6 years ago

Nice Round Table . With reference to the CUBE that was discussed earlier in the program , it is connected to the planet Saturn . The cube symbolizes Saturn . Kronos is the God of Saturn . He is distinguished by his white beard . White beard is symbolism of Saturn The Grim Reaper is connected to Saturn . Saturn is Satan . The cube ( Saturn via Satan via Black Lord ) is honored and worshipped by most of the world manipulators , along with their followers . This is huge ! Seeing and knowing how intensely we are controlled by the Jesuits and the Vatican , most of what we encounter in our daily lives has some form of Jewish signature. Ever wonder… Read more »

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