Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (7-8-17)

Kyle takes calls and talks about the recent G20 summit handshake, the transhumanist technotronic nightmare, why people are not fighting back against the various agendas, the LGTBQ pedophile agenda being shoved in our faces, Christianity and other indoctrination tools, and much more.

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Thomas Goodrich, the Hellstorm author, was right. We should have all been on the Trump train from the get-go. Yes, Donald Drumpf is the jew we all should have supported and voted for. We can still jump on the Chump train, though. Count me on, for sure!

I forgot. Jeanice Barcelo also was also on the Trump train from the get-go along with Tommy Goody-rich. Should have listened to her. And she was a Putin (Jew-tin) fan before it was cool. Feel so bad I didn’t listen to her. (I’m going to order the entire Ringing Cedars series. You should, too.)

It is absolutely insane how long tranny’s have been on stage fucking up the minds of the naive and over trusting innocents. I’ve avoided hollywood, MSM, checkout trash mags, tv and the like for years, but only recently found two youtube channels that really shocked the shit out of me as far as the tranny deception / nightmare goes. Jeremiah Weeps and Mr E (both have christ-tarded sentiments but display the evidence with terrifying conviction).. When you realize how utterly disturbed, perverted, and hellbent the jews are on destroying any and all purity, it makes total sense on WHY they have been castrating young boys, raising them as girls for centuries now, and putting them on display for all to idolize. It is truly sickening… Read more »

Every Victoria’s SECRET model is a tranny… makes sense when you know what’s up! They couldn’t possibly put one woman on stage around all those men!

Way to call out Alex, Kyle.

As you have a very high IQ, some of these individuals are taking a different approach to hijacking and/or attempting to ruin YOUR show.

Keep up the amazing work.

Good show Kyle. All we can do is keep fighting and use our thoughts and abilities to the fullest. The burden lies with the few of us who are awake.

You were correct to boot that Alex person off. I’m sure he’s used those tactics in the past, to try to steer a show. I think these jews/agents are getting desperate.

PS Here’s YT vids of Penus & Sir-ena plus one of that black thing runner. The show, aired in the 90’s, was called “Trans World Sport.” The jews don’t even try to hide it – “New balls and love 15.”

Tony is very hard to listen to. He goes on and on and ruins the flow of conversation.

I think you mean Alex. I didn’t think Tony was too bad. Maybe you should ring in yourself so we can critique you?

o yeh I thought they were both annoying somewhat equally. I know it was a round table, but would rather listen to Kyle alone if that is the only choice

I think you’re being just a little harsh & picky. Tony was good, polite at the right moments and filled in the gaps considering all the armchair critics out here never ring in while complaining about those who do! In other words – stop your whiny bitching deborah until you call in yourself so we can see how you do on the air!

fair enough. was working when the show was live. I am not a whiny bitching Deborah. you don’t know me. Just made an observation.

What is the name of the song at around 29:00? (Sorry for the irrelevance).

@Tony the caller: Easy on the meth, big boy.

“Milford daily news. Milford a treasure of American Indian history”. Charles Jewliani

(((Benni))) sounds like a heb name, thanks to charles the Goy know your “elite jew pig” agenda.

So, I’m a jew and a fisherman. The first jew in history that has worked on the rough seas fo almost 40 years. Sometimes for more than 24 straight hours.

Christian bashing is now the main theme on this site, I guess the jews will be happy here.

jews love christianity while pretending to dispise it, they created christianity via their jew god man, what better way to lead the opposition than to control it yourself?

Christ-tards need lots of bashing. They are, in essence, nothing more than fucking jews. Who would be so stupid as to worship a dead jew on a stick? Seriously, Chirst-Insanity is a mental illness.

“A jew on a sick” that statement would only come out of a sick jewish mouth!
So, Icelanders are worshiping a jew on a stick, because they redjected the pagan oppression they had to put up with for hundreds of years, where they’re heads where cut of, only because some of the elites, did not like them. With no ramification

“I guess the jews will be happy here.” The jews will have to be happy here because this is the only opposition(jews are ‘in bed’ with their opposition at all times/embedded/wedded). Also, we’ve hung statues of a bleeding, suffering man on our walls for a couple thousand jew-years. We never did like Emmanuel, the poor choking sob, we just thought we’d give him a chance. Too late for chances, Benassi.

How obvious does it have to get! You are telling me that I am not in the team against the jews because I’m a christian, duh.

yeah that’s what i’m telling you.

Benni… We’re here to tell you that your still beLIEving a load of nonsense, and that your beloved christianity is brain-putrifying jewish acid synthesized to turn you into a grateful, obedient, push over SLAVE. If you love the jews and your slavery to the giant invisible rotwiller in the sky, than stay christ-tarded, but if your white and are hoping for a future that is NOT apart of the mud colored cess pit, your only hope is to leave the cult. Get out now while you still can. The ”rapture” isn’t coming to save you.
If you can’t look deeper, take in new information and make a sound decision, than good riddance.

Charle giuliani is a native Indian. Look up “Milford a treasure of American Indian history”. He even looks Indian to me.

you couldn’t shine charlies shoes, what he has forgotten you have yet to learn……author of 20+ books, awoken 100’s if not more, what have you accomplished asswipe?

I agree about Charlie, Tony, but calling our opponents ‘asswipe’ is a compliment. I couldn’t clean myself with a Jew.

@Tristen…….Good One!! LMAO!!!

As far as monks being forced to be “single” and wealthy family’s sending one son to be a scholar and one to be a warrior being unique in any way is laughable. There was nothing biblical about what they did back then the problem was the local churches were run as brothels and the educated were diddling the peasants much like now with hippy dippy do crystal pyramid “sound vibrations” think good thoughts ain aliens Hindu Krishna take your cloths off for a pic gobbledegook Difference was there was only a few handwritten books preserved by literally a couple of people. The rest could care less about the truth or there past. Look at the net now. The ability to know the collective knowledge of… Read more »

For “bootlegger to baptist” nothing new under the sun look at geopolitical mind manipulation This guy has it pretty much in sight

“Disney to Brzezinski: Full Spectrum Mind Control – Jay Dyer

Sorry one more thing the human eating frog demon summons from hell was a constant theme of the turn of the last century writers such as Robbert E Howard’ Connan series and the like

Damn illiterate christards! Begone!

I know reality addled ye wee brain but eventually some sense sinks in as the betters will try reason out the endless mental gymnastics needed to avoid reality. Not giving up on Kyle the peanut gallery have little to offer

I wonder why you get so many thumbs down on EVERY comments section? Hmmm…

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer, German

Truth and knowledge have never been a popularity contest.. Even Socrates was done away with. It’s easy to be a follower . I have always been the curious artistic sports type that reaches the top and bored moves on never listening to those who can’t but tell you how

You’re incoherent dude 😂😂 Remember the saying: when you’re in a ditch stop digging!

Haha right on Koda!