Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (7-1-17)

Kyle talks to Joseph, Frank, Sean, another Frank, and Bob in DC about controlled opposition, the children being trafficked to Mars conspiracy theory on Alex Jones, the Space Corps, the desire to avoid unneeded violence though war is being brought to us, knowing our enemy and ourselves, the robotic jew, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts

I do believe the jew virtual world is here and now. People in the UK are oblivious to their enslavement. The White community/family is totally destroyed and they’ve gone into head down, self preservation mode. Trouble is, they’re consigning their grandchildren to squatter camps by this inaction. Why can’t they see 20 years down the road? The few awake White “men” seem to be lower IQ football thugs/neo nazis who just play into the hands of the jews and their hollywood caricature. The average man on the street probably blames women, mussies/blacks or politicians before jews. When we have White men actually follow outed jews (Cern, Eno, Lauren, Weev, Tara, Seaman) and agents (Spenceski, Ang Lin, Taylor, Puke, K-Mac, Lana & Hen) we know the… Read more »


Anthony, while your comment is well meaning and no doubt reflects accurately your perceptions, see these. #MoreThanARefugee “Some Words of Encouragement” by Scott Roberts Scott says we are killing it in the comments sections and overwhelming these censoring rodents. If this order falls, it won’t be because of those seeing things as they are as accurately as they can, it will be because those with the vision to see things as they want them to be. For encouragement to that end, take a look at the comments section of that Refugee video. Now take a look at the comments section of this new video: Truther confronts Jews about Zionism and the Holocaust: (PS a real truther like Scott Roberts would have made… Read more »


Kason, why are you touting Scott Roberts the agent? Scott Roberts is “close” with Mike Delaney. And Mike Delaney (as you know) is also an FBI rat. Here, check out this fun video that keeps getting censored from Jewtube: The video entitled “John Crackhead Informant Martinson, Jr. and Hutaree Militia” features another one of Mike Delaney”s close associates (not Scott Roberts this time): “John Alan Martinson” collecting info for an upcoming FBI raid on the Hutare Militia Christian Group in Michigan. Delaney was in contact with them while this was going down. The video clearly shows Mike Delaney’s close associate working with the FBI as an informant pretending to be “training” with the Hutaree Militia. Martinson was present along with FBI agent Stephen Haug.… Read more »


Pat, that video doesn’t show anything. Stop spreading fear against those on the side of the truth. This isn’t about following leaders, it’s about learning from them and keeping the pressure on those on the side of lies.

However that brings up a crucial point: some of you have loser mentalities. You think constantly about negatives instead of focusing on what you want and going after it. If you don’t like what Scott has to say, then don’t pay him any mind. Focus on keeping the pressure on the enemy.


Kason, You deny that video CLEARLY SHOWS MIKE DELANEY’s close associate John Alan Martinson “Training” with the Hutare Militia just a few days before the FBI did their raid…that “somehow” excluded John Alan Martinson. LOL HA HA HA


Kason, I want to thank you for exposing your obvious allegiance to all of the readers here. Folks, this is just another example of how they infiltrate.


Are you PR for Scotty “Eat Kosher Food” Roberts? Every time I see you comment it’s either a. talking shit about me or b. shilling for Scott.


Anthony – You’re exactly right. The strategy the kikes are using is to create a massive number of “Controlled Opposition” characters. The Stereotypical “Neo-Nazi” types are definitely agents paid to make anti-jew opposition seem extremely backward and unattractive to the (m)asses. Anglins antics and the whole “white sharia” thing is designed to lump “white people” in with muslims as “terrorists”. That will make it easier when “enforcement” is applied. Question is: what should be done about these agents? Hal Turner was responsible for getting well over 100 people arrested for various things…and he’s back on the radio now. Walking around. Breathing.


Thanks for considering me as genuine Anthony, while I’m not on the level of Kyle I try and avoid all the Jews and their agents. In this Jew-ridden world it’s very hard to not end up being manipulated by the Jews someway. Renegade is one of the best however I am under no illusions I trust myself only, there is no ‘leader’ for me to ‘follow’.


Great observation, Anthony! I like the Franks, but that Sean guy is crazy as a shithouse rat!

Nick Spero

Here’s the recent article that Kyle mentioned on the show:

I heard and read in the chatroom during the show how we shouldn’t make alliances with non-Whites even if they are standing up against the JWO. Well, I am not taking anyone’s advice. I listen to my own intuition. I have already made such an alliance and am forming a new Waffen SS (multicult militia).


Good news isolation has always been there weapon


Dear Caller Who Listens to Alex Jewns,
When you stop paying attention to (“calling out”) that bloated CUNT, we’ll take you seriously. Everyone who isn’t infected with a kike mind virus knows that pudgy zio-slave is an industry mouthpiece.

