Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (7-29-17)

Kyle speaks about the reality TV show nature of American politics, a message from President Comacho, and takes calls from Bill, Tony, and Jeff. They talk about hopium, the police state, the alienation of truth tellers, the hypocrisy of it all, some ideas for effectively resisting, the need to take it all, and realize our power.

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The portion of the Jewish population that has European admixture consists of the offsprings of those deracinated, cucked, weak, and psychopathic “Whites” who betrayed their peoples and the ways of their ancestors and chose to mingle with Jews for profit, ideology, or whatever. They are also those that are the offsprings of the European orphans who were taken and raised as Jews during economic hardships and wartimes. Ironically, the “anti-racist”/anti-Zionists crowd (the genuine ones) that seem to be unaware of the social manipulations and the cultural Marxist attacks against us who are solely focused on the political side of the reality and have no problem attacking Europeans but have a hard time naming the Jew should be the ones advocating for Europeans becoming racially and… Read more »

The thing that gave me the idea to write this comment was this video.
A European (or at least European-looking) girl with Japanese culture-fetish is describing why she became a Muslim.
Well, how many such people have gone to synagogues and have became part of this Judaic criminal syndicate and used by the real shot-calling Semitic Jews as fronts for their operations?

The Lubavitcher Rebbe and Rav Kahana

Is this a glimpse at the pure-blooded Jews running everything? We consider Google, YouTube, Facebook owned and controlled by Jews, but actually the correct term is Jew-ish. Most Jews do have substantial non-Jew DNA. That provides a crucial level of camouflage since don’t seem incredibly different and they do well to mimic the host population.

These guys in the video would be easily identifiable as an alien people with their own culture and agenda.

Besides White genocide, where is this all heading? What exactly do these pure Jews want with this world? 350 expulsions or so and they never quit.

This very professionally produced and content-rich documentary may be suitable for the Tribune, KH:

“The Redheads” New Zealand Ancient History Documentary

I have met many people who have admitted and documented admixture with native americans usually 1/4 from a grandparent but they seem to look remarkably white, blue eyes, blond, red or light brown hair, You wouldn’t know they were admixed unless they told you, tells me the native American genotype is less dominate than lets say arab or negroid which may take several generations to wash out. Just an observation.

A number of (not) “Native American” Indians already had White admixture prior to the more recent founding of America. They encountered “those who’s face shine like the Sun”, but there aren’t many Chiefs left who are still alive to tell the tale. I met one in 1980 as a kid in an Indian Relic Store on the open highway outside of Arizona during our travels. This prior White admixture is predominantly found in the Female “X” Chromosome, as is the case with the Maori of New Zealand because their arrival was around 700 years ago, mostly from Polynesia but also SE Asia via Pirate Ships, which is why many used to look more like Australian Ab_Origines. The pre-existing Whites of NZ, some were described as… Read more »

It was interesting when Kyle and the first caller were discussing how they basically lost friendships because they are against White genocide.

We live in a strange world where being a nationalist in the the true sense of the word is looked down on whilst some half-breed tranny fag communist is held up as an example of the ideal citizen. It’s no wonder that people are turning to drugs to escape the real world.

I always hear about Red and Blonde hair ancients. So, what about them Brunettes? Varg claims theyre muds. But in the sunlight most brunettes appear to be just a darker redish type hair.

Hair/Eye color does not give one immunity from Jew mind manipulation. just look around you dumbasses & sellouts abound…. sickens me.

Who cares what the moronic “Varg Kikernes”, the convicted fist degree murderer, actually thinks??!

He has flaws but just because you disagree with certain aspects of peoples views doesnt make them jewish.

A few months before the end of his illegitmate presidency, Obummer decreed that secion 8 (low income) housing should be greatly increased in affluent areas. In the last few months I’ve noted a massive increase in section 8 housing in a 25 mile radius of my house. And the number of knee-grows in my area is absolutely exploding. A few years back, I would occasionally see a knee-grow in the stores and while out driving around. Now they are everywhere, and I can never leave my house without being assaulted by the sight of some very low class and hard looking dindus. It’s not looking good at all. The only silver lining is the knowledge that all the libtards who voted for Obummer and always… Read more »
Ive noticed the same near me too. Have been in the same town for seven years and almost never saw any besides the long term two that were in hiding in the outskirts, whom everyone just allowed to stay – he’s harmless enough right? …. Wrong. One of these guys walks with a limp and a cane from his last shooting /gang fight in DC, he fled and like I said, is now, and has been hiding here in OR since , sheltered by his libtard friends. Now, starting just this year, they’ve multiplied. What was once ALL white rednecks, cowboys and country folk are being outnumbered at a freightening pace by tough looking negroids and slippery Mexicans. It’s been insane watching the transformation. I… Read more »
Kyle I can understand your frustration with Trumptards but you need to remember that the majority of people still believe in the left-right paradigm. They don’t see the world the same way as we do. Considering the flak that Trump got for being supposedly “White supremacist” and even “literally Hitler” it’s a good sign that Whites still were prepared to vote for him. The job now is to shake racially awake Whites loose from the control of Trump, spencer, anglin, duke and the alt-right in general. Even shake them loose from following any so called pro-White leaders at all. There is one discussion that Whites need to be having. That discussion is about how diversity is a codeword for White genocide. It’s the one thing… Read more »

Curious how the armies of Alexander the Great, with their well documented opium use, ended up subduing the known world. Also interesting how the Egyptians, Romans, assyrians, Americans until 1914, etc who revered opium (check out Thomas Jefferson’s abandoned Monticello opium gardens) likewise subdued most of the known world with this natural plant. What was the difference? The difference is, of course, that people were not so utterly stupid or their leaders so corrupt as to prohibit it thereby creating black markets which thrive off its trade and use. This is an insuperable contradiction for those who promote mainstream opiate hysteria for their friends in the jewish/corporate/intelligence/security apparatus who stand to make uncounted fortunes from prohibition.

Oh and thanks Kyle for bringing up civil asset forfeiture. It’s such an incredibly important topic that seems to be completely off of so many peoples’ radar (hence my suspicion, as per my post above, of so many in the so-called “alternative” media). I think your analysis is right on as usual.

Difference was tricking people into giving away freedoms for tyrants

The poppy was a symbol for solders going on for ages and every housewife had some for baby teething etc. God gave us everything we need for free.

By the way the Romans were the most usury based society until today to pay back debt creating nothing you need to steal more borrow more steal more till collapse

Worth a listen and no religion is never really an issue

Good overview of Rome and many parallels today

“…and no religion is never really an issue”
Nice try f**ker but yes, it really IS an issue & no christarded attempt to soften that here at Renegade is going to work! Go back to trolling-for-jesus class & try to learn better methods (they won’t work either but at least you’ll be out of our hair for a while).

Well Mr snake eater you are welcome to disprove the statement I am never persuaded by knee jerk child like temper tantrums. It did not work when my kids did it and is more pitiful when “grown” men try it 😂

N Korea started growing opium threatening the mobs control FYI

World runs on sex drugs and death