Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (9-23-17)

Kyle talks about the Valerie Plame blame game scandal, as well as jews and their lies, and then brings on Rollie to talk about Lindbergh and Aryan athletics, as well as Zack to talk about Christinsanity and what needs to be done about our big problem.

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Jewry’s Greater brethren have functioned for millennia as if they are a psychopathic race, or a race which shares the presumed genetic based Character traits associated with those identified by psychology/psychiatry as psychopaths, a designation that is not a mental illness but a character disorder [not a personality disorder] based on an absence of the emotional apparatus, empathy, remorse, guilt, from which conscience emerges and which together birth the human internal moral compass whose core wisdom is codified as Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. The real genetic Jews who comprise the ruling Greater brethren and much of the body of Jewry are probably in fact a Psychopath race which would explain the extraordinary character, history, culture and Religion of… Read more »


I am not trying to defend anybody, but Sean should set up his own podcast and do shows, instead of whining like a bitch. I’m sure he has a lot interesting to say. Blogtalkradio is just $40 a month and talkshoe account is even free! No excuses.


Kyle started same way, by the way, when he was kicked off from Oracle.

Quintus Sertorius

Great show Kyle! The Dershowitz audio clip is an instant “kvetching classic.” The part where he argues that jews should be judged as individuals but in practically the same breath tells us that jews as a group are against war; what an amazing example of slimy jewish hypocrisy. They never answer the substance of the criticism against them, they just bleat on endlessly about the holohoax, and couple that with hamfisted (pun intended) character assassination. Also, thank you for sharing the information about Charles Lindbergh and Bobby Fischer! It is important that we remember the brave people who have stood against the toxic jew world order.

mystic mac

About fighting, there is a jewish reporter in the UFC, Ariel Helwani, that everyone hates because they accuse him of trying to constantly stir the pot with fighters and getting everyone to hate each other. You can look at a video, “Fighters getting angry at Ariel Helwani”, the guy is a stereotype of the jewish personality.


Helwani the KIKE is part of a larger plan to further destroy National Ethnic identity. For example, Helwani religiously calls negroes who live in Sweden – “Swedes”. Now that the UFC is owned by WME-iMG and is run by the other KIKE Ariel Emanuel – you will see a lot more “Storyline” manipulation used for the further destruction of National Ethnic Identity.

The KIKE Helwani is also guilty intentionally misrepresenting and inventing “Storylines”. This is the exact same kind of thing that is boning done daily in the Political world. Fake “storylines” with pre-planned outcomes.


Interesting. It is a good study in Jewish behavior watching this guy. The UFC and Fox banned him and he said he has no idea what he did wrong, that they are just picking on him, and that it will take a lot more than that to get rid of him. Basically causes problems and tensions between everyone, cries as he strikes you, and refuses to go away.


In the early days, the UFC under the Fertitta regime was ALWAYS about surpassing any sort of “White” identity and they banned people who had any sort of National Socialist ideological background. Why? Because when the start winning fights – they become “heroes” to the (m)asses. They overtly signed fighters with “BROWN PRIDE” tattooed on their body. If a fighter had something like “WHITE PRIDE” tatted on them they would be blackballed. The WME-IMG decides who fights who. Fights are fixed. Heroes and “manufactured”. Storylines are created and played out just as in the WWE. You will see a massive acceleration of negro worship and excessive “humanization” of anything non-White. WME-IMG is in the PROPAGANDA business. They didn’t buy the UFC for no reason. It… Read more »

mystic mac

In the end its just once a month entertainment. What I find interesting though, is three years ago the UFC started aggressively steroid testing in and out of competition and since then the non whites that were successful completely dropped off the map and can’t win anymore. I wonder if non whites were much more likely to cheat than the whites, because the whites have totally taken over. The next pay per view, 13 of the 16 fighters are white. There are 3 champions on it, and all three are white, and all 3 number one contenders are white. The only ones that I hear say they are glad they started strictly testing for PEDs are the white fighters.


Good point about steroid use among non-Whites. A while back it was admitted that the UFC would have to “produce” more “Brazilian” champions in order to secure an ongoing deal with Globo (Brazils biggest free TV channel).

As you mentioned – as soon as the strict steroid testing was implemented …. fewer Brazilian champions.

Many of them are actually complaining that the steroid testing is “too strict”.


That people hate the c**t is good. Next is we start bulldozing down sires of jewish despotism like the holocrock memorial and other jew monuments.

Paul Von Tyrant

I’m sorry I stayed out late and missed the roundtable.