Transhumanism is the modern version of “Rootless Cosmopolitanism” that was identified more than 100 years ago. Even my once Libtarded Mother has noticed that you don’t see children playing in the Parks so much anymore, unless it’s a pre-organised sports function or otherwise. It’s sad to see that when-ever families go out, even for a simple meal, they allow their kids to take with them those useless gadgets that keep them amuzed playing “games”. And now here in Australia, Malcolm Turnbul has approved “Gonski 2.0”, a high speed (Fascist/ Communist) “National Broadband Network” (NBN) for Schools so that “Learning” can all be done online (and controlled). A report on the radio stated that a large percentage of children (mostly migrants no doubt) don’t even know… Read more »


Great show! Great to hear that Boob in DC fell off the wagon. Boob does his best work when he’s drunk! Excellent poetry, Boob! Frank#2 is entertaining as well.


I think this stuff with Jones’ going off the reservation, as it were, reflects that we’re at the end.


No as one smart caller said before a derailing why play there game and follow what clown act they pull out of there ass? You make “leaders” out of actors/showman.

It’s why one needs a doctrin/belief structure or as the Jews do entertainment. One has a vision the other is just an aperition


We all need to help end jewish privilege and over-representation.


Mars is sure experiencing a surge in popularity recently. As I do not adhere to a heliocentric globe/planetary outer-space traveling model of the cosmos, I though I would look into what people are saying when they errupt in celebration about the idea sending *hue-mans* to mars, or say things like “children are being trafficked to mars”. What i found out is that each wandering star, aka: “planet” (plan e.t.) is a symbol representing places on the Earth. When the el-ites use these words, they are speaking in code. Here’s what it would sound like of the el-ites spoke clearly, or if the people had ears to hear, “Children are being trafficked to (we are going to send hue-mans to) fiery and bloody places, furnaces, bakehouses,… Read more »

Konrad Rhodes

Dear Kyle et al.
Joseph referenced the Woden’s Folk group led by Wolf Ingessu in the UK as the last openly NS group now that National Action has been sacked by the JOG there. Here is the link to the groupe
I will just say I find a lot about the leader and the new dogma of his as dubious at this time but to be fair have often just dismissed him outright however I must say I follow a gentleman who goes by the handle Wotan’s Krieger and his blogs I follow quite regularly as very edifying, educational and insightful about our Aryan Identity


What does the name of the first song?


Hey not sure if this will get up by all my comments are blocked on the chat and I can’t figure out why .
If I’m blocked at least give me a goddam reason . Been listening to renegade for over a year now and decided to see if I could join in some chats but got blocked .
Can someone let me know what’s up with that ?


Seemingly interesting, that only reason why Bob from DC (DC?) called in, was throwing the word “kikejew” around as much as he possibly could. I am sure that kind of banter will raise intellectual plateau of Renegade significantly. I would like to know what he as a “lone wolf” in Washington has done to harm the system.


They also slipped in flat earth


Bill33, Boob does a lot to harm the system. For instance, he is sacrificing his own liver by drinking D.C.’s entire vodka supply just to fuck with the kikejew. Also, he even married his own sister off to a kikejew. If that’s not a sacrifice, I don’t know what is!


Boob from DC does a lot of harm to the system by repeatedly supporting the veracity of every faked media event. Sandy Hook? Boob says it was “real”. Anglin? Boob says he’s legit. LOL


I like how the two fake “good old boys” turn the conversation to hate “God”. By the way they had to return the cattle and loot…. Oh and every last one had to be killed in the desert for being evil.

The question you need to as yourself was the same one God answers …..

Can you break a lifetime of evil indoctrination by “truth”? Or do you have to start with a clean state free of barbarism?

Man through a need to have a king always end up in evil slavery be it pagan or Jew. It is a placeholder we create on earth to mask serving God.

Old Wise Willy

Listen to yourself – “…always ends up in slavery… serving God.” Servitude is servitude, be it to a slavemaster on the ground or an imaginary slavemaster in the sky. The hierarchal abrahamic religious model is designed perfectly to program you for the hierarchal physical model. You are a classic example of a self-righteous, hypocritical religious dupe & you make that clear every time you speak about your Daddy! As Jonathan Swift said “There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know.”


Yes every day we serve someone willingly or as a meat sack for cash. Take renegade slaving away for an idea of freeing “people” from seen and unseen slave shackles .

Difference is I recognize freedom starts in the mind though the body be scourged. For that mindset you need ideological foundation and structure. We all serve either good or evil there is no middle ground. Everyday we are tested as to what diety we bow down to

Tristan Kent

“I serve evil. It’s super fun. I also worship my own ego.” -Cobra


Just for kicks I find most “I hate God” crowd just hate being judged by any measuring stick then the ever changing excuse ridden one in there mind.

What do you believe as a moral foundation to attain and why… What guidstone proceeds your actions moment by moment?

Easy enough question for a “moral arbitrator/earthly diety’

Old Wise Willy

See, that’s YOUR problem right there – nobody said anything about “hating God”. I could go on but I’d just be wasting my time with one of Yahweh’s lost little sheep & going around in circles basically discussing your mental disorder so I choose not to.


As expected you have a vacuous existence battered around by the winds of change. I know what I believe I know who the struggle is against and who has not the moral fortitude to resist…. For you it’s just minor entertainment

You were given an opertunity to shine instead you cowered under a rock

Foster XL

“I know… I believe… I know…”

Give it up douchebag. Unlike your real world experience you’re not dealing with children here despite what you “believe”.