Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts – This Means War (3-24-18)

Kyle speaks to Tony, Chris H, Scarlett, and Rollie about some current events, racial relation to musical talent, jews and their genocidal agenda, why they promote horror movies, and a whole lot more.

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“Hold on I gotta cough” lol. I remember.

“why they promote horror movies”

Don’t forget horror games, such as Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Anthony Roberts

I did some awareness motoring yesterday highlighting the “March for our banker masters” demo. They even had the relatives of the 1996 hoax Dublane school shooting in scotland, piping up in Edinburgh. This was a coordinated and costly psy-op – pure theatre. Even William Shepherd aka Paul McCartney, was in jew-york “remembering” pal Lennon. He looks to have improved his PR, after the nonchalant attempt to be sad (for a stranger session musician – as he viewed the other beatles, when taking over in ’67) in 1980. Gotta keep working for that knighthood Bill. PS Well done Kyle. You did great when feeling so unwell, and thanks to the callers. The other shill christrump-tard is Greg Hunter, ex abc/cnn reporter. Thousands hang on to him… Read more »


Regardless of who this caller is, the comment about the nectarines/peaches/plumbs is brilliant. Bravo!! It is a perfect tool for demonstrating what’s at stake.

Man, I love peaches!!


pj sinatra

oh, boy, the Jew calls up and twists the bible. He must be quoting from his Jewish Scofield Bible and not the KJV, no we don’t stand with Israel, these Jews are worse than the meme Historians. Read John 2:22, KJV, and get a tattoo, jew caller.


The Scofield Bi-bull is a piece of shit. But then, again, so is the KJV.


Regarding words in your intro, I dipped into this from your archives Kyle, with Kalki ‘Bob’ Weisthor about the power of the higher order of spirit, and awakening that to battle ‘materialists.’ And how if you of off half-cocked, they can pick you off. It’s a great discussion you two have about finding the happy medium between the solitary power and merging with the all, and he recommends in meditation not asking who am I, but who are we. And Nick calls in to ask about Krohn who he mentions helped bring forward the swastika, and is his ancestor on his mother’s side.

The first guest/caller was a suspected black supremacist


If Black Supremacist discourage their sons and daughters from breeding with ours, what’s the problem? Please explain your strategy for interacting with blacks. I can’t quite catch the rhythm of your high IQ.


They are also encouraging their sons and daughters to kill us, and feeding their meager brains with we wuz fayrohs fake history that only fuels their arrogance, resentment and sense of entitlement. The only proper strategy for interacting with blacks is stay aloof, alert, and don’t ever trust them. What’s your strategy, high IQ Tony? If it’s the same as renegade’s it must be kissing their black asses in the delusion they will be homie-allies against the kikes.


This is a “Straw Man” argument. I didn’t bother to correct Seamustheman on the difference between Nationalist and Supremacist because this is such a Jewy word tactic that either he is a Tribe Member or he is of such low understanding that the less he speaks the better for our movement. Your advice is sound to not trust blacks and avoid contact with them as much as POSSIBLE. But you are not helping our cause if you are rude to them when it’s NECESSARY to interact. Aloof is good. How is this kissing black ass? It’s not a matter of hoping they will allie with us so much as not expending time, energy, and resources to battle them when we have a bigger WAR to… Read more »


PS. One more important point. I doubt you will be successful waking OUR PEOPLE if you feed right into the Jew narrative that we are just a bunch of ignorant haters.

I can tell the basic underlying rhythm of a lower IQ person. I couldn’t place a regional accent but one is there.