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9 years ago

I understand that not everyone understands extreme music and that it’s an “acquired ear,” for most. That’s why metal is “esoteric.” But you would be surprised how very pro-European the depth of the art really is…

I highly recommend you view this article on the link below:

I strongly recommend to undersand the meaning behind the music by reading section 2.2 Philosophy first!

9 years ago

Btw, I would like you to retract your remark of me sending you pictures of my black metal attire to you for Halloween. I felt a tad mocked and insulted by that remark. Metal is not for everyone, I understand. But’ it’s also not a joke! Ask Dana Antiochus if you want to know more. He know’s what I’m talking about. Thanks nonetheless for taking me on the show.

9 years ago

One other thing you might find intereseting. Check out this other link:

Everything you can find out straightforward about National Socialist Black Metal.

9 years ago

I would not be offended, Alex. It is funny to some because of the amount of time they’ve heard you talk about extreme metal, that is all. Some people hate it and would undoubtedly say bad things, but it is even found humorous among those who enjoy it. This is due to you talking so extensively about a niche topic on a show whose listenership is broad in both age and opinion.

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