Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (9-9-17)

Kyle takes calls from Frank, Joseph, Andrew, Tony, and Paul about a number of topics, such as weather manipulation, White nature, the threats we face, the powerful potential of our people, predestination, and much more.

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Look into what’s going on in St. Martin. The niggers are going crazy and there are Whites there that are in grave danger. Not a peep out of jewish media. We may see the same in Florida. Be safe, armed, and alert Floridians.

The communist media (all US media) will NEVER report the realities of race and criminality.

They’re just grabbing emergency supplies of big screen TV’s so they can receive their brainwashing during the hurricane.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Irma was artificially created. They have today such weather manipulation techniques we can’t even dream of. I believe one storm that knocked off Fukushima was created to destroy Japanese economy.

This guy claimed to have the ability to do it with his mind. He like some other Russians have some interesting theories. Some of it I’ve never come across before. Some of what they’ve said has checked out when I looked into it. Kyle mentioned towards the end of the show that the Druids could do weather manipulation. It would not surprise me.

Just to be clear I like to read Russian material because it’s unique not because I’m into eurasianism or shilling for Putin.

Some thoughts on Florida’s elderly… I spent twenty years of my life living in Florida – and I loved it. Last night I was reflecting on Florida’s elderly population. Particularly on the West coast – Naples and Fort Myers area, there are A LOT of reitree’s / nursing home type places. I’ve had the most ominous feeling for the past several years that a mass ‘die off’ of people would be coming.. I now believe for certain that we are witnessing it today. With the opioid deaths equaling a 9/11 event every 2 (or 3?) weeks, our poisoned food supply, poisoned air and water, etc… But now with Florida’s elderly under seige, literally, I wonder how many will make it through this? Most homes in… Read more »

A down vote with no rebuttal, comment or explanation? Nothing to say huh? lol

I can’t imagine why someone would down vote your post. Unless maybe it was because of your reference to the “Greatest Generation”. History shows us that they were the Greatest Dupes and the Greatest Tools of the Jews due to their entrance into WW Jew and their destruction of Mother Europe. How many of them understand what they’d done today? How many of them realize that they murdered innocent Europeans? How many of them are willing to admit that they were responsible for the mess we are in today…

Sadly, the elderly are rarely a source of wisdom or stories of freedom and bravery anymore.

I would say the Renegade audience is (or should be,) very well aware of the mass deception of WWII, and the horrors committed under the direction of ”Allied” forces.. We know that the American population, nor the English, wanted to enter WWII… I am certain that the Russian’s didn’t either. The ”Greatest Generation” is simply a term to soothe the frayed nerves and egos of the American men who returned from a violent, traumatic war. Although majority of them were so terribly deceived, most fought bravely.. most were good men, sacrificed by their blood thirsty Jewish controllers. I occasionally wonder what happens to the soul of my elders who fought, believing that what they did was ”the right thing”, now that I know the truth… Read more »
You are right Amber. A part of my family was in the resistance against Hitler and took the risks and harm for it. But from what they did I know with certainty that they did not want to hurt the German people. They wanted to save Germany and I believe their souls are with us today. One died at the last day of the war when he tried to rescue some young boys from being captured by the Red Army. The boys shot him as a traitor. There is so much tragic in every generation and individual history. Without the internet I would never have had the chance to wake up and our forefathers couldn’t sit in their homes and learn about all the lies… Read more »

We should learn how and why jewish deception tactics worked on our ancestors so that we can immunize ourselves from it. Sadly, I don’t see much credible education about deception going on. While I do see an almost endless series of faked events and political deception ploys being transmitted via the jewish media. And I do see far too many of our people simply reacting to those faked events as though they were real – instead of attacking the credibility of the jewish media. The credibility of the jewish media MUST BE DESTROYED in the minds of the (m)asses. That should be priority number one.

When even so-called “White supremacist” figures like duke, anglin and spencer play along with fake terror events it’s hard for people to know the truth.

Anglin, duke and spencer (and others) all are working with the feds. The reason why the fake terror events are important to expose is because that will help to destroy the credibility of the (m)ass media in the minds of the general public. The (m)ass media is the primary weapon of the KIke conspiracy.

