Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (3-11-17)

Kyle takes calls from Andrew, Alex, Sean, and John Smith about a variety of topics, such as: the PizzaGate protest, the use of the swastika, the Amazon shoah, CIA surveillance and so much more.

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I’m shocked there’s still so many trumptarded “listeners”. clearly they’re not doing the latter. you said it best Kyle, they’re stuck in the Bagelian Dialectic. shame.

Andrew needs to have his ass banned from the roundtable until he can learn to not interrupt Kyle. That was irritating as hell.

He also needs to get up to speed with his level of awareness before calling in. He’s slowing the flow of conversation by having to be schooled by Kyle on basic stuff.

Saying someone’s name a lot is a technique that’s supposed to suggest a rapport or familiarity, that’s why telemarketers use it all the time with scripts. Something I noticed in this situation.

David Duke has also admitted to the Holohoax being a reality. Elie Weisel has been shown to have fabricated 5 million non-jew deaths to garner sympathy for the jews and the 6 million alleged jew deaths is actually 3 million because Auschwitz officially lowered its jew death toll from 4 million to 1 million (therefore, remove 3 million from original 6 million = 3 million total deaths), yet everyone continues to parrot 6 million total jew deaths.

Google Images = Auschwitz lowers death toll from 4 million to 1 million.

This is official, as it was lowered by the Polish government and Auschwitz Holocaust Memorial.

Very disheartened to hear about Eric Hunt’s 180˚ turn. His last documentary was excellent, and was looking forward to ‘part 2’ — which will obviously never materialise now. I listened to part of Eric Hunt’s recent debate with Fritz Berg and it’s apparent that Eric has NOT had a change of heart because he is under some kind of duress…he is now using the talking points of the ‘believer’ side and is willing to spend hours defending his new position. No way that’s natural and organic — this is a psy-op move made by an infiltrator. Makes me wonder if he ever went to prison or if the stories he told about living in his car while making documentaries are true. The timing is suspicious,… Read more »
Here in the jew-K, the (((bbc))) are currently filming a 5 part (((thriller))) series called SS-GB based on a 1978 novel by Len Deighton. The (((DM))) online (sorry can’t link, but just type in: “nazis on the doorstep of buck palace” ) shows pictures of officers and guards filming on the Mall with a landed spitfire. jew producer of course and just more indoctrination for folk. They just keep having to reinforce the notion that the German people were evil – and charge stupid goyim a tv licence fee in the process. PS Good show Kyle. Just wish callers were a bit more aware of events, so you didn’t have to keep going over old ground. Also not allowing you to reply, or keep talking… Read more »


Is that the one that was in the jewspaper as “what would have happened if Hitler won” with swastikas everywhere?

Yep Sky, the jews went to town with it in their rags. Will probably air in July, the start of the actual battle. Wouldn’t put it past them. I can’t believe i paid a licence fee for 30yrs, to be brain-scrambled by jews!

Oh lordy, yes, I know the one. I had to laugh when I saw the gloomy desaturated colour grading and the Swastika draped everywhere and the barbed wire… Good god. I would howl if it was badly received and slammed. The irony is this is what England WILL be like as it CURRENTLY is, except you can replace the Swaz with an israeli flag.

I am not even going there. Although on some level I feel it is because of more propaganda they are vomiting out because of people waking up.

Anthony could you call into a show sometime?

You wouldn’t want that Shawna, i’d make even “Andrew” appear riveting lol. That’s very nice of you, but i’m too old and far too shy. I mess up these comments with mistakes, let alone speaking live!

Lol Anthony yes I can relate to that. You are a grounding & balanced force within the comments here.

Omg. “Andrew” caused me to have a major triggeritis flare up! Holy shit. Must take triggeritis medication stat!

Oh ya… What’s up with the guy who keeps interrupting, rambling and talking over Kyle throughout the whole show and why does he insist on constantly switching topics in an annoying, ‘let’s not let others get their two cents in’ way? Is he drunk or on drugs? Is he another annoying David? Or just completely self-absorbed? Normal people speak and then allow others to speak. It’s what happens when we are apart of a little something called ‘society’.

This is a subtle hint to ‘Check your behavior’, play well with others and stop taking advantage of Kyle’s generous nature.


I see others have touched on the Andrew situation.
Hey Kyle, here’s a car ride music suggestion: CDs of marches from National Socialist Germany. Listen to the Westerwald and Panzer Lieds at a high enough volume and you’ll be driving like a f___ing BOSS in no time!

To the caller who said that “nazi” has been vilified beyond redemption is wrong and needs to check himself. Firstly “nazi” is a jew term, so lose the NAWTZI label. All the shit that has been thrown at the NASDAP will wash off, it is just that we are being pelted by it at the moment. NASDAP and NS cannot be touched. Sticks and stones: they have neither only words that can never hurt. All it is, is just manipulation of perception. They will not succeed in soiling the Hakenkreutz. Fuck the jew, all of the jews. Every single last one of the grotty cunts. Just because a bunch of kikes want to make it look bad OOOOH YES LETS ALL JUST BOW DOWN TO… Read more »

Agree Sky, but just be mindful of the language used. However angry, we don’t have to sink to their degenerate levels. Understand the passion it garners in people though.

Apologia. I don’t consider myself the best example of our people, but I am working on it.

“Expose the DOJ Pedogate Cover Up: March on D.C. 3/25/17” video posted today by

Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen

Really good program today. A lot of good and important imformation. Thank you.

Fedt at se at der er andre dansker her 🙂

someone in comments stated that ‘house of tudor’ = ‘house of judah’ .. i looked into it and seems plausible. if you read the account of the conclusion to the battle of bosworth field, it shows very jewish behavior from henry and very english behavior from richard. you should check it out. also, it’s semi well known that the queen is ‘german’. obviously it’s far more likely that she is a german jew than actually german.

You will find that the UK student sharing child porn and beastiality was Jewish and the courts and press allowed him to be “prosecuted” under his mothers maiden name and not his high power Jewish family name.

Also the queens household and Israel bodyguards speak Hebrew… I think they follow the lost Jewish tribe con going on for ages. The Jews were/are famous for killing royal children and substituting there own