Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (6-17-17)

Kyle takes calls from Chris H, Greg, and and briefly Amber, talking about a great many things, such as the gay mafia running the Alt Right, the George Webb and Dave Acton fiasco, how the very young are being cognitively infiltrated, the need for fitness, the Scalise shooting, controlled opposition operations, war and more.

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There was an interesting “Event” that took place in the UK recently, and it was trending in the Twit Blurb. “Grenfell Tower” #Grenfell fully ablaze ! (6 dead, no, 12 dead) The firefighters couldn’t save it and many like the Police had previously been stood down, never-the less, there was Teresa May with a bunch of Fire Fighters that looked like they had just put their uniforms on for a Photo-Shoot, *lovely jubbly* (tongue emoticon). I tweeted in there with words; will Gren_Fell Fall (Grenfell) like 3 buildings did on September 11 2001 NY into it’s own footprint ? (with a picture). I got a reply and a “like” from a budding media lady, who looked jewish I thought, saying “not without explosives”. Nice. So… Read more »

This whole gay theme is everywhere, I mean everywhere !!! Lana Lockteff ( Anal backwards, wtf ? ) Is this a coincidence ?

and say what you want…..I now do think the ‘ Celtic Rebel ‘ was on to something for sure …….

No, the “Celtic” (not an ounce of Celt in him!) Rebel was just overstating the obvious & pushing his own deviant barrow. He is a fag himself after all. Anyone who’s got their head screwed on correctly knows full well the jewish obsession with all things anal. Alex Poulos (Rebel’s real name) was just able to push it in his own particular way to the uninitiated & make it seem even more perverted than we already knew it was.

Wow, had no idea. Any material you can lead me to. I use to follow this guy what now feels like a century ago. One sure learns to ‘ let go ‘ of individuals in this ‘ game ‘. Thanks…..a

And ffetkcol is almost fecal.

FAGOTTRY seems to be omnipresent in the “Alt-Right” these days!…

I apologize for my brevity. I was catching up on some noisy farm chores and had intended only to listen, but there are a few comments I would like to make. Kyle mentioned Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series.. I often recommend these books to children, but also to the despondent or bored who need some encouragement and inspiration. I see it as an easy to read beginners book retelling Russia’s subversion, from a land of communities comprised of traditional, Russian families, to what we see with WWI & II, resulting in near total Jewish slavery. There are ALOT of details and finer points missing from the whole story, however it lays a pretty good foundation for the unaware and hopeless in a… Read more »

Amber I believe Sinead did a very good critique of the ringing cedars books with regards to Jeanice Barcello’s promoting of the series and the overall contradictions.
I also own the books and like many things coming out of Russia I suspect there are pieces of truth being presented perhaps with disinformation for another intended purpose.

Behind Jeanice’s back, Sinead called her crazy. Sinead has this tendency of turning on people for no good reason. She also tried to ridicule Scott Roberts for exposing the kosher food conspiracy. I haven’t seen any evidence that Jeanice is crazy except that she’s very perceptive and idealistic against the backdrop of a very jewed, denuded, abominated world.

That’s a pretty easy one to burn down actually dickhead. Jeanice calls everything she perceives as the enemy “satanic”. Quite simply anyone who does that is crazy (be they infected with the jewish christard virus or not). Case closed.

Why are you here again? If all you’re here to do is bitch & moan (which judging by all your comments so far you obviously are) you should probably just fuck off over to Mami’s instead & run around in circles with that Ingrid dolt!

No, I actually called her crazy to her face. She was saying that Doanld Trump was the reincarnation of General Patton and thinks Jewtin is going to save us all.

OK, I didn’t realize why you called her crazy. In that case it was warranted. I told her myself about her idiocy regarding Trump.

Don’t let facts get in the way of talking shit about me.

Interesting battle brewing between a new faction calling itself ‘New Right’ (Greg Johnson et al), the Alt-Right (Richard Spencer et al) and the Alt-Light (Mike Cernovich et al). Time to pop some popcorn and watch the accusations fly. Themes: 1. Who is FBI. 2. Who is CIA. 3. Who engages in sodomy. 4. Who engages in sodomy with a man. 5. Who engages in sodomy with a woman. 6. Who masturbates to porn. 7. White Sharia. 8. Wife beating. 9. Woman in sports. 10. Woman driving. 11. Whether or not females should be allowed to orgasm, or should they have their clitoris removed. 12. Can black men be gay and do blacks smoke cigarettes with tobacco. 13. Should White woman wear burkas. 14. Should gay… Read more »

Richard Spencer:

Cocaine Addiction or GRIDS?

