Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (6-3-17)

Kyle speaks to Bill and Sean about the real Russian connection with Trump and the Alt Right, the destruction of our dreams by degenerates, the demoralization campaign being run against us, toxic memes and psyops, the USS Liberty, and much more.

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Try not to waste energy fighting the secondary racial problems. Focus all attention on cutting off the head of the snake. Destroy the JudeoMasonic structure first because this small Jewish minority relies primarily on intitiated white enablers at the top. The Jews cannot do it without their help. When these enablers are brought down, then the Jews have nowhere to hide and no protection. I never thought that I would have to say such things in the past, but now that I see who the real puppet masters are, and also who is trying to destroy the white race, but also the other races to enslave us all. We have to try not to put blame on the other races who are just being herded… Read more »

Red Alert America. Always pay attention to what California is facilitating and implementing.


E Book – 2020: Our Common Destiny

Brendon O’Connell’s new video Kyle mentioned

My Interview with O’Connell (Read the description and review the links)

California bill passed to officially allow members of the communist party to work in government.

Thanks for sharing Nick…. Worth watching. Comments are pretty spot on too.

Note to Bill: Around 1 hour mark – Agenda 21 represents 21st Century. We’re living in it now and its happening.

I am sorry to be off topic here, as I haven’t even listened to this yet. But this photo from the ‘ London attack ‘ just confirms what Ole Dammegard was talking about in a recent podcast posted on the Tribune when he pointed out that these victims / participants always seem to loose their shoes. Look at the feet of this lady in that picture. This is all getting seriously surreal.

Great show Kyle, thanks. Yes we WILL win in the end, it’s only a matter of time, reaching that critical mass, ceaselessly informing others of the stark reality they know–deep down–confronts them and their futures, and never losing hope, which is what our enemies seek to bring about at every turn. Speaking of Charles Martel, I was reminded of the far greater Muslim hoard facing the Byzantine Empire (and thus Europe as a whole) which was utterly decimated by the far smaller forces under Leo the 3rd: suppressed information because the Byzantines, like the National Socialists centuries later, forbade jews from entering many prominent positions of government and civil life (via the Theodosian Code and Code of Justinian), as well as their strong sense of… Read more »

Strategies to Fight The JWO – Brendon O’Connell & Andrew Carrington Hitchcock
You have to hear this

He talk about how we should forget about our race and that Hitler and national socialism was really Jewish. Something Jews is recently
pushing. You can even she the (((shills))) written it in the comments section.

I cut out the 98% and left you with the 2% of the link that kason posted

Sounds like (((shilling))) to me.

Fair enough. I don’t know the right approach. I just know that we have to be brainstorming real strategies. This is what the Jews do so well. They own the psychology of the masses and they have actual strategies they employ.

As said elsewhere, I feel there’s no need to educate the masses. The only people who really need to be educated are those in control of the military machinery, the young men with the guns and tanks and jets and bombers. If these men had a high level of awareness, ZOG would be finished.

You don’t think we need to educate the masses? Don’t you want them to wake up from their brainwashed state of mind. Are they not your family? Did you see millions of sleeping Germans in Adolf Hitler’s Reich? How about brainstorming strategies which are pro Aryans?

Actually, listen here:

He’s very right about this approach I believe. Expose psychotic Jewish supremacism by the top rabbis.

Body Language: Kathy Griffin

Via body language expert.

Kathy Griffin is a filthy, horse-headed jew tranny.

Blair white is such a shill. They are all shills most everyone on youtube is a shill. Blaire whites instagram shows him throwing all of the hand signs that shows he is controlled. There is another one Arran Kasparove who is working with Anglin to push white sharia.

Always nice to hear some love for Germany, greetings from Bavaria. If we want to have a brotherhood like the slavs, we need an overarching name for our people, like the slavs have.

Kyle, have you heard of the youtuber styxenhammer666? Bright guy. Don’t agree with all he says, but he’d be a good interview or host. Good show, btw.

Upon further review, disregard.