Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (2-11-17)

Kyle speaks to Leifkin, Seth, David, and Ralph about many important topics, including the clash of civilizations, the role of religion, Aryans, art, and so much more. Image by BranWulf.

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Anyway this was a great show with lots how good information.




“The religion, which can be called a religion par excellence, is, of course, Judaism.”

Alexander Dugin


The jews want to scare us and brain bash us into a state of despair with their wizard of oz theatrical hyperbole and news media propaganda spin. They want us to stop fighting of our own accord because the jew sees that we are closing in on it and it wants to avoid us turning up on their proverbial and possibly literal mansionstep. They are hoping they can scare us enough to give in, in order to avoid a confrontation. Call their bluff. It is important that we keep our eye on the jew and keep our relations with other races and religions straight (not that I am advocating any of them). We just have to remember WHY we are having pops at each other,… Read more »


The reason why Hitler didn’t invade Switzerland is the same reason why no one have invaded it. It’s a giant fortress. I read that they where planing to invaded it but it was to risky and they couldn’t do it by air either.


“Adolf Hitler, the Man who Fought the Jewish run Banks” and “Adolf Hitler’s Warning” also great videos at YouTube, with the statement, “History is written by the victors.”


Re Adolf Hitler’s ‘relationship’ with the Banksters, PoliticallyIncorrect 6/4/16 posted a great video, “Adolf Hitler vs. Rothschilds Banking Cartel”. At youtube, PC notes, “Once awakened to the truth, you will find Germany was attacked because of their removal of the banking cartels in Germany.”


Excellent show-I have same feelings towards art as you’ve expressed. Europe was being drowned and sickened by treachery and reds-jewish antics all over again post ww1 and so many desperately yearned for the return of the sun,another true “master”would come. He would not be kept away,soon all to be free and enlightened by this sons rise -beauty and creativity gave nourishment and thousands of artist would even serve under that master artist one day but a thousand years reign it would not be….A quick search and one can quickly discover what was cherished in the Reich & what was not and its quite easy to tell why.


Very great roundtable discussion. Much appreciated!