Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (4-15-17)

Kyle takes the table to discuss the push for WW3, Trump’s turn and his Alt Right supporters, the battle in Berkeley, non-linear warfare, the need to take action, and more. He is joined by John Smith and Sean from California.

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Angelo Gage is an informant/fed, whose whole persona has been carefully scripted/engineered by his FBI handlers. I have watched almost every video ‘made by’ Gage and it is clear to me he is being handled by some very crafty and sly feds, as Gage has always followed the 95/5 rule of any fed/informant, which is 95% truth and 5% lies, which are meant to sow dissent, lead astray and create doubt/paralysis within the minds of the viewers. Gage has been involved in some very shady fund raising schemes in the past, meant to tarnish the image of White Nationalists as a whole, as he held fund raisers and then did not follow through with his promises or dragged his feet in following out those promises.… Read more »

Two groups of useful idiots led by a small group of jews/agents, fighting over a jewish child raper. All that jew money spent on setting up or infiltrating these groups, will pay back now.

I have just watched the Damigo clip and my first reaction is that it was staged. Just before the punch, a “blond” man is shown pretending to punch someone on the floor. His blows and actions are fake if you look closely. Then we see mighty midget wade in at the girl, who seems to be positioning herself for the blow. That blow is to her forehead. The camera quickly turns away, like in all the staged cop-on-blacks hoax shootings. It is pure hollywood, but will make the jewlines.

I had said there are now more camera angles on that punch then the Zapruder film

Because every person there has a video camera on their phone. This wasn’t staged, not everything is staged and not everyone is a paid jew shill. And yes, if there is an antifa woman that sought you out to attack you, and is attacking you, then punch her lights out.

“…an antifa woman that sought you out to attack you, and is attacking you…” Maybe you watched a different event? I watched the footage from several angles over & over. What you described here never happened but I did see Damigo run in from a distance away, punch her & then run away into the crowd again. Don’t get me wrong, this particular female who works in the porn industry, has a fucked up commie mentality & most likely has jewish blood deserved everything she got BUT what Damigo did was no honorable action. Siding with either one is exactly what your jewish masters want you do you silly goy. Divide & conquer has been working for the JEW for a very long time &… Read more »
First off I didn’t know this was a pro Trump rally. The girl had a glass bottle in her hand and you can see Nathan in the background beating random people’s asses one by one then punched her cause she was next to him at the moment. Nathan is a suit and tie white nationalist why the fuck would we not support him over this commie bitch that would kill you in a second. You people at renegade talk endless shit about literally everyone that is pro white but not a host of renegade. What do you expect for a group of 15 people that Renegade deems perfect specimens to overthrow the government and create national socialism. Even Scott Roberts is a fed shill according… Read more »

Scott Roberts wants “date night” with Andrew Anglin. Run for the shills!

Scott Roberts even donates money to Anglin. I’m not even joking.

How do you know that he donates money to Anglin?

Because Scott Robert’s even said it himself:

Scott Roberts is the most disappointing turn coat so far. His obsession with the mongrel midget always bothered me.

“You people at renegade blah blah blah…”
Why are you here? What is YOUR agenda?

I will refer to Renegades own standards in their article “The Punch Seen Around the World”. “With all that being said, does this look good for our cause? And does celebration of this punch by pro-Whites help attract the kind of people we need to be successful?” Does it look good to call everyone a tranny? To make fun of people’s mix raced kids before they were racially aware? To make fun of a guy Brian Ruhe’s brain seizures or whatever he has. To go around calling white nationalist people fat (who aren’t even fat). Anything embarrassing someone might have done on social media or in their past to blast it front and center and repeatedly rub their nose in it. Calling people manlets and… Read more »
Come on dude really? Renegade is nowhere near as offensive and tasteless as the majority of the alt right. The leaders of the Alt Right who act “professional” are boring and no different then fox news. I love how you guys always ask for proof. Some of us don’t need proof to tell whether someone is a fag or a tranny we have gaydar. I as a listener do not mind their personal attacks against the so called white nationalist that you speak of because I think they deserve it, just like you think the Antifa girl deserved to be punched. Not everyone shares the same values and it is pretty obvious that the idea of right and wrong is up to the individual at… Read more »