The fact that our people have been so easily deceived is a real tragedy. Even during the ramp-up to World War Jew there were many voices in clear opposition to what the Kikes and their willing accomplices were doing. Sadly, they were able to monopolize the radio and newspapers…and to implement the draft. That meant that those that didn’t fall for the bullshit faced prison (or worse) for not going into the military. Back in those days if someone burned the American flag – that person would have been killed and the cops would not even investigate it. They would even help. That’s how deep the deception was.

Jew troll, no doubt.

Oregon’s Chetco Bar Fire Conflagration : For the past week my family and I have been mentally preparing to evacuate and possibly lose everything we have spent our lives building and creating (our farm), due to the largest fire in the nation. This fire has been burning for over a month, and started out as 1/4 of an acre.. there are quite a few people discussing the fact that this fire was IGNORED in July when resources were available, and has been allowed to devastate over 182,000 acres of wild lands, taking several homes with it. The Chetco conflagration now threatens several small towns to the east as it spreads over the previously (and possibly also intentionally burnt Biscuit fire of 2002). Locally we have… Read more »
I should say too, it is strange how many local paper’s around here constantly advertise AGAINST drone flying near the fires with the saying ”when you fly, we can’t”…. They are really pushing the ”drones taking over the skies” while simultaneously telling us not to fly them. Even though I should say this weekend is the first in a while where the sky is visible again because of the lite rain we received, forest service officials told me on friday to expect smoke again all next week. Our forecast is only ”smoke”. Not only are they are not putting this fire out, but they are warning the goy against even slightly observing their ”efforts”. It’s all very very strange and disconcerting to say the least…… Read more »

The filthy jew seems to hate forests more than anything else, except the white race. With jews you lose. Fuck them to hell.

They hate clean water too…. BP Oil still draining into the gulf… no one’s talking about that either! The ”leak” has never been fixed!

Jews hate nature.

Because they want the world to go to hell as a ‘precondition’ so their ‘Moshiach’, who will allegedly be of the ‘Davidic line’ can come rule the world from Jerusalem and make a ‘New World Order’. It’s in the Torah, book of Isaiah.

Amber, drones can create a “Safety of Flight” issue for manned aircraft. In the US, drones of up to 50 pounds gross weight can be flown by pretty much anyone. The potential for collision is very real.

fourteen minutes, but worth listening too :

”The Wild Life #95 FULL EPISODE: 09/05/17 UPDATE to the Chetco Bar Fire burning in Curry and Josephine Counties, OR. And now burning in MY county, Jackson, at 170,000 acres in size and only 40 miles from us! The Bill Meyer Show on Medford radio station KMED blew the secrecy lid off the REAL story of the Chetco Bar Fire this morning, and the major culprit is our own U.S. Forest Service. Listen to both interviews to learn exactly who this person in the Forest Service is. Lightning may have caused this fire, but the U.S. Forest Service is responsible for creating this monster! ”

Thank you so much for the information Amber. They did the same in Canada! This is so outrageous. I listened to the video. All this is expulsion and genocide. I was glad Kyle mentioned the “Trail of Tears”. With all the differences among us we all have one deadly enemy and it’s important to see this . For them we all are cattle and nature does not mean anything to them. In the region I live in Germany there are less and less birds and this spring and summer was so sad and silent. Chemtrails all over the place. The sunlight does not come through many days and the colours of the plants and flowers look metallic and strange. The weather is a mess. No… Read more »
Having nothing to do with the fires – It really is distressing watching these 100+ year old tree’s spontaneously die… from what? We don’t know… we are all just watching the hillsides brown – tree after tree…. a slow tragic death. Standing dead tree’s are great fire fuel. I am certain that it has to do with the chemtrails.. Like I mentioned, today and yesterday were our first ”clear” days in weeks – and immediately, first thing yesterday what did we see in the sky but a plane leaving behind a chem trail! It’s outrageous! I have been wondering ever since the start of our ”smoke” skies, where we literally can’t see anything but grey, are they spraying us still? We wouldn’t know at all… Read more »

Amber, when you say that you’re “certain that is has to do with chemtrails”… can you elaborate and describe your evidence that makes you certain? Certainty require “proof”. Do you have credible proof that “chemtrails” are killing your trees? Most importantly, can you please provide us with “proof” of the chemical makeup of the “chemtrials’ that you are citing?

