Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (8-5-17)

Kyle talks with Bill, VeGAINator, and John Smith about a number of important topics related to our struggle to free ourselves from jewish supremacy. Topics include: RenegadeVids, Unite the Right, activism, reaching people, controlling dissent, jewtube, and much more.

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Your discussion of our people being unwell is an important one. It becomes almost impossible to build any resistance to the forces working against us when you have to work yourself to near death just to put cheap poisonous food on the table. And if you have any strength left after that, there’s always the spiritual sickness of Christianity to shush you and tell you to go back to sleep.

Dear Scarlett, I feel that same exact way a lot lately but there are some simple ways that most White people aren’t readily used to or amiable to but can be done. 1) is COMMUNAL LIVING which in recent times online was talked about a few years by Keith of Truth Militia in one of their final podcasts. Keith to my shock and sadness actually adopted to Christian Identity and did a show with Bill Finck which is totally at odds with the guy I listened to back in 2013. But his promotion of those of us who have woken up to Jewish Malevolence, Perversion and Power over our nation and mental & financial enslavement of our Race getting together and living together with two… Read more »

Your ideas for a new way of living for our folk are worthy and I share many of your sentiments. However, you seem to still be holding on to a piece of your mind virus. First of all, the very idea of needing a savior goes against the Aryan spirit. But, besides that I find people are missing the point of this cult that has taken over the world. It’s not just a fake Jew psyop. It’s a way to get most of the Earth’s population to worship and provide sacrifice to a DEMON demiurge entity. This worship and sacrifice feeds the beast and causes it to grow in power. This to me is key.

Thank you! No, its definitely not me holding on to the mind virus of Jewsus. I admit I did struggle with a lot of ambivalence for a couple years breaking free from my prior adherence to Eastern Orthodoxy. I just look to the NSDAP and the Fuhrer for guidance as I know that in following the path of National Socialism I was able to break from the Demiurge. Miguel Serrano was seminal to helping me overcome and gain a deeper understanding of a lot of that I had already read such as the works of Evola, Guenon and Nietzsche; and the great music of composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner and Debussy. Also, Communal Living would in many ways be a return to the… Read more »
I’m sorry, I fear I may have been the one who came off as know it all. I just know that I wasted several years trying to hang on to some shred of my Christianity when I could see the writing on the wall. You sound like a pretty knowledgeable guy and I’ll concede you’re probably smarter than me too. I certainly don’t know a whole lot about those composers you mentioned. I would not have been able to articulate my feelings concerning the demon god without Nietzsche though. That was a light bulb moment for me. I really like your thoughts on communal living for our folk. Not in a communist way, but more of a village life I guess. Anyway, please forgive me… Read more »

Great show. Veganaitor brought up a great point that anti-Whites only interview people who will stick to the script. As Kyle said pointing out White genocide and who’s behind it means you will never get interviewed. It’s something that pro-Whites really need to think about when trying to decide who’s legitimate and who isn’t.

Renegade + Kyle = Bliss

Holy crap!That song was hideous and does not give me hope. So I guess this is the “right`s” artistic response to the Jew/negro loving anti culture. Great!

Gute Besserung Kyle !

Just wanted to say good evening:

Dear Kyle et aland Look into TURANIANISM for a deeper understanding of how Eurasianism is NOT NEW! Though some Hungarian NS and the early Japanese racialists who would’ve been amicable to German NS (the Meiji era restoration glorified and COPIED THE PRUSSIAN STATE AND GOVT.) were basically trying to find their ancient racial roots but knew their language was definitely not Indo-European, Aryan, and thus were attracted to what was originally TURKIC PAN-NATIONALISM I.E. early Eurasianism! Which was based in a belief that just as the White Race found its roots in the Ancient Aryans the various Ural-Altaic languages speaking racial/ethnic groups/nations were connected by being descended from the Ancient Turanid Race as they called it. The Turanian Pan-Nationlists were never a major force or… Read more »

I wonder if his name “Baked Alaska,” is more jew mocking with reference to the ice cream paedo code?

We all can be more active without breaking “their” laws. Print a simple question on a t-shirt (like Sinead’s Zog Marley vid lol) or stick a white genocide sign in your car/van side window. With jews closing off online options, we will have to hit the streets to get our message out.

PS Thanks Kyle and callers for this great “Saturday Night Fever” edition. For us to keep staying alive, we need to scare the Bee Gees-sus out of juden! (Not that i’ve been influenced by their music/movies/tv, you understand.)

Anthony’s comments are the best. They always make me chuckle and smile.

Being from the area, I am well aware of the Jewish Community Center shooting. There used to be some great videos online about how the whole thing was a hoax, but I have not been able to find them for over a year. I haven’t the slightest doubt that Frazier Glenn Miller is a jew.

David Lane had said long ago Frazier was a FED, so I am not sure how anyone even today could take him seriously.

Who are the guys in the picture?

Heimbach does not like the police at all he said ACAB an knows they are just the guards of capital. NSM knows not all the people at #UniteTheRight should be representing us, but we cannot control who is supporting things especially the more mass appealing issues like the confederate monument defense. There are only going to be fakes attaching themselves to the movement, but thats no reason to give up an not support whats already going. Mussolini was socialist in WWI an then fascist in WWII. I was around the KKK as a kid an then I became an com for sometime an now I am NS. People an their views change Heimbach is still a young guy an I think he catches on much… Read more »

Any pro White who is going to Unite The Right, and it not confronting these shills is useless and retarded.