Just because someone sat with their legs crossed once doesn’t make them a fag. You guys are out of control, everyone thinks so. There’s a difference between disagreeing with people and stating why you disagree, and acting like lunatics.

dlskjdkl I just saw this reply on Millenial Woes comments section to a female interested in white survival. “stfu. Put on a burka and get a male relative to walk you home. We’re on White Sharia hours now!” I am pretty sure I know who are the lunatics and it isn’t Kyle and Sinead.

You are talking about comment sections on the internet. Those are the most deranged people on the planet and a bunch of them are probably jews. From what I understand there are thousands of jews on a payroll to troll the internet.
“But the alt right was on the Trump train!” Yeah because the only other option is violent overthrow of the government and people wanted to try Trump first. Its not easy going out to fight and die.

“You guys are out of control, everyone thinks so.”
So you’re the spokesman for EVERYONE now & you know what EVERYONE thinks? Wow! You really are naive & out of touch with reality!

Renegade has more talent than anyone on the brains and news side of things, but they have the behavior of that ‘catch me outside how bout that’ girl. This is why nobody wants anything to do with them, why Kyle has to go by himself to AIPAC and why Enoch, Spencer, and even Nathan Damigo can get decent sized crowds together. The only guy that maybe would coordinate with Renegade would be Scott Roberts and they even scared him off by repeatedly calling him a fat fuck fed and threatening that they will expose him.

We never threatened your boyfriend. We don’t need to threaten him. He’s exposing himself for the fat fucking fraud that he is. Now run along and go praise kek.

“Renegade has more talent than anyone on the brains and news side of things… You’re correct on this but so woefully wrong on everything else. Plus why do you keep pretending to speak on behalf of everyone else? Are you so insecure in your own flimsy opinion that you have to try & make it appear that EVERYONE else is on your “side”? I mean it’s pretty obvious to anyone with common sense that “…nobody wants anything to do with them…” is blatantly false for a host of reasons, the exhaustive efforts of busy little trolls in the comments being just one of the many proofs to support this. The basic psychology of your very weak arguing skills (it’s definitely not debating) is on display… Read more »

Sinead gets bashed on a regular basis far more than anyone else that I have seen. When I see people in their own alt kike platforms bashing Sinead I don’t write out some long whiny diatribe trying to protect her like you are with Damigo. That is the problem with you people, you are so brain washed and obsessed with the alt right that you think it is the end all be all for white people which is very naive. You should have some more critical thinking skills and more suspicion of people and their information instead of lapping up everything you hear from them as truth.

I’ve never once heard anyone criticize Sinead or Renegade. Nobody has ever even brought them up. I’ve heard Greg Johnson once say jokingly “be careful what you say, Renegade might make a sound bite of out of that” and John Friend say Renegade is a bit out of control and the guest agreeing. Nobody is criticizing them, she gets trolled in her comments sections just like everyone else, and stalked by an autistic guy with a bowl cut.

The entire agenda of the alt right is to shame criticize, and blame white women. The content creators perpetuate this rhetoric and block anyone who disagrees with them. Alt Rights number one enemy is white women therefore alt right is an enemy of the European race.

You are talking about Andrew Anglin and Matt Heimbach. That’s the same as if I blame what they say on Renegade. I’ve never heard anyone else say such things. I’ve heard Kevin Macdonald say women are more prone to be for open borders, which is a fact. White women vote more left than men do. I’ve listened to a lot of these alt right podcasts, they don’t ever even bring women up outside of Anglin and I suppose Lana Laktoff. These raging misogynists are all in the Daily Stormer camp. Once on the daily shoah sven made a woman joke and everyone agreed to just not even make jokes. The people that are super misogynist like Mike Cernovich the alt right fucking hates.