1. Compromised immune system.
2. Red blotches on face and neck.
3. Two (or more) year cold.
4. Plugged nose and sinuses.
5. Overall unhealthy appearance.
6. Often has puffy, bloated face (GRIDS medication or coke bloat?).
7. Attends gay bathhouses with Jack Donovan.
8. States: “Homosexuality is the last stand of implicit Whiteness.”
9. Wife looks like a man or tranny (Google images: Nina Kouprianova).
10. College/Upper class – Access to alt. lifestyles.
11. Close friends to many jews, such as Paul Gottfried, who often promote this alt. lifestyle.

Great show Kyle as always. Funny I was under the impression the whole time by the voice, mannerisms, etc. that Dave Acton and Davis Lurmann were/are one in the same.

Great show!

Scott Roberts channel has been taken down.

Yes, one has. Any word on what exactly happened and why that one is gone while the other main one remains?

Anglin organized a “Troll Army” to “terrorize” individuals across State lines. Watch for the new internet censorship legislation as a result. George Webb has a port shut down based on false info and incitement. Watch for new internet censorship legislation as a result. The recent faked suicide bomb attack in London – Theresa May wants new internet censorship legislation as a result. Internet censorship is very important to them.

Bodo says:

Richard “Dicky”(=Dick) Spencer
Greg Johnson(=Penis)
Radix(=Raw dicks) Journal

Squats are the most important part of any workout routine, if you want real strength not just balloon biceps. stay away from the weight machines, do as many body weight variations that you can discover. squats work the psoas, which is the essence of core strength, you can almost forget out crunches if you have a potent psoas. to not get aches you must stretch and repeat the exercise. when you ache the day after do more squats, even just a small amount with no weight. but stretches are not to be overlooked. a flexible muscle will always outgun an inflexible one and it reduces recovery time dramatically. by all means lift weights but try doing 200, 400, 600 body weight squats with correct form… Read more »
Most people never consider it, but the best way to get your body in shape is to get your brain in shape. I stumbled across a great book a few years ago titled “Whole Brain Power”. I would highly recommend it to everybody. Through doing unusual exercises like bouncing a golf ball between two four-pound sledgehammers, developing elegant cursive handwriting with both your dominant and non-dominant hands, reciting poetry and numbers such as pi to 200 digits from memory while juggling two-pound steel balls, you are working both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously while placing a heavy load on the corpus callosum which connects the two hemispheres. This leads to dramatic increases in neurogenesis (the creation of new neurons) as well as steroidogenesis (the generation… Read more »

Yep, Rudolf’s onto it! Squats really are THE most important weight training exercise of all. This one exercise works more muscles overall than any other & is the key exercise for building STRENGTH plus overall muscle development & fitness. Rather than me crap on here though here’s a really good resource with an absolute truckload of info on squats all in one page & it has just freshly been updated –

Dear Kyle et al. Though I’m sure that the comparison with 20’s Weimar Germany gets very tiring BUT I believe the NSDAP and all real cohesive powerful movements that were more than just political movements or parties but had integral weltanshauung were intolerant! and did not want to compromise and pal around. Even those who are not, excuse my language, a bunch of closeted female hating FAGS! who ‘basically’ agree with ‘most’ of what they see on Renegade regarding White Genocide, Jews, the Holohoax, the Jew media lie factory, the MASSIVE amount of human trafficking/slavery, and pedophilia and there are more essential principles there can be no tolerance! Why “basically agree” about what is no fucking joke or laughing matter but life and death!? Kyle… Read more »

Great show. I’m kinda wondering who is not fake opposition?
I’ll come back in a year and see if they are any answers. I hope the show lineup doesn’t go through one of the semi-regular purity purges by then – I quite like listening to Giuliani and Circus Maximus. I hope they aren’t closet degenerates like Fetcho, the heroin guy or “the Fetch”.
I’ll be sure to avoid the homosexual jew misogynist faction of the alt-right(all paid by mossad surly) too.

Controlled Opposition is pretty easily identified. One common thread the fakes share is that they almost all support “Official Narratives” such as the Sandy Hook government influence operation. There are rare exceptions though. Media narratives are of central importance to the jew controllers. They create a framework of perception – a kind of pre-planned trap. Once you venture into their “version” of “reality” you have already lost the game. 
It’s the most basic form of manipulation there is.
 ANYONE who uncritically parrots any “Media Narrative” is either an idiot or is being paid to do it. ALL media narratives “Stories” that are not randomly chosen events or even a logical selection of sequentially occurring real-world events. They are “Stories” that are selected and presented in… Read more »

This “Rick” guy’s as naive as he sounds. Trolldar started bleeping straight away with this one! 😉

* “not” as naive as he sounds…

Every troll carries a red flag. Usually it’s a Trump supporter or a Christ-tard. Thing to do is call them out on their bullshit. And this is why we need doctrines. If you’re pro Trump you don’t belong here.