Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts, Then John (2-18-17)

Kyle starts out hosting, talking about the recent film release, and takes calls from Leifkin and Frank. They discuss the multi-pronged assault on us and why many people won’t do anything about it. Then John Smith takes over and takes a call from Bob in DC, and a discussion of the nature of the jewish problem.

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The documentary was superb.


Hi Kyle; I watched Beyond Pizzagate, agree, VG! Congrats.

In your part 2, consider working in Comet’s shopify page where they advertise among other ordinary promo shwag, an “Infant Onesie”, in one color: BLACK. Curiously he/they haven’t removed that in-our-faces evidence frrom their shopify page yet,

comment image?v=1481659406

They also sell Comet Ping Pong (tomato) Sauce…

Their key shopify pages are all backed up: all products page 1 all products page 2 comet infant onsie comet tomato sauce


Holy fucking shit, go to the website and scroll down. They have a quote:

“Comet was a revelatory moment. The instant the pizza made contact with my mouth, I knew I had a winner.”

WHO SAYS THAT SORT OF THING ABOUT FOOD?! What a disgusting quote, and very telling. Just take in the prose for a second. “Revelatory moment”???


go to WHICH page & scroll down? I don’t see your quote on any of Comet’s shopify pages?

Kyle/Sinead, I know you’re tired of getting shoahed @ YT, but I hope you’ll sneak a copy of your docu onto a new YT acct, plus hit, dailymotion, vimeo & whatever others. Coz the major platforms would deliver so many more views, with their search engines, embedable at messageboards/etc, active comments… if I weren’t a Renegade regular, not sure if/how I would even learn of your docu. But I trawl YT daily for new PG vids.


No not that one, their homepage. I quoted it for so no need, but the whole website has a very bleak and ominous vibe about it. There is something in the subtleties and the energy that created it.

Robert Heimdal

Bob, I really miss your 4th Position podcast very much. Glad to hear from you again. Thanks for calling. [still listening]


Great show! Especially the other part. I remember way back when Bob DC spoke of need to develop “ruthless, even psychopathic mindset” to deal with an ‘enemy’…. That is very interesting statement.

Taras Vasgard

Great to hear from Bob wall street.
He had good ideas.

Thank you.

Greetings Bob,

I was wondering what happened after the feed reader stopped pulling in the podcast from TalkShoe. Sounds like you will be taking a break from broadcasting for the time being. Fourth Position was on my short list of shows not to miss, and in a way I consider to you be one of the wise elders based on what was listened to thus far. If you read the comments here later, just wanted to thank you for the insights and inspiration. Hopefully, you will be popping in on future shows now and then.

Anders Dahl

I know it was surplus idea, but can we have a music list again? The music is really great and I would love to hear the song to the end.

There was a reaction in the UK inspired by the march held in Brussels in response to the Dutroux affair


Dane is willing to debate any of his detractors.


Sofia Smallstorm and Dane Wigington will both make for extraordinarily GREAT guests on The Solar Storm, and am overjoyed to learn from Kyle that Sofia might be on his show tomorrow. Just finished listening to this week’s Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, and he said how disappointed in his in noting President Trump’s appointees, which indicates that he plans to keep spraying, keep geoengineering, keep up the weather wars.


Brigid, I’m not saying Lawrence Wright is correct but he has a dimmer view of Dane Wigington that left me scratching my head. See what you think?


Bob, I think that what you said -something about- banking the hate until the cold calculating is done, is very appropriate.

Can we ‘come in the back door’ and wack them some how, can we gather an elite task force, work under the rugg, co-ordinate and pull the plug on the top ones? not possible in this survailed mess hey, can we only meet their shit head on? Its a lot of shit that they are throwing.
What to defuse their power, even if its an illusion, where is the damn switch on this wicked apparatus!?

Great roundtable



FYI Kyle is not a fan of the creator of the History Reviewed Channel


Is it because he has entertained the “Jews are alien lizzards” theory or is there something else I should know?


is it because he is a trump supporter?


Kyle said that both Alex Lindner and Jan buy the official story on Anders Breivik and Dylan Roof, and openly praise them as great heroes.
I wasn’t thrilled about Alex’s Trump support but haven’t heard the alien theory yet.


Yes, i can see that. Personally, i can listen to Jan talk for hours, although the Dylan Roof and Trump shit is a big turn off, i take it with a lot of grains of salt.


Does anyone have an opinion on when Hillary Clinton became a pedophile? Do you think she is one, or that she’s just okay with it? I can no longer hold out any skepticism that she knows what’s going on after watching the video.

Aren’t pedophiles formed in childhood, presumably early childhood? How do these people, the politicians particularly, get by posing as ‘normal?’

I just don’t get it.


Dors anyone have the link to Bob’s blog?

Seamus the Man

The IRS is a collection agency for the Private Federal Reserve Bank owned by Goldman Sachs, Jamie Diamond of Citicorp and an undisclosed Italian agent.