And while we’re on the subject of divide & conquer/manufactured opposition – why do you think the new “defenders” of the right are called “Proud Boys”? If you don’t think that sounds as gay as fuck then you’re waaaaay gone! So now you have Gay Pride on the left & Proud Boys on the right – you really just couldn’t make this shit up LMFAO! The fact that so many suckers fall for it is testament to just how fucked in the head & ignorant of reality the majority of people on both “sides” are. But hey alt-righters, keep believing & following – you have a right to practice your religion like any other #HappyGoy out there… PS. Just to ram it home & double… Read more »

The more i watch the punch, the more convinced iam it was staged. The camera seems to follow that oddly-dressed Boris Johnson blond “nazi.” All his punches are fake and you never see his face – defo crisis actor.
Also, i have just realized among the shouting you clearly hear: ” kill, kill, Kyle, Kyle, kill, kill.” Are they trying to tell you something? Sorry mate, i think the jews are on to you lol.

This, too, seems straight out of the Protocols: And to understand how this is happening, you have to look to Russia, to a man called Vladislav Surkov, who is a hero of our time. “Surkov is one of President Putin’s advisers, and has helped him maintain his power for 15 years, but he has done it in a very new way. “He came originally from the avant-garde art world, and those who have studied his career, say that what Surkov has done, is to import ideas from conceptual art into the very heart of politics. “His aim is to undermine people’s perceptions of the world, so they never know what is really happening. “Surkov turned Russian politics into a bewildering, constantly changing piece of theatre.… Read more », images Vladislav Surkov

Yeah, there are a lot of crypto jews fooling us, Jim Traficant being one, his mother being Jewish and his last name being a variation of a jewish name. ACCESS DENIED: FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY explains his devilment, as does at “Death of Jim Traficant a Hoax.” 9/29/14

bolsheviks ((jews)) jewing once again

hey Brigid 🙂

he sure wrote a lot about loving that ole Israel, lol.

Join the discussion Step by step, I have arrived at the conviction that the aims of Communism in Europe are sinister and fatal. At the Nuremberg Trials, I, together with my Russian colleague, condemned Nazi Aggression and Terror. I believe now that Hitler and the German People did not want war. But we, /England/, declared war on Germany, intent on destroying it, in accordance with our principle of Balance of Power, and we were encouraged by the ‘Americans’ /Jews/ around Roosevelt. We ignored Hitler’s pleading, not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realize that Hitler was right. He offered us the co-operation of Germany: instead, since 1945, we have been facing the immense power of the Soviet Empire. I feel ashamed and… Read more »

Could you direct me to any sources besides NoDisinfo? Traficant’s mother was jewish?

I ask because I know little about him, but have always been suspicious.

I should clarify that I’ve been suspicious that he had mafia ties, not so much that his mother was a jew.

It has been a few years ago since he has been in the news – sorry if I am not of better help.

Good point; I forget where else, but I hope to address that query to the Italian Mammisimo (sp sorry) who was a guest on Firestarter and ask him, re his extensive research on Italians/Sicilians who are really jews. PLUS, I need to go back to that post at NoDisinfo, and leave a query in the comment section, plus try to get a better address for Dr Khaleel. thanks – my apologies

Join the discussion Who is this idiot on the show talking to Kyle who says it’s all doom and gloom. Wow. Maybe he should take off his polka dotted panties and put on a barbed wire G-string and chaps and get on the gay day float at next years Village People Fest. He could be the Parade Captain or maybe he could be the Parade Queen. Good grief. ahhaha Wo’ Is Me. Boo hoooo. I’m a disgwace to da’ wedgiment. Disssssmissed. This guy is pathetic. Maybe he should just put down his porno mag and cancel his subscription to Jugg’s magazine and join the masons. ahhaha He could be a fluffer for the donkey show.

Jim Trafficant is not a crypto jew lol. If anything you are probably the crypto jew for saying that.

