Renegade Roundtable: Kyle and Nick (5-6-17)

Kyle and Nick talk for a while before taking calls from John from Canada and Bill, dealing with some of the controlled opposition thought leaders, Trump being “Subverted”, the controlled clashes between the right and the left, how to build some bridges and work with groups who have different interests in order to end our enslavement.

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I love, love, love the Jew impersonation voice! It is so very appropriate for the topic. Great Job.

“joining the other races to battle the jew”, I don’t think this would be very hard, and would come naturally without even trying. White people generally come off as very nice, and even the ones that are over the top like Chris Cantwell he has non whites call in all the time saying they like his show lol. Jews though, especially how they treat whites in the west come off as viscious, paranoid, and hostile and I think its easy for non whites to see this if they pay attention. I think I converted some non whites on facebook just from them seeing jews threatening me, threatening to come find me, to get me fired, beat me up, make things up about me, etc (none… Read more »

Albert Einstein was really Alberta Einstein. Yes, Einstein was a tranny.

L = gbt2 ÷said in Kyle’s jew voice÷

Great show, but I would advise against building any formal alliances with people not of our own racial kin…let’s just say that one thing will lead to another (you know the rest of the story.) I don’t agree with everything that Iron March supports, but I do agree with their policy on keeping the movement itself 100% White and degenerate free. Probably the only thing I don’t like about their philosophy is their very Spartanesque emphasis on service to the state, and their stance that the new fascist government can be trusted to basically micromanage all of our personal affairs without abuse of power arising as an unintended consequence. I believe that rather than legislating morality, we simply need to create it by putting our… Read more »

I know I practically wrote an entire dissertation there, but there was so much I felt the need to sound off about.

If we look objectively at any potential alliances then we only need to go back to the basic principle of National Socialism as a bottom line – that it is the right of every Nation to govern its own affairs & for its own people who are bound to the soil by blood. Nations operating under that same exact fundamental premise/rule should then realistically be able to occasionally work with each knowing that any alliance is first & foremost aimed at furthering the fundamental premise/rule. If alliances have to be made at this stage in order to achieve a more ideal National Socialist stage then obviously the same fundamentals have to be applied & said possible alliances have to be dealt with on an individual… Read more »
“that it is the right of every Nation to govern its own affairs & for its own people who are bound to the soil by blood.” That’s all well and good, but just how heavily centralized would you be willing to trust that National Socialist state to be though? Would a top-down authoritarian state not work just as well against its own population as for it in time? I can’t speak for everyone here, but I would feel much safer with a government that was accountable to its own citizens and run from the bottom-up instead of the top-down (unlike ZOG,) lest some cryptos are able to worm their way into powerful positions again. I already expect someone to say that I’m some latent jewish… Read more »
We principally agree 🙂 I really only touched on the overall idea of Nat Soc Nations having relations with each other without going into any detail. Of course I agree on having all-white Nat Soc Nations & striving to eradicate any form of multiculturalism from them – that is fundamental. I also agree that white Nat Soc Nations would be best suited to only having alliances with each other. Keep in mind though that there are European colonies, particularly those of the old British Empire where a certain amount of diplomacy would be needed to sort out their unique situation. Decisions might even need to be made in the push to form strong Nat Soc nations on whether certain places would be better abandoned as… Read more »

Excellent comment!

Great picture, even if I have not listened to the show yet.
‘According to J-pedia, the men showed on this photo were
Soldiers of the 13th SS Division with a brochure about “Islam and Judaism”, 1943.
Bundesarchiv, Bild 101III-Mielke-036-23 / Mielke / CC-BY-SA 3.0’

4th Political Theory: -Promoted by Spencer and his non-White Turkish wife of Russian origin. -Russia is a multi-ethnic, mainly non-White state composed of White, Turkish and Oriental/Mongolian stock (it spans from West to East, parts of Europe and across Asia to the Pacific, bordering China and North Korea). -White Russians are viewed as inferior interlopers, whilst Turkish Russians are viewed as the true aristocracy, and Russian Mongols as Aryan warriors who are simply misunderstood. -4th PT is a traditionalist paradigm, rejecting race realism, thus at odds with the AltRight, who are ‘race realists’ first and traditionalists second (as tradition/culture flows naturally from race). -4th PT is a jewish construct, having been invented prior to the Bolshevik Revolution and can be argued to be responsible for… Read more »

Lauren Southern is Canadian too. Lauren was working/studying to become Canadian military intelligence before she was handpicked by the jew, Ezra Levant, to join his ‘altright’ style of jew-journalism. The B’Nai Brith is the most powerful jewish group in Canada, influencing the government and the police.

Lauren looks Aryan, speaks well and is intelligent, thus making her the perfect candidate to help control the growing dissatisfaction within the White Western world. Couple this with military intelligence…

Lauren learned what she needed from Rebel Media and the jew, Ezra Levant, before striking out on her own to further B’Nai Brith ends across North America. Lauren is a female version of Richard Spencer (controlled opposition).

Lovely. Is there anyone on Alt-Right who isn’t?

The AltRight is controlled opposition. It was created by a jewish NGO led by Paul Gottfried.

As for everyone? Doubtful, but no one is claiming: “Everyone.”