Seamus the Man

Can you take me off the blocked comment review thing. I’m a rabid Renegade for the revolution. I’m also and artist and want to create t-shirts and original designs.. Donations…. Maybe

Seamus the Man

Come on please Kyle…These unorganized hillbillies just need to go over to Chris Dorsey and David Dopetrieves channel. We need some slick minded younger people to compete with the alt-kike. I know John Smith from before and he’s great! Its these old guys that are just slow. A bank account? And the allagory never concluded. They are successful bashing this organization because of these southern marble mouths. Sorry, you guys are going to get so popular when Trump shows his true allegiance to the Jew World Order!!!


Glad you guys figured out what “I’m making a movie” wannabe actor Chris was. Now we can move on to “Christians are our biggest enemy who deserve a lead pipe” jewtopia nonsense. Sorry I looked at the sun and moon and found no urge to worship them neither my washing machine or cat. You can’t say join us in “pagan jerk joy” and not say exactly what this “never seen before” utopia is. There are 20,000 plus Hindu pages “gods” and just as many others lost to memory not worth the crumbled facade men carved them out of… The Jews and new age “pagans” like Kabbalist jews do pick and choose mix and match “good sounding bits” to give you tickle the ear entertainment lower… Read more »


Wow! Every new comment you make surpasses the douchebaggery of the last to new depths! Well done! You just earned yet another well-deserved thumbs down!


So in other words no philosophical/ moral footing/ ideology past emotional plea. Not hard considering a old man bragging about taking advantage of teenagers thinking he’s “oh so superior” to pedos because he brought up “white power” to his accountant. The problem with “the west” is moral bankruptcy fear of ultimate judgement on any scale that includes there actions and ideological bankruptcy reaching for “the good ol’ days” of might makes right barbarism. We people have two thousand years of cultural knowledge and superiority being pissed away in jewish mystic dufesry based on physical debauchee and “evolution” to a “slave utopia” Tell me a better way and it I’m all ears but “pray to the sun for answers” is a bit vague and Babylonian/ Persian/mystical.… Read more »


Nope, pretty sure it’s just you getting very confused. As well as being garbage rambling your comments are generally also full of bad grammar & an unnecessary effort to try & read. You know – sometimes it’s better to keep at least some of our thoughts in our heads rather than spewing them all out unedited in type for all to see. Take that onboard if you wish, or don’t & continue to clarify what a douchebag you really are.

Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen

“Pray to the sun”…. We never prayed to the sun, in fact we never “praid” for anything… Only fools are praying to their semitic god. The “club” that you need is the Club for Ignorant People”…. You want to get wiser. Here you go (but I doubt you’ll understand it):


.Xenophon Anabasis 431 BC On a “white pagan folk” probably the left overs of the mycenaeans or “Atlantans” as you have a thousand year Greek “dark age” of zero writing and then clumsy discovery of past empire. Then as now people clumsily grasping what they know not. What is your all uniting belief structure? This pagan one——>>>> “The Hellenes breakfasted and then started forward on their march, having first delivered the stronghold to their allies among the Mossynoecians. As for the other strongholds belonging to tribes allied with their foes, which they passed en route, the most accessible were either deserted by their inhabitants or gave in their adhesion 30 voluntarily. The following description will apply to the majority of them: the cities were on… Read more »

Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen

To the Sneaky Snake above: Your ancestors was asatru for at least 45.000 years (if you are European). Our gods are our family. It’s in our blood. Hole Europe was white and we had our own gods, until they came with their jew-religion called christianity. The Germanic people fought them for around 600 years. The Vikings are also the Germanic People. We became vikings to fight the church. We saw what they did. We were warriors, farmers, sailors and trades men. Our religion was (is) natural law. We were not afraid of death. We had courage, honor and integrity. (Like national socialists). They took it all away from us, so now we don’t know who we are. Before we were celebrating the nature, sun and… Read more »

Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen

And btw…. The nordic pagans knew about the jews long before Martin Luther. It’s all in our mythology. The “Nazis” also discovered that.


Utter tripe then as now Germanic people’s were never United much less any part of Europe. The war fighting you lay claim to via the Vikings was the left overs of the Roman Empire when Germanic tribes played “traitor” to there “folk” in service to the Romen empire enthralled by Jewish mystical belief that a man could in fact be a god if he listens to his Jewish Kabbalist mystic… Nero and King Harod were butt buddy’s and the first to claim he was a god. That’s a thousand years before the “Vikings” expanded and adapted into there natural state of clan farmers who want to be left alone. There is zero and less then zero single European unity past what was done in Christendom.… Read more »


“…barbaric tards drinking horse piss and humping trees”

Douchebag cultist confirmed. This is exactly why NOBODY takes you seriously & either laughs or shakes their head at your christarded pseudo-intellectualizing.


“Germanic people’s were never United much less any part of Europe.”

So Prussia doesn’t count?