Join the discussion Jonathan Williams recorded in his book, LEGIONS OF SATAN , in 1781, THAT Cornwallis revealed to Washington that a – “holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will supposedly be the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be the loyal subjects of the Crown.” Cornwallis went on to explain that what would seem to be a seem to be a contradiction: “Your churches will be used to teach the Jews’ religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the… Read more »

Wow I cannot believe this. How are you Brigid?

Yes. You were dooped ronpaulites.
Says ALL the right things as you say his record shows.
Does NOTHING, ever, as his records shows.
Enjoyed and bought your pre planned release valve.
And as I write this you said just that. Another POS is what Paul is.
At least you learned your lesson unlike the endless fools we deal with now, who never will be anything but useless and not of us.


Aren’t you oh so high and mighty, looking down your nose at those of us who campaigned for Ron Paul for President, jsmith, so arragant. I am so glad that I was in Reno, Nevada when he told a ballroom full of people at a casino there that there absolutely was no reason for the USA to enter into World War I, and every call we made for him throughout the country, united with the virtuous kind volunteers from all over, was an unforgettable moment of happiness for me. The script we used was very anti-war, anti-tax, and pro-liberty, as was the campaign messages I gave out, particularly the beautiful one prepared by Doctor Khaleel Khazaam, who of course, like me, later was disappointed with… Read more »

You keep coming in these threads and starting shit with everyone. Go be bitter somewhere else.

Bossy much? u r not mine. Oh, and I am not bitter, Jeanice.

Your snotty remark about me reminds me of Barr’s comedy routine about how women think it is their job to put down other women. u have a great day, Jeanice. I am glad you are not the boss woman.

Brigid, why not start your own ‘network’? WordPress would allow you to do so (very easily). You could read aloud excerpts from important texts (the Protocols, Belloc, Henry Ford’s the Dearborn Independent, etc). You could have a section where you would explore topics in greater depth, one with J-worthy news (a bit like TUT), a section with YouTube or vimeo documentaries, one with your own podcasts, one providing resources, etc, etc etc. I feel this would be far better use of your time. I could provide you with further suggestions (via email – you could set up a temporary accout with, should you be interested in ‘broadcasting your own voice’.

You do nothing but cause shit around here and are rude to everyone who states an opinion slightly different than yours. So glad you’re not on the line up anymore as most of the time you came across as incoherent and bat shit insane.

u r hilarious, Jeanice. I know how much u bullies relish having the last word, so take it, liar.

I just now read your curt misleading note, Kyle.. I am now first understanding from you that you do not welcome my using your network to make comments. Of course, I will never again make a comment here. I wish others would make more, if that would make you happier. Goodby, sir..

GOOD! Thank the gods!

If that’s all Ron Paul said was to criticize the “low-hanging fruit” of our clearly wrong-headed move to enter World War I, that isn’t saying much. Now if he had followed that through with an accurate and non-stop litany of that and most wars since then being staged to further the Jew World Order, I would have gotten behind him. I’m so glad I never boarded the Ron Paul train. It always seemed to me to be intentionally — yes, intentionally — puffing on way less than half power, that he could have and should have been furiously shoveling coal into the firebox but satisfied himself with occasionally lobbing a single chunk of anthracite into it here and there and playing Thomas the Toy Train.… Read more »
On Ron Paul I agree with the “gatekeeper” charge. He opened doors, but only so far. For me, the big issue with him was 9/11. He didn’t pass the litmus test. I seem to remember a vid of someone asking him who did 9/11, and he got a spooked look on his face. This was similar to how lib voices Chomsky, Zinn, and Hedges responded, with Chomsky (if memory serves) saying that who did 9/11 is irrelevant. I remember the shock of that moment, when a supposed “giant intellect” used the word “irrelevant” dismissing all who brought the common sense of evidence. A consequence of this was that many moved out of those camps; it was the great 9/11 betrayal. Hard to receive anything from… Read more »
Elizabeth, yes, that was a shocker. Listening to “Ron Paul Remastered” and remembering how the Republican primaries were rigged against him allows me to forgive him. In RIGGED, Dr. Khaleel urged everyone to give a write-in vote for Ron. Paul, backed by affidavit to show that we are “sick and tired of the of the corruption and the rigged system and will not stand for it any longer. It says that at a minimum, the people will not play the game of falsely selected candidates, where the winner is picked in advance and seek redress and protest against this illegal, unconstitutional, and rigged system.” He goes on to say that that write-in vote backed by affidavit would be the ONLY counted vote,and a testimony that… Read more »

He no pass litmus test.