I agree with what you said about her being controlled opposition – but she doesn’t look Aryan lol, have you seen those roots? I’m not even sure about her eye colour either. Sometimes they look blue, other times they look brown I am pretty sure they are contacts. She is literally wearing a plastic costume it’s disgusting.

Thank you very much for this! Respect!

Amazing work Kyle. Yes we should join forces to stamp out the Jew. Without their moto of make war by deception in our society all people can get along and promote their race and culture with no friction. We whites would by default be able to promote and survive as a race without the walls closing in from all sides.

Another good discussion – thank you all. It’s good to see these “leading figures” reveal their true intentions.

I just wish the “logical” useful dupes would catch on, before all the degenerates and psychos chase away the few wonderfully-brave White women left, who can unite us all as a force against the jew.

Tommy Robinson = Reubens Sohn; the name of the other figurehead in another similar movement in the UK is Paul GOLDING [ ]

“Robinson” can also just mean “son of Robin” in Anglo Saxon culture. The JEWS worm their way into many, many things but not EVERYTHING! Be careful not to see a JEW where there may not necessarily be one but as always, be vigilant! Having said that, this Tommy Robinson critter is totally JEWED no doubt!

Foster XL, thanks for the reminder. I was told the same thing about a week ago, after having pointing this out to somebody regarding Hitler’s Frank guy in Poland.

[…] Robbins, Robby, Robel, Rober, Roberth, Roberts, Robertson, Robi, Robin, Robinow, Robins, Robinson, Robinz […] A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames From Galicia, surnames available at I had also based my claim on this excerpt: ‘The drive to convict German leaders even before the trial began was probably instituted by Jacob Robinson (1889–1977), ‘jurist, politician, diplomat, and Holocaust researcher. Although Orthodox, Robinson’s father, David, was an early Zionist. Between 1910 and 1914, Robinson studied law at Warsaw University, graduating with the equivalent of a doctorate.’, which Menuhin Gerard (on page 47 of his _Tell the truth and shame the Devil_) says comes from _The Yivo Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe_, Omry Kaplan-Feuereisen). Of course, this does NOT necessarily invalidate your point — again, just… Read more »

Nick is right: Jonathan Azaziah is a huge asset to the cause of resistance to W J P (1h43min); as a reminder, here is website:

‘I like to see people living up to their potential.’ 1h51min36sec, Kyle: you are sooo right. I came to the same conclusion 18 months ago when I became J-wise: they are robbing us (all) of our humanity, de-humanising us. I suppose you know of Gerard Menuhin and his work (Tell the truth and shame the Devil). Interestingly, in an interview with Kevin Barrett, he said more or less the same. Go to, From 28min15sec onwards ‘the world could have been a very different place…the average human being, with a healthy body and a healthy mind, could, in the past two or three hundred years, have brought about a completely different society, where education is real education, where people can fulfil themselves, their inner needs at… Read more »

The link:
Kyle or Nick, try to get Gerard on one of your shows…

One major ‘constituent of the tricolour rainbow’ went missing here, it is feminism, of course: 17min30sec ‘The counter Jihad [movement] is so homosexual and so Jewish, it’s not even funnny. And so many people have been sucked into it.’ I shall not comment on Nick’s reply 😉

1h33min52sec ‘Playing that race card is going to end very badly for us because they are villainising White people with this Trump character’ John [or was it Bill?], you are 100% spot on.
If I may quote* myself: ‘Trump[‘s Presidency] will end in a bang (not a whimper), so that WHITES, as usual, will be BLAMED for everything that went wrong, […] If Trump gets shot in a(nother) false flag operation […] after ALL THE MESS he will have done, he will then become THE embodiment of the abhorred scapegoat of cultural marxism: a dead white European male!’
* solar-storm-christopher-jon-bjerknes-preventing-planned-extermination-4-23-17

1h38min10sec ‘I think that this kind of move to get us just to focus on Muslims and Blacks, and how they are such a big threat, is obviously a Jewish plot.’ I could not agree more with this. Yes, please do build bridges with anybody who is prepared to stand up for their and children’s future, as, after all, there is safety in numbers and the end of everybody’s enslavement can only end with a solution to the J-problem (sustained primarily through usury).

Sensible advice: get rid of the US-Israeli dual citizens (1h41min38sec); this is the first step indeed; yes, get the African-Americans to understand (i.e. educate them but how?*), as pointed out long ago by the Nation of Islam, who really were behind slavery and who benefited from it.
* This, I suppose, would entail some of the street activism advocated by a great RenegadeTribune contributor, Digger for Truth: […] Article distribution. This is going to have to be different to just distributing flyers and stickers. […] Truth film and discussion nights […] Create a local data Truth bank/libraries, where people can share Truth info. […] see also

We need to get the Chinese on board, they have suffered by the millions too. Unfortunately, not many are prepared to go down the road Mohamad Mahatir went, who was pretty outspoken about usury and the J. What a pity because, as I said a few words earlier, the Chinese have suffered too, not only through Communism, but also through the evil brought about by the power of money: henrymakow.com_15-04-2016_are-the-tiao-kiu-kao-jews ; how-jews-once-ran-shanghai-the-wicked-old-paris-of-the-east

I could only listen to the first half of this show, but it’s been on my mind since I listened. What a great show, Kyle was unfire during that first half!

The vanguard indeed.