Have you seen the movie The Road?

I’m caught up in the migrant situation most of the time as it’s the main horror since the flooding began in 2015 but the weather warfare, their war against nature is the thing that has a big psychological impact and of course one often feels depressed and sort of crazy and isolated from the normal people. I myself did not see the chemtrails until I saw a leaflet that was glued into the window of a car naming the thing. I had not looked into the sky for years. I later realized, that I had stopped watching the sky because it always had this ugly metallic grey colour and the net of chemtrails and that I had unwittingly shut the extreme ugliness out of my… Read more »

Where I live we only get the occasional chemtrail that I’ve noticed anyway. Maybe they spray more on cloudy days but it’s kind of hard to hide them on clear days. I did notice we got some rain the next day the last time they sprayed so it could be connected.

Who steals equipment from fire fighters while they rest, from fighting the largest fire in the country?

My conspiratoral mind has been working overtime this week. I had an image of two “desk pilots” controlling and steering their man-made weather drone. Will they flood the two east coast nuke plants, Fukushima style? Will Florida be made inhabitable? Is this a drill for future detention camps? Can their Irma be used to power a direct energy weapon, like 16 yrs ago off the coast of NY? Blame a strike on Kim and trigger dupe-fest 3? We shall see.

PS Take care Kyle, and that’s just dealing with your own cat 3 situation lol. I’m glad Sinead and your son are out of harm’s way, and staying with good friends. Our gods and collective willpower will keep you all safe.

I see what you did there lol #CAT3

Great to see some English still have their wits! Great comments Anthony 🙂

i wonder if the jew world order is foreshadowing a coming war for sheckles with their weather games? Irmin goddess of war in german.. Earlier this year I drew 3 cards out for our diverse white european race for what the year held. There were 3 distinct phases. 1) lupus (black wolf) 2 of swords/libra – opposition/conflict & crossed purposes 2) then corvus (raven) 6 of swords/leo, messenger from the gods then 3) winter princess of swords grasping the sword of discrimination with 2 ravens by the next northern yule/winters solstice in which the the solar gate starts its ascension again overall I read the return of wolves & ravens with the coming of war in the northern hemisphere by the next winter solstice &… Read more »

Good show. Interesting point about semites hating the sun and Europeans loving it.

These chem trails really annoy me. Has anyone figured out what they heck they are spraying and why? How do we make them stop?

LisaP – It’s easy to get the chemical makeup of a “chemtrail” from ground based sensors using spectroscopy. To date – I am not aware of ANYONE detecting barium, aluminum or “blood cells” in high altitude white lines in the sky. If anyone has such data – post it. Spraying operations from aircraft do occur but not every single aircraft flying overhead is “spraying”. However, every single aircraft flying overhead does emit “exhaust”.

‘Aide toi et le Ciel t’aidera’ . Aid yourself and the Gods will help you .
Happy you’re back home soon .

Great show, as always 🙂
I just wanted to recommend to Frank, as a comprehensive overview of our situation today, Europa, the last battle. It is among the videos renegade suggests and it even has a short audio clip of sinead’s voice 😉 it’s not perfect, as it has characters such as Jared “jews look whhhhite to me”, and some others we know are not authentic, some English mis-pronunciations, plus it sees Russia as our last hope… But aside from this it is quite comprehensive and well presented, and a perfect introduction to the most important issues.

Great show.
Thankyou from australia

I can tell you as a person who survived 3/11 in Japan, the allegedly most disaster-prepared country on earth, had NO PLAN…

On coast to coast radio they would influence the weather through having everyone visualize rain where it was needed. Vikings would carve raitho runes on ships to still the seas, etc.