I have been watching this Berkeley footage and in all of the videos that I’ve seen Damigo is glorified for sucker punching the girl. I just watched a video and they replayed and then slow motioned it, there was all of this chaos going on and she wasn’t even attacking anyone. Damigo just ran out of nowhere and assaulted her. They should all be embarrassed and ashamed. I am completely disgusted with altright’s hatred and abuse of women.

Interesting this quote of (((Adam Curtis)))…hhmm, I guess it must be their Strategy of Confusion. Remember that a text, published more than a century ago (The Protocols), basically states the same vision. The excerpt you played ends as follows: “It sums up the strange mood of our time, where nothing really makes any coherent sense. We live with a constant vaudeville of contradictory stories that makes it impossible for any real opposition to emerge, because they can’t counter it with any coherent narrative of their own. “And it means that we as individuals become ever more powerless, unable to challenge anything, because we live in a state of confusion and uncertainty. To which the response is: Oh dear. But that is what they want you… Read more »

That German song at the 57:30 min mark makes my hair stand on end. Bit of a train wreak hearing that nauseating kikebabble after it but, it is worth it.

Yes, let us just do it – for the future generations – otherwise Orwell’s (alleged) nightmarish vision of a boot permanently stamping on a human face will prove to have been a prophecy. The choice is ours. Let us do our bit – today.

‘Just stop doing business with them’, just stop paying taxes. Non-participation. Yes, but public awareness is needed first. First and foremost, reclaiming our PENSION FUNDS is the FIRST STEP.

one more hour in my town, and it’s Solar Storm time, about a VERY up-to-date subject. Listen and learn some I will.

1h49min: they do not need to ‘crunch the numbers’ to know what is happening (in people’s minds) as they have live feed from Facebook, Google, emails, etc. However, they forget that humans are less stupid than they derogately deem them to be.

I agree the Berkeley showdown was very likely staged to make it appear that Damigo’s ‘right’ is the alternative to Soros’ ‘left.’

Why would someone identifying with the Alt Right still be aligning themselves with Trump supporters at this point? Then he’s seen punching out the seemingly sole, skinny female antifa?

I dunno, it just feels very fake. And as Kyle says, a way to maintain support for Trump, although I suspect the marginalization of Bannon is more real than not.

What name of the song in 57:21?

MY GODS! I cannot believe what I just saw. Anyone seen the “footage” of N Korea’s missile parade through the town square where you see trucks carrying missiles and a building behind them that looks like the Lubyanka?

FUCKING CGI! THAT IS ALL CGI I CHECKED IT! I saw it on the big TV downstairs by coincidence, and I can say 100% it was CGI generated to look like a military display! I will try to find the footage and post it. N Korea is just “evil” by media hype because they are a sovereign nation.

Here they are. LOOK at them. 100% CGI computer generated fake, prosthetic images.

Look at this shit, pure, fabricated fake CGI garbage. 100% hands down. On record I called it.

Also the video that you can watch, Kim J is green screened the set is total CGI. I can tell by the lighting and the keying, it is all a setup. The background is all generated 3D. They are busted, people. N Korea threat is another complete fabrication.

I like the cut of your jib on the CGI claim – I fully agree with you. The cynical side of me figured the patriotards and Lee Greenwood-types of this cesspool would go full “Muricuh” the second Trump rattled the saber for Israel. However, I don’t think I’ll ever be fully prepared for how quickly people jump at the chance to die at the behest of jew-bankers.

