Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (11-26-16)


Kyle ends up talking to chris dorsey, Gadsen, Russ Winter, and Jeff about fashy controlled dissent, the child rape rings that are now pervasive in all ruling structures, and how to address these criminals.

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There was the UK solicitor scandal a couple of month back with ben emmerson. When they went to investigate about 4 other lawyers resigned and just fucked off somewhere. And no one calls them up on it, no one goes after them, they just let them quit and fuck off. Unbelieveable. The entire system is based on this farming and rape of our people and children, at the “top” the whole thing is corrupt like this. Everybody is one of these scumbags. The news is an institurion designed to censor and control information so these fucks can get away with it.


We are just chattel the hate. Not sure why Dorsy always pushes the kosher “Russia did it line”. As far as UK this story says it all.

“Saudi millionaire who said he ‘accidentally tripped and penetrated’ teenage girl cleared of rape

He said it was possible he had semen on his hands from having sex with a 24-year-old woman…….


Good show guys!

About Putin, I just found this clip a few days ago:

Putin kisses boy’s belly

I bet that murdered ex-agent was right when he accused Putin of pedophilia.


The killed kgb guy in the UK was smuggling radioactive material for the Jewish mob and left a trail of such contamination. The cover story and smear was a petty assassination of a nobody smuggler. The belly kissing thing can just as well be explained by culture and innocent respect much like kissing on two cheeks being spun as adultery. Let’s focus on the west and remember the So called “jews” are a Russian tribe of phalic worshiping nomadic cult. Semitic Jews were destroyed for evil and never repented but for a few. East and West could never mix without one being destroyed and in bondage. At best there can be trade but Jews always tempt the Western mind with “the secret mystery and beliefs… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Could pizzagate be timed to coincide with the Jill Stein recount? Implicate both Clinton and Trump to keep Baz & Mike in the WH? Trans-ition out of chaos? We have a large scandal breaking in the UK about paedophilia in football and now spreading to other sports. Is this also timed to take the heat off the fake investigation into the real jewish/gov/royals child rape and murder? Two strange articles in (((DM))) online today: Rosie O’D saying that Barron Trump may be autistic and a former wealthy internet mogul who filmed Gelatin art grp in twin tower, is now a paranoid ‘down and out,’ who thinks the fbi want to kill him. They also mention that some of the 4-person art team were arabs lol.… Read more »


What are your thoughts on the Hollie Greig case?


Like most things, it’s hard to get to the bottom of this. As usual, I think there was skullduggery but her mom is sus, Robert Green is sus and Brian Gerrish who constantly plugs this story is sus.


The pedo scandals are definitely tied to intelligence disclosures. Wikileaks has been functioning to benefit trump and maintain the 911 official narrative so I see them as a potential likud/mossad outlet. I think they are intended to potentially bring down all .major competing governments as israel moves into the lead. This move to bring UK and USA down while moving israel up in terms of hegemony has been known for some time. I think israel will still attempt to run things quietly though because there’s no way they would let China run part of the world like they are claiming. Once they have all nations in a completely domineered state the gloating and torture of non-jews at large will go down. Who knows when that… Read more »


Why would the (((MSM / CIA))) make a campaign of re-bunking pizzagate & smearing its researchers, under the umbrella of their recent “fake news problem” campaign, with (((goog/YT/FB/twit))) instantly jumping on board; if this were just a friendly little DC pizza shop under scrutiny? Good question! Reminds me of CIA’s early ’90s introduction of their “False Memory Syndrome” scam behind the proxy of an independent sounding org, and they enlisted their (((MSM))) to promote it & edumukate the public re this new pretend “syndrome.” Nothing but a preemptive discrediting of the army of childhood MK-Ultra/SRA victims who weren’t murdered, and whose multiple personalities were unraveling, and who were ripe for going public re what they’d experienced… probably in avalanche fashion. Goo/Tube search: CIA False Memory… Read more »


Kyle, I read Anglin’s article “White Knighting is Dangerous!” He’s one sick puppy. IMO the biggest tragedy to the story isn’t that he confronted the abuser but that he didn’t beat him to the draw. Guns aren’t props for a movie. They’re tools that can save your life in a violent confrontation. Besides he could have yelled from a distance or honked his horn. Telling men to do nothing is worse than cowardly; it’s cold and uncaring. I’m not aware of any study that shows short men are more likely to be abusers.


