Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (9-16-17)

Kyle takes calls from Bill, Russ, Frank, Chris, and Paul about a variety of topics, such as the ongoing suppression and persecution campaigns against us, how to reach people, the effectiveness of boycotts, and some strategy session.

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Thanks for playing that speech Kyle. I have it saved and have shared it many times. “Fifty years ago if you weren’t white you didn’t exist here”. Sums it up for me. Thanks again. Stevo

Israel is pressuring to make it illegal to boycott them, so it must be effective some way. Thats what they did to the Germans an declared war on them.

John from Canada

Liberals have been trying to boycott Israel for years. This is what the Jews fear most that the left controlled opposition will see their tyrannical nature and turn on them. White nationalism is just a bogeyman Jews use to keep the liberals in line.


Which is why the alt-right was created to make White nationalism a right wing concept. Also it’s stupid kek memes took attention away from the White genocide memes and reality.

Pro-White is just pro-White NOT pro-right or especially alt-right.


A boycott creates cohesive motivation. Any such motivation can be transmuted toward other targets. Any boycotts against israel can transmute into boycotts against jew controlled companies and organizations. I think a boycott against israel is probably a terrifying prospect for jews and israel due to the fact that the cohesive motivation of non-jews could shift from economic boycotts of their nation state into open warfare against jews globally. Make no mistake, they move to command and control various companies and structures comprised of non-jews as a play for power. And they recognize that any form of cohered motivation against jews, or israel, is a serious problem that could end them given the stakes they have created. They will have no control over truly dedicated warriors… Read more »


so love renegade & am looking forward to charles coming back. as a pagan of the old ways, there’s nothing like his rants. On the trump topic i wonder where teslas equipment/notes where pre irma?? heils & odin bless, all


The shut-down of the internet has already begun. The final nail in the coffin will be the “De-Cashing” of society. If they achieve “De-Cashing” … they will be able to simply shut off your ability to buy and sell in this society. And they WILL do that to “Dissidents”.


Here’s one of Trump’s fanboys. None other than david duke.


Duke seems to be a cross between the jew Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson…That video really showcases why it’s not a good idea to undergo extensive plastic surgery to make yourself look less jewish. Check out “A Jewish Nose Job Love Song”…


What ever happened to Charles Giulani? You should bring him back. He was a great host


Regarding boycotts on netflix or whatever you don’t stop until bankruptcy. There’s no small boycott for netflix. You do it until bankruptcy like that Chinese restaurant owner who had to shut up shop for supporting duke. Ironically he got attacked for supporting an anti-White subversive like duke instead of an actual pro-White.


OT/FYI: the J-Stream Media (JSM) has suppressed this of course, but I’ve also seen almost nothing in the alt media. On Friday,
“Iceland government collapses over paedophile furore”

From an Iceland rag, “ANALYSIS: Government falls in shocking scandal involving one of Iceland’s most notorious child abuse cases”

Ed of “The Outer Light” channel is one of the few who picked it up, “Guess why the Icelandic government just collapsed?” < 15 mins:


“…the ongoing suppression and persecution campaigns against us” The flip side of this is where “they” fraudulently puff up their own satanic minions’ spew… like amazon’s ‘fixing’ the reviews of killery’s whiney new book, to give it a pretend 4.8-stars. Check it out: 92% 5-star, 5% 1-star. Now, scroll to where the actual “Top Customer Reviews” (AKA “Most Helpful”) begin. ALL 1 & 2 STAR!! 🙂 That’s coz of a clever campaign of up-voting the negative reviews. Here’s a snapshot from 2 days ago, a couple day after amazon shoahed all the 1-star reviews: So log in to amazon; go down that list of reviews, and add your “I found this review helpful” vote to all those negative reviews. That’s how they get,… Read more »

John Travolta

Mr. Whisker’s always steals the show!

There should be a series done on Mr. Whisker’s for Renegade Vids.

I, for one, would donate to see that adorable material.

Go Mr. Whisker’s!!!

Ghost Man O\' War

You did great Bill. You’re a smart, good chap. You did a great show. You got more people charged up and talking and all learned a lot about aspects they were sure they knew, but were wrong and visa versa. I think you did a fine job. At your age, I was still drooling all over my t-shirt and boots. You are coming out of the gate like a rodeo king and it didn’t throw ya/ YOU DID GREAT. YOU’RE A GREAT GUY. YOU DID A FINE SHOW. KYLE, GOOD COACHING. YOU HAVE A GREAT FUTURE QUARTERBACK IN BILL. AS PAPPY TOLD ME, PLAYERS WIN GAMES, COACHES WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS. POEPLE GET MAD AT ME ALL THE TIME BUT IN TIME THEY LIKE ME ALOT. BACK… Read more »

The Jews in Israel have to work there considering they have no goyim to exploit their, so boycotting them means they loose any kind of jobs in Israel they have.


Ha got some strange looks on site when I cracked up at your description of your show Bill.
Don’t think it was that bad but damn funny way to describe it brother.

pj sinatra

Judy Bloom vis a vis the new netflix series and the 66 year-old caller: Judy introduced “Are you there god, it’s me margaret’ and so forth. And to quote Sinead: “Every single, every single time.” If you really watnted to you could head over to Judy’s wiki page and click “early life.”


@ 1:02 Frank comes on with some good input of what he is doing and what is working for him. And like Russ before him his stuff gets the yeah but, and, I think, form Kyle. The basic poo hoo. I get it. If there ever was and ever is going to be a leader worth following today it is you Kyle. But as such taking the lead is not always job one. Many a “Lieutenant” has won the day or the battle with his own thinking. Frank’s use of today’s platforms with third party information at hand to show written, historical, and factual info beyond the label of your basic white devil is one hell of a good idea, and indeed a strategy with… Read more »


The mind-control and deception aspects of the jew agenda are largely projected via media. 911 was primarily a media event. “How” they did it involved CGI and manipulated video/audio the you saw on a screen. Very little real-world work was done. Mostly just building demolitions.

If you’re trying to convince others about “Who” did it and “Why” – they are going to want to know “How”. And the media is at the center of that.

That cop in the National Action video was agreeing with them 110%.

Foster XL

Hi, Captain Foster of the Grammar Police here. To agree with someone 100% is to agree “completely” with them. Therefore it is actually impossible to agree with someone more than 100%! 😉

Because of the discussion at the 40 minute mark, I feel the need to give some information about how pornography is weaponized. Obviously, there are really raunchy and crazy pornos out there that have serious effects on people. However, there is another thing that impacts your reproductive ability. This is called Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (P.I.E.D). In short, this condition is when your dopamine receptors are no longer normal, causing erectile dysfunction when you are with a real life person. The only way to ‘get it up’ when you have PIED is to watch porn. But do not be too alarmed. You can reverse this by stopping watching porn and masturbating. You will go through certain phases after quitting. The first phase is called “flat-line”… Read more »

Foster XL

Sounds like you’re actually talking from experience. Not intending to be rude – that’s just the way I read what you wrote 🙂 If that’s the case then well done! 😉