Apologies for the post-storm, but I think N Korea is a media psy-op. Kim J does not seem like a dictator, plus the new info I have regarding him being greenscreened he is either some actor or a foreign exchange student paid to play a role for cash. He is being scripted as some tangible, plausible enemy of the West, but I assure you it is all media prosthetics.

Absolutely. There’s no nukes in Korea or any other country unless I see extraordinary evidence to prove otherwise.

The problem discussed in this show was written about by Eyeslevel at the BUGS Swarm. This is his piece titled, “The Exasperated General”: The paradox is that we are facing a huge problem with a very simple solution that isn’t easy to initiate. To put this in simple terms, we need a SIMPLE consistent message that is easily duplicatable for the less gifted who make up the major contingent of our population – preferably in a bite-sized form that is no longer than two sentences (if possible.) I’m not talking about recruitment or any kind of mass movements here (per se,) but we need a way to take the fight to our enemy by spreading our narrative far and wide. We need a united… Read more »

Just to be clear, the opinions of some of the other BUGSers regarding the Jewish Problem do not necessarily reflect my own.

John’s great wording, 1h34min20sec: ‘Disrupt a few burnt-in synapses’

Cynthia breaks it down in an interview.

The Northwest Front is not about running away and forgetting about the inevitable. It’s about gathering with enough White people to organize, and confront the inevitable.

Dr. Strangelove — mean people sure do suck!!!!

I was referring to the photo at the top of this thread, the title of the movie, re “Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”

Join the discussion Hey Brigid, Start your own youtube shows. I know tons of folk who’ve lived through these things and are stacked in the information dept. I have just about every 1st person primary quote you can find. I have Crowley the lunatics book where he says He’s Jewish. I’ve read books from wayyy back that aren’t on the web anymore. I got to read a copy of the one published in 1551 about John Calvin. He was Kabbalist who attended the same college, same date, same actual class with none other than Ignatius Loyola another crypto. Calvin was Jewish Lawyer from Paris. Busted in hometown growing up for open sodomy and was branded with Flur de lis between his shoulder blades to avoid… Read more »

GTFO! You annoying spamming wall-of-text utter mong! Do you think anyone actually reads your shit? Troll spray needed over here!

Kyles main problem is that he is a know it all that has to crazy an ego to listen to anyone else. But here its proven that he is immature and lacking understanding. Kyle always bans people he disagrees with rather then debate them. Fact is Nathan Damingo is a real hero. He has done jail time! And your trying to say its “fake”? Also Kyle you are like women, you are not tuff at all, very much doubt you have ever had 1 fight in your whole life. When you say your tuff it sounds like middle class little boy saying he is tuff. 1st rule of people who mean business is they don’t talk about it, and you won’t need to ask, because… Read more »

You can’t even spell, dude. Try harder.

Oh look, it’s the village idiot who can’t even spell “too” using a different pseudonym (hey village idiot, that means “f-a-k-e n-a-m-e”). If it wasn’t such an obvious attempt to troll it would almost be a funny parody. As it is it’s just primary school level infiltration lol!

Join the discussion So, let me get this straight, he’s been to jail so he’s the real deal? hahahhaah Wow. That’s so brilliant. I won’t believe Anyone unless they’ve been to jail. hahahahahah If you’ve been to jail, you’re an instant badass. Oh, okay. Now I understand life. Geee Wally, thanks. I’ll go ask Dad if I can go to the fair with you and Eddie Haskell…he just got out of jail so I guess, I guess Wally, we’ll be safe. Eddie was a sniveling idiot but since he’s been to jail, we now know he’s suddenly got “street cred”. Oh, Dad, when I grow up, I wanna’ go to jail so I can impress douchebags, just like Eddie Haskell, even if Eddie went to… Read more »

I stand fully behind any censorship of the comments that results in this douchebag’s walls of spam disappearing.

You are right this is a tiny list, make the next one a bit bigger please, there isn’t enough to read here.