I read it too. Conclusion is that most abused women stay with the abuser for some reason and that they also use abuse experiences to gain sympathy.
A random criminal that beats up women or anyone for that matter, needs to be dealt with of course.
Nothing wrong with the observation, especially nowadays where women are supposed to be and allegedly equal and are not dependent on men in any way.


They may stay with their abuser but I highly doubt it’s simply to gain sympathy. I detect some major salt in your comment.


Why would you stay with an abuser? And I have heard so many women gossip about how bad their husbands/boyfriends are. And those weren’t even abusive partners. If they don’t like their men, why be with him? Why brag about how catastrophic their relationship is?
Don’t feel included if you aren’t like this.

Sinead McCarthy

You could also ask the same question about young boys who are sexually abused and continue to sell their bodies on the street. Why don’t they just leave? Well, because they have nowhere to go, or they will just end up dead. The same goes for women and girls in abusive situations. Often women are afraid of repercussions such as murder or rape for leaving an abusive partner. Many women try to keep their marriages or relationships intact for their children. Ever hear of Stockholm Syndrome? Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon first described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. These feelings… Read more »


That’s the same argument as pathological altruism on white genocide.


That’s why it’s so important that we fight this war for our survival on all fronts and not have monovision. We have to discern who our abusers are and who are the hostages to enemy propaganda that we are trying to save.


Oh, you’re saying these women are mentally ill. What should be done to help them? Institutionalize them? I close my case.


You clearly have an emotional component driving your responses. De-conditioning them is the appropriate action. Differential reinforcement of healthy behaviors and attitudes and punishment of unhealthy behaviors and attitudes. In behavioral science punishment means to remove reinforcement or initiate consequences that eliminate the behavior. It DOES NOT require physical or psychological harm.


So I asked my wife to read the Stormer article and what she thinks of it. Here is here answer:

Women are gullible and wannabe world changers. As they grow older, they get it that this won’t work out and eventually stop associating with the wrong people.
I read about the Walmart incident. He could’ve been a dormant psychopath and she had no idea.. physically, women can never live up to a man.
Does that mean a stranger should step in? Up to him. I wouldn’t. Too dangerous and he might lose his own life over stuff that doesn’t concern him. Look, nature isn’t fair. Animals kill other animals and no one will ever question that.
If there were kids involved, it’s more reasonable to help imo.


It’s a result of conditioning typically. They are raised in an abusive home. Their association of love is formed around chaotic and abusive interactions. This is why a healthy nuclear family is so important or you wind up with broken masses who have poor relations leading to poor societal conditions. There is definitely not a sympathy component driving the relationship. There are much easier and safer ways to get sympathy. Just look at the jews. Lie. Lie BIG. People clearly are less likely to call you on it and you don’t need to get personally beat for it.

Go look into sexual perversions and the typical processes leading to them. It’s the same thing. Abnormal conditioning at a very young age.


Ok. Speaking of rape hoaxing to gain sympathy. Lying their asses off and when caught, lying again that they didn’t actually mean what they said. If a man says “I will kill you”, he goes straight to prison. Women be like -oh my emotions went overboard. I didn’t mean it- aka I lied but I’m a woman, what else should I do. Of course, it’s common sense to know women often say things they don’t mean. That’s why men don’t take them full (and women never had voting rights etc before Jew feminist revolution) or to this day, men switch to -one ear in other ear out- mode, when it’s appeared that women talk and talk and talk without communicating any reasonable thoughts but to… Read more »


Unlike chris, I do not see the magazines, Playboy, Penthouse, Jugs, etc. as simply displays of naked women for adult entertainment, but my research proves are jew-inspired pornography that is harmful to women and men alike. I thank Evalion for her recent video, “Evalion on Cucks and Porn.”


Serious pluck!


2000ft wall


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Donphuk Witmee

Better chuck some tendies in the microwave & chug back your energy drink of choice then! Soon you’ll have a nice wall… just like Israel… :/