Renegade Roundtable: Kyle & HV – Protecting our People from Predation (6-30-18)

Kyle takes calls from Tyler, Heathen Vegan, and Steve. The conversation revolved around some recent events, private property and communal culture, the bad leadership of today, how orators need to be responsible leaders, and how we need to protect our people from predation.

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Older men, who have grandchildren or are of that age bracket who are ”afraid” or just too lazy to fight – and know what’s going on – THE GENOCIDE OF THEIR DESCENDANTS – infuriate me. Emasculated and cowardly elders are just pathetic. I get it – they’ve been trained and neutered, manipulated, abused and socially engineered to be so inept, but when you know – YOU KNOW. Folks of both sexes are both so morally lazy and cowardly, and I have heard it, and believe it too, that when women speak, men listen, and where women go, men will follow – but the exact same sentiment applies to men also! When men stand up, and act like Men – Women will follow! Their children will… Read more »


I am certain that if white men hadn’t had their most sensitive, masculine part of their body mutilated by their overlords en mass we wouldn’t be in this situation facing racial annihilation.


Most European men were not genitally mutilated yet they are still being genocided.


It’s really hard to tell what’s really going on, but it seems like there is more of an organized and open resistence effort by the men of Europe, as opposed to the deracinated and mostly mutilated men of America and maybe Australia – the ”melting pots”… I could be wrong, thats just the way it appears. American’s have been hit hard with the ”hygiene” propaganda in regards to their male populations genitals. I am constantly astounding by the amount of mother’s who defend what they allowed to happen to their newborn son’s, refusing to admit they might have been wrong or decieved, and the men who look older in appearance who sheepishly or sometimes arrogantly proclaim that ”I like it”. To me it’s pretty clear… Read more »


I blame christ-insanity (trauma based mind control) They had to conquer our spirits and cut down our trees (both familial and literal) before they could conquer our lands.


Can you direct me towards any resistance movements that you see as grass roots? I’m genuinely curious. I’ve been disappointed in what I’ve seen come out of Europe (and America) Nordfront was posting Kike Enoch shows and doubled down when confronted with his jeiwsh heritage, Identity Europe is totally cucked, Pediga is jewish, and all of the “right wing” parties are kosher to the max.. I’m sure there are many men and women who are aware of the issue but the resistance groups seem mostly controlled from what I can see. Americans have also grown up around blacks and other non Whites, so the threat may not seem as imminent. Whereas tiny European villages, that never had a single non White reside in them, are… Read more »


How much of our inheritance has already been stolen via ’eminent domain’ or ‘collectivization.’ Example, my great grandfather got pennies on the dollar for acreage after WWII for a military airstrip in middle Georgia. My Hungarian husbands great grandfather had to sign over most of his acreage after WWII except for a small plot. Only difference the latter got nothing and signed with a loaded gun at his back.

Heathen vegan

And that is just the last two generations, imagine how much has been stolen before then……


PLEASE provide the name/artist for the bagpipe music at the start of the show. I have searched YouTube endlessly and cannot find it. Shazam is way too kosher to identify it either. I LOVE it!!


Regarding the appropriation of the term Renegade I have seen this in numerous other instances where a term, person or concept which is of value to us it becomes buried in a mass of false matches on Google. I first noticed this when I attempted to look up Bob Whitaker the author of the White genocide mantra. It seems to be done on purpose